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From Cottage to Castle – Does home security really upgrade your home? Rather than relying on your bolt lock and your German Shepard to protect your home, how about installing a professional home security system? It’s so worth it! At least, that’s what the throngs of potmarked teenage boys are telling you as they go door-to-door selling home security systems. But should you trust them? There are a lot of mixed opinions about home security systems. Is it really worth the money? Can I truly rely on it to protect my home and family? There really is no definite answer to that – but here are some of the big points that you should consider when deciding if a home security system is right for you:

Decreased Crime? This one is actually a yes! Studies have shown that areas with higher concentrations of home security systems show decreased crime rates. Even though home security systems won’t stop a determined burglar from breaking into a home, they are less likely to attempt it in an area where home security systems (and their accompanying cop cars) are more numerous.

Reduced Loss If burgers do break in, odds are they will grab what they can fast and get out of there. The thief would feel the pressure of a triggered alarm system and leave some less-obvious valuables untouched. Without that ticking clock, they would have casually strolled through all your rooms, collecting jewelry, cash, electronics, and other valuables.

Response Time This is where home alarm systems fall from grace. From break-in to police arrival, depending on your security company and where you live, you could be waiting for up to an hour before help arrives. Even the fastest responses usually take at least 8-10 minutes. Not really that helpful – thanks guys. This is partially due to the number of false alarms that are triggered. Nearly 80% of calls are false. In many areas, you will be charged for a police visit after the first one or two false alarms. It’s just unfortunate.

Cost Usually, inexpensive, basic security measures are good enough for most people. As long as you don’t have a Picasso at home, companies with lower rates should be sufficient for your needs. But even then, if response times are so ineffective, is the investment really worth it? Could be – and this is why: Many insurance agencies, including home insurance Encino, offer discounts on homeowner’s insurance for those who have home security systems. Usually this amounts to a little over $200 a year. So, if you pay less than that for your home security system – might as well go for it!

Added Benefits A final word about home security systems: burglars are not the only things home security systems protect against. Many systems monitor fire alarms, CO2 alarms, flood alarms, and some even detect pipe freezing. The damages caused by fire or floods can be costly. Your alarm system can tip you off to any problems when you’re not at home and speed responses, which minimizes damages. So is a security system right for you? Weigh these pros and cons and decide for yourself! Photo Credit: Mr. TinDC, Eastlake Times, Chris Dixon

From Cottage to Castle  

Rather than relying on your bolt lock and your German Shepard to protect your home, how about installing a professional home security system...