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Last Minute Summer Home Repairs The summer time is the time for homeowners to get out and work on their homes, lawns, and property in general. Once the summer has passed, nearly all home repairs are halted by the advancement of cold weather and winter storms. That is why it is vitally important for homeowners, including those who have purchased their homes using a VA home loan, to muster the courage for one last effort during the summer season to perform any needful repairs to their home. Those homeowners who have purchased their homes using a VA home loan may be extra enthusiastic to perform work on their new house because these individuals have qualified for special mortgage rates and other enabling abilities due to their certifications as a returning veteran and because they have qualified for the VA home loan.

Winterizing your Home Of the many home repairs and regular maintenance tasks that a homeowner can undertake in the summer, one of the most important jobs to tackle may be to winterize the home. Because last minute summer time repairs, by very definition, occur during the tail end of summer, a homeowner may wish to consider undertaking projects that will help their home to be more efficient in the winter and able to retain more heat during the cold months to come. Winterizing a home includes tasks such as sealing any air leaks in the home, which are usually found around the doorframes and windowsills of the house, adding an extra layer of insulation to the home’s attic or roof crawl space, and ensuring that the gutters are cleared and cleaned so that the winter runoff and raining weather of fall and spring do not cause water damage to the home. Concerning the gutters, it is a good idea to clear them of any clogs before the first rains of fall start to hit, but with the addition of leaves being throw off by trees around the home, it may be necessary for the homeowner to perform one last gutter cleaning job near the end of fall and beginning of winter. Along with preparing for the winter by winterizing the home, a homeowner can undertake other last minute summer home repairs before the pleasant weather of late summer turns to the harsher weather of fall and winter. One such home repair or home improvement may be to repaint the exterior of the home.

Smaller Home Improvement Painting the outside of the home will help the exposed exterior of the home to weather the winter with little damage incurred to the outer structure of the home, but this home improvement task cannot be performed, at least with relative ease, during the wet and rainy months of fall. Because painting outside the home will require sunny weather and clear skies, any project that would include painting the exterior of the home will need to be done now before the summer weather disappears.

Taking on a few extra home improvement jobs now before summer is gone will help a homeowner and their home be better prepared for winter. These last minute tasks can likewise help homeowners complete the jobs they wanted to perform during the summer but have yet to get around to. Photo Credit: mistermast

Last minute summer home repairs  

Make sure to prepare your home for the winter during the summer so you don't regret it later.