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Home Improvements to Lower Insurance Typically, a good homeowner in Orlando will want to take care of their property. This usually means yard work on Saturday, routine checkups and maintenance around the home, and purchasing quality homeowners insurance in Orlando. Homeowners take these measures because they know that owning a home can cost more than whatever the monthly mortgage is. Costly home repairs can be prevented by regularly cleaning out the chimney, gutters, checking plumbing pipes, and terminating termites, but even then the cost of the monthly homeowners insurance premiums can rack up quite the tab over the course of the year.

Things You May Not Know What some responsible homeowners in Orlando may not know is that similarly to the other home repairs and maintenance projects that they undertake to lower the overall cost of owning a home, they can also undertake some simple home improvement projects that will actually lower their monthly homeowners insurance premiums. Most of these home improvement projects deal with securing the home for safety, as a safe home is less of a risk for insurance companies to absorb. One of the first ways to improve the safety of the home, and therefor lower homeowner’s insurance costs, is to install deadbolt locks on all the doors. Deadbolt locks provide an added layer of protection to the home because they deter thieves from entering the home as thieves will typically move on to a house that has easier access. In the same vein, having locks on all windows and installing shatter proof windows on ground floors will lower premium costs due to their ability to deter theft from the home and therefor the need for a claim to be filed. This principle of lowering the risk of damage, theft, or other reasons to file a claim is at the center of lowering premium costs on homeowners insurance in Orlando.

Other Common Risks Other common risks to the home that insurance companies will often offer discounts if protected from include the dangers and damages associated with a house fire. House fires can be extremely damaging to a home and therefore can cause the insurance companies to pay out large sums of money to the policy holder. Because of this risk, most homeowner’s insurance companies will offer discounts to homes that take added precautions against fires such as installing a home sprinkler system. The initial cost of installing a home sprinkler system can be pricey, however a homeowner will not only be able to lower their

monthly insurance premiums by doing so, but will also be able to enjoy the added security from fire that the home sprinkler system will provide. Another home improvement project that will protect the home from fire and therefor from extravagant homeowner’s insurance premiums is to make sure that the wiring in the home is updated and compliant with modern fire code. By taking on these small home improvement projects, and by talking with you independent insurance agent in Orlando to find more money saving tips, a homeowner in Orlando can begin to secure their home from danger while simultaneously lowering their monthly homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Home Improvements to Lower Insurance  
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