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4 of the Weirdest Insurance Policies People can be a bit paranoid sometimes. Life is full of possibilities and not all of them are positive. For that reason, people like to take control over what they can so they can sleep better at night. These protections often come in the form of insurance policies, and they can get a bit weird. There are many famous examples of insuring Bruce Springsteen’s voice for $6 million or Heidi Klum’s legs for $2.2 million. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Here are four more weird policies that have really been approved. Take a gander and think if you need to improve your own coverage from an Omaha Insurance Agency.

One Baby? Or Twins? First, ever worry that your ultrasound was wrong? Have you considered that your baby might have a twin hiding somewhere in there? Is that even possible considering modern technology? Some are worried enough about the idea that they’ve taken out an insurance policy against the probability of an extra mouth to feed that the couple hadn’t planned on. Should an extra baby make a surprise appearance at birth, a couple can lay claim to the benefits of an insurance plan. They will receive monetary help to pay for their extra baby. It’s surely a great benefit for families already struggling financially. If these families are looking to save nickels and dimes though, should they pay to cover a problem that can be avoided with something as simple as an ultrasound, an expense that is assuredly necessary to apply for coverage anyway? Second, alien abduction is among the weirdest policies that people have taken out. During a particularly superstitious era of human history, a few insurance companies sold policies for alien abduction. These companies promised immediate financial help should you be able to prove you were abducted by aliens. The potential medical or psychological problems that could come from alien experimentation were covered in case this ever happened.

That said not a single person ever made a viable claim. Looks like the otherworldly knew how to troll mankind.

Just in Case‌ Third, a jeweler took a huge gamble for publicity in Wilmington, North Carolina. He promised his customers $500,000 in refunds over a two-week promotion if more than 3 inches fell on Christmas Day. Considering the history of Wilmington and the environment, he figured he had a good enough chance of increasing business while not having to pay out. Apparently he doubted whether knocking on wood would be enough to sway the karma coming his way, because he took out an insurance policy against that claim as well. Come Christmas day, the town of Wilmington, North Carolina saw eight inches. For once, the weird coverage turned out to be a good thing, because it helped him keep his promise. Fourth, a wine maker named Ilja Gort insured his nose for up to $8 million. His reasoning was that his sense of smell could distinguish innumerable amounts of scents while the tongue was limited to only five. Hence, he took out a policy. The insurance company involved was happy to take on the case, but there were conditions. Gort could no longer participate in popular pastimes such as boxing, fire breathing, or winter sports. Should he be injured in any of these events, his policy would become null and void. So although these may not always make sense, the protection that comes from an insurance agency in Omaha definitely helps these people prepare for the future. In the case of the jeweler, he put himself into a difficult situation. His insurance policy got him through it though. And if the other situations were to come true, the policy holders would be very thankful they took the time to protect themselves. Photo Credit: Barack Obama, Abigail Batchelder, Shutter Runner

4 of the Weirdest Insurance Policies  

People can be a bit paranoid sometimes. Life is full of possibilities and not all of them are positive.

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