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Preventing a Fire in the Home Household fires start in the blink of an eye. Homeowners in Porter, TX often turn away from a hot spot or open flame for what seems like just a few seconds, only to come back and discover a flame in an unusual place. Unfortunately there are many ways to unintentionally start and nurture an in-house fire. Nearly anything heated to intense levels can start one. Having homeowners insurance in Porter, TX can help a family recover from the damaging effects of a fire in their home, but prevention is always a better precaution. Here are a few things to watch out for when avoiding fire damage to any part of your home.

Some Things to Avoid Handheld electronic heating irons are especially dangerous for homes when left unattended. Whether using a straightener, curling iron or warming up an iron for pressing your clothes, be sure to never leave these items plugged in when you’re not around to watch out for them. Children reaching for chords, foundations being tipped over and magazines left too close to any of these items can put your home perilously close to becoming damaged from fire. How long do you think a carpet can repel the intense heat of an iron set to iron a wool shirt? Five to ten seconds maybe, if you’re lucky. Flames are sure to erupt soon after. It’s the same with setting a magazine next to a hot curling iron on your sink. Things are always pushed around to make space without much thought of where they’re being pushed too. A slight nudge of the newspaper can bring the pages in direct contact with an extremely hot metal object. Give it ten to fifteen seconds and you’re sure to start a small fire. Leave it to cook breakfast and you’re sure to have an intense flame damaging your bathroom. Even if you get it out, the damage is unsightly and your room retains the horrible smell for years to come. Never leave an open flame alone in the kitchen. When burning a candle or cooking on the stove, stay within in sight of the open flame at all times.

Don’t neglect it. True, nine times out of ten the controlled fires will be just fine, but how many more chances do you have? Should the worst happen, that one time has the potential to ruin your lives forever. Avoid the responsibility that comes from neglecting an open flame.

Avoid Electrical Fires Stay near it, and put it out when you’re finished with it. Protect each electrical outlet by making sure it is properly maintained. Poorly maintained electricity can start fires just as easily as a stove can. Wood is not a very good conductor for electricity; instead, the energy concentrates on a small area of the wood. As the energy increases, it transforms into a flame that feeds off of the wood it was born on. Most electrical outlets are built into a wood frame. Exposed wires that have even the slightest chance of touching wood will start an internal fire you couldn’t have seen happening. These are just a few of the many dangerous items in our homes. As said before, anything that heats things up should be carefully watched when being used. Each of these is a potential hazard. People in Porter, TX can safeguard their homes from fire damage by being aware of any and every threat. They can further protect their home by securing homeowners insurance in Porter, TX to help them recover from a house fire should all precautions fail and the disasters of a fire in the home occur.

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Preventing a Fire in the Home  
Preventing a Fire in the Home  

Household fires start in the blink of an eye. Homeowners in Porter, TX, often turn away from a hot spot or open flame for what seems like ju...