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Keeping the Correct Safety Equipment in Your Boat If you live in the Thousand Oaks area, there is a high likelihood that you and your family enjoying boating as a recreational activity. Many people who live in the Thousand Oaks area enjoy boating because they love going out on the crisp, clear ocean and enjoying their sunny days.

Safety Concerns Associated with Boating Indeed, many people move to California so that they can be closer to the ocean and so they can have more opportunities to go boating. If you own your own boat, you are probably aware of a few of the safety concerns associated with boating. You may be aware of the safety concerns, but are you aware of the items you need to have in your boat whenever you are out on the water? Many people unfortunately do not equip their boat with the necessary supplies they need to be absolutely safe and prepared for an emergency.

Coast Guard-approved Floatation Devices Here are a few of the items you should have in your boat every time you go out on the water. First and foremost, you must have Coast Guard-approved flotation devices for each person aboard the boat. There are three different types of personal flotation devices. Type I and II are designed to flip a person up if they are unconscious; they are more restricting to wear. Type III personal flotation devices allow for more freedom and movement, but they are not designed to flip a person up if they are unconscious. Choose wisely when deciding what kind of personal flotation devices you want to equip your boat with.

Have a Fire Extinguisher on Board Any personal watercraft should also have a fully charged portable B-1 fire extinguisher on board. It may seem obvious why it is important to have a fire extinguisher aboard your personal watercraft, but still many people fail to put a fire extinguisher on their boat when they go out on the water. They assume that a fire will not occur and the extinguisher will just take up space in the boat. Although fires in your boat are not extremely likely to occur, it is a necessary safety precaution to bring a fully charged fire extinguisher on your boat when you go out on the water.

Horns, Whistles, Manuals, and First-Aid Kits You should also have a loud sound-producing device, like a horn or whistle that you can use in order to sound a warning or make a signal. There are many circumstances where you would need to have such a device readily on hand. You should also try to keep the owner’s manual for your boat aboard. If something were to go wrong, it would be extremely beneficial if you could bring out the owner’s manual and read about the different parts and instructions that correlate with your specific boat. You will also definitely want to bring a small waterproof first aid kit with you on board your boat. You will also want to bring proof of your boat insurance in Thousand Oaks on your boat. That way, if you are stopped by police boats, you can have proof of your boat insurance in Thousand Oaks on hand and there won’t be any problems. Practice safety on your boat today and you will not regret it. Photo Credit: via photopin cc Photo Credit: tbone_sandwich via photopin cc Photo Credit: Chrysaora via photopin cc

Keeping the Correct Safety Equipment in Your Boat