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Giving Personality to Your Websites Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s truly the case, than the internet has imitated one person for far too long, because everything is starting to look the same.

Lack of Personality How many websites have you seen with the same basic look, basic colors and marketing language to try to “pull” you in. The problem is that that look becomes outdated, the colors become a dull shade of grade, and the language loses its appeal. The public has seen this before. It gets boring after a while. They may still function. Visitors come through, determine if they want anything from you, and then click away. These sites lack personality. They lack a memorable look that could bring the reader back. Where’s that little flair that screams “I’m different”? That question is left to you, the designer. What can you do to improve the look of their website while keeping it functional? Here are a few ways to come up with ideas on how to give a little personality to the site you’re currently working on. Get to know your customer and their product. What is the purpose of the website? Is your customer selling ice cream cones in a street vendor? Are they selling fire restoration services? Understand what it is that customers will be looking for when they come to the site. Are they looking for the ice cream stand’s location or what flavors they sell? Are they looking for fire restoration services and the final price of service? When you know what kind of product or service is sold, and then understand what customers will be looking for, you will be able to better cater to their needs in the way your site is designed. With this understanding, you can create custom icons and graphics for your customer. Cartoons, hand drawn doodles and text, imitation food stands, and custom icons for social media are spreading around web pages everywhere.

Know the Product and the Customers They are helping pages stick out in a new way. They don’t conform to “the way business is done.”

They conform to an idea of a personality that fits the purpose of the business. A web designer could put an illustration of the cart on the home page, with its location plastered across its front. The message is clear. This ice cream cart can be found at this address. For the fire restoration company, the designer could create the image of a typical living room. Illustrations of flames could be placed on the walls, furniture, and other objects the company can fix for them. The illustration alone shows the customer the type of help they could expect from the company. Thus, the products are combined with the customer’s needs in a playful, unique way that is memorable and helpful. These are the kinds of custom images that bring personality to the site. Alphagraphics specializes in web design in Ogden. Giving a personality to customers is imperative to sticking out on the web. Web design in Ogden should gravitate toward showing more personality and stepping away from the “traditional look” of web pages out there. This will help the customer have a better experience with the company. Photo Credit: flaivoloka, ctechs

Giving personality to your websites  

Websites these days seem to be becoming more and more uniform. They are losing the personality that could set them apart from their competit...

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