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Protecting Your Car from Thieves Thieves break into cars. As much as you don’t want to believe it can happen to you, it can. In many cases, your auto insurance in Encino can step in to help pay for damages or replacements. Any work with insurance can result in a hassle and increased premiums, and that’s not ideal. Instead of going down that road, prevent becoming a victim of the greed of another. Protect your car with the following eight tips.

Park in Your Garage First, park in the garage as much as possible. Thieves prefer the cover of darkness and empty streets to accomplish their work. Since the dead of night is the only time they have to work under those conditions, they’ll be looking for cars parked alongside of the road or in driveways. Clean out your garage and make space for your vehicles if you want to keep them in good condition. Lock the garage door behind you and you’ll sleep better at night knowing your car is just fine. You’ll also have fewer broken windows and various possessions to replace.

Keep Your Car Clean Second, keep your vehicle clean and devoid of value. Thieves are more likely to break into your vehicle if you keep things of value visible within.To avoid that, hide everything of value in your trunk, glove compartment, or bring them with you as you exit the car. Disconnect your radio (if you can). You can often get these kinds of trinkets covered by Encino auto insurance, but again, it’s much better to keep what you have rather than get them involved. Avoid including your Encino auto insurance in your day-to-day work with proper preparation. Backpacks, briefcases and duffle bags offer the potential of value hidden within. Hide these as well. Strive to keep as little visible in your car as possible. When you do this, you deter thieves, because it’s not worth breaking into a vehicle that will offer you almost nothing in return.

Park Smart Third, when you have to park in public areas, do so in a well-lit area. Remembering that thieves prefer the cover of darkness to accomplish their work, you are more likely to scare them away from your vehicle when it’s under a lamppost. Fourth, when parking at a business, do so in a spot that you can see your car from a window. A car can be stolen in sixty seconds yes, but if you’re watching a thief from the beginning, sixty seconds is more than enough time to get out there and defend your property. Fifth, if you don’t already, close every window and lock every door. There is no reason why you should leave your door unlocked, even if there’s nothing of value inside. Sixth, always take your keys with you. Never leave a spare in or near the car.

Get an Alarm Seventh, consider purchasing an alarm system if they don’t come with the vehicle. Although neighbors aren’t likely going to come out running with a shotgun when an alarm goes on, they are likely to investigate the scene, keeping your vehicle safe. On top of that, alarms unnerve and scare away thieves, especially those that consider themselves to be good people most of the time. They have a day-reputation to keep and don’t want to be caught. In home insurance situations, alarms can help you get a reduction on your monthly premium. Check with your Encino auto insurance provider to see if an alarm could also help you with your monthly premiums. Eighth, on top of hiding your valuables, don’t get into a habit of leaving them in the vehicle in the first place. Take your laptop, GPS, or anything else mobile with you whenever you get out. Carrying them with you is much less annoying than replacing them later. Don’t leave them in the car. You’ll never regret taking the extra measure to deter thieves, especially when it means you don’t have to file a claim with your Encino auto insurance. You’ll only ever regret not preparing for thieves because they strike when it is least convenient for you. Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk, Raymond Larose, Alex92287, & Beth77 via PhotoPin cc

Protecting Your Car From Thieves  
Protecting Your Car From Thieves  

Thieves will strike at the most inopportune moments. Learn how to deter them from selecting your car as a target.