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Preventing Car Accidents While some car accidents may indeed be unavoidable, this is rarely the case. There are actually many things that drivers can do in order to drive in a way that keeps them and other motorists safe while on the road. Included here are some common causes of car accidents and how to avoid them:

Texting If you need a reason not to text while driving, let’s start with a statistic: drivers who text are 23 times more likely to crash their car. Ever since the advent of smart phones, many drivers feel that keeping in contact with friends via text is a manageable activity in which to participate while driving. Unfortunately, the truth is that texting is a major distraction to drivers and accounts for many of the 6,000 cell phone-related driving deaths that occur every year. To give a frame of reference, texting while driving is six times more likely to end in an accident than driving while intoxicated. So simply put down the phone and respond once you’re out of the car.

Eating Eating while driving is usually not thought of as a main cause of car accidents, but a study performed in 2009 determined that around 80% of all car accidents are actually due to eating while behind the wheel. Trying to balance a burger in one hand while holding the steering wheel in the other might seem like an acceptable way to multitask, but studies have shown that it will lower your reflexes and distract you from your driving long enough for an accident to happen. While all foods prove to be distracting, the worst culprit according to drivers is coffee. Not only can it make a mess during a car ride, but spilling scalding coffee on yourself while behind the wheel can cause you to completely lose control of your vehicle. So practice some self-restraint and wait until you’re walking into work to start enjoying your espresso.

Drowsiness It seems as if everyone has a story about driving while exhausted. In fact, over half of all drivers say they have driven while drowsy during the past year. While it might seem tempting to assume drowsiness is just something we can will ourselves to overcome, the fact is that we don’t fully understand its effects. Many people think that if they can just stay awake while driving, they’ll be fine. However, drowsy driving doesn’t always refer to people who fall asleep at the wheel. Drowsiness hinders reflexes, awareness, and decision making, even if it seems like you are just as capable as normal. So make sure to get enough sleep and eat appropriately in order to ensure you aren’t drowsy when driving.

Some car accidents will inevitably happen. And thanks to car insurance in the Thousand Oaks area, we have a way to take care of those. However, to protect yourself from the overwhelming majority of preventable traffic collisions, follow these tips to keep you, your family, and your fellow motorists safe.

Preventing Car Accidents  
Preventing Car Accidents  

There is much that drivers can do to be safe while driving. This article provides some common causes of car accidents and how to avoid each...