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Making Your New Manufactured Home Your Own You have made the decision to purchase a home in Utah for your family and it turns out that the best deal for your money is a manufactured home. Manufactured homes in Utah are wonderful investments because of their low cost and their ability to house young and growing families. The one down side that many see to purchasing a manufactured home is the feeling that they are all the proverbial cookie cutter make and model home that will offer little if any personalized distinction for you the owner. You want your home to be uniquely your own and not just another home that has rolled of the production line.

Adding a Personal Touch To accomplish this desire of making your new manufactured home in Utah your own, consider turning to home decorating tips and home design to make your new house truly a home. You can begin making your new house your new home by designing refurbishing the exterior of the manufactured home. You can consider adding a new color scheme to the exterior of the home to make it uniquely your own. If you do not want to spend the time or the money to completely repaint the entire house, perhaps you can change the color of the trim only in order to set your home apart from others. In addition, the porch area of your new home can be spiced up with decorating additives such as outdoor lamps or lighting, furniture, and decorative netting or screens. You can also alter the yard area of the property in order to reflect your family’s own uniqueness and personality. Once the outside has been transformed to your personal preferences, you may begin to decorate and change the inside of your Utah manufactured home by starting with the walls of the house. Most manufactured homes have less attractive stripes of vinyl on the walls that serve to hold together the different wall panels of the home.

Adding Quality to Your Mobile Home These vinyl moldings can often be the least attractive feature of a manufactured home and as such you may wish to improve or alter these first when making your new manufacture home your own. There are several ways in which to reduce or eliminate these vinyl strips but one way is to remove the vinyl strips

completely and replace them with adhesive joint compounds and repaint over the entire wall, effectively eliminating the stripping altogether. Another, more simplified, way of dealing with the vinyl molding issue in your new home is to choose starkly hued paint colors that will take the bluntness of the vinyl away. With striking and attractive colors on the walls of the home a person’s eye will rarely if ever notice the strips of vinyl that hold the wall panels together. While lessening the look of the exterior and wall joints of the manufactured home will do the most to make your home uniquely your own, there are other improvements that can be made in different rooms of the home. Some ideas for improvement of a manufactured home include replacing wooden cupboard doors in the kitchen with glass doors, coordinating colors in the bathrooms, and adding a bookshelf or two to a spare bedroom to make an office or study. By choosing to make a house your home, a new manufactured homeowner in Utah will be able to make the adjustments and improvements to their home that will set it apart from the rest and make the home a comfortable residence for the family.

Making Your New Manufactured Home Your Own  
Making Your New Manufactured Home Your Own