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Flying High and Avoiding Injury Airplanes fly in and out of Utah day in and day out. Whether it be the larger planes flying into the Salt Lake Airport, or the smaller, personal planes flying out from Provo, people are taking to the skies almost every hour of the day. That means there is a lot of heavy equipment being propelled by jets both on the ground and in the air. It’s a miracle that more accidents don’t happen more often.

Air planes and Danger In a recent article, it was reported that a major traffic jam endangered three different planes simultaneously. One was coming in for a landing, very low on gas and happy to be home to fill up. Another was taxying onto the runway at the same time that another was preparing to launch. He was inadvertently getting in the way of these two other planes. The airport has a stringent system of sending off one plane, just moments before another aircraft lands. This keeps the flow of traffic efficient and quick. When one plane is out of place, it puts the whole system into chaos. In this case the plane at fault was the one taxying into the runway. He impeded the one about to take off from gaining the necessary speed to get off the ground. Slowing him down put him in a precarious situation as the incoming aircraft tried to land. If not for the radio tower’s command to pull up and circle the city once more, he could have landed on either of the two downed jets that were in conflict with each other. If a similar situation were to happen to you at either our Salt Lake airport or the private jet one in Utah Valley, how would you handle it?

Covering Damages Passengers could be injured, requiring them to hire a Utah Injury Attorney to make sure their hurts are accounted for. Could you afford to pay for all of them? Also consider how you would cover the physical damage to the planes. Hopefully good insurance coverage has been purchased for each plane in the incident. They can help you cover the majority of the incident, keeping your company’s budget firmly under wraps. You can find good coverage to even pay for the injuries of passengers, that way they will not have to resort to a Utah Injury Attorney.

Finding good insurance can be difficult, but it will be worth it if you can keep your passengers feeling secure. You’ll also appreciate it when they don’t come screaming to you with their Utah Injury Attorney laying out claims you’ll have to pay. Going the insurance route will almost always protect you from these unfortunate experiences. Now is it likely that you’ll be involved in one of these incidents in your flying career? Most likely not. Air craft travel is a great deal safer than road travel. Fare fewer accidents occur to airplanes than they do to cars. That doesn’t mean your aircraft or your pilot is perfect. Protect each as if they were not perfect. You’ll be ready for the worst, avoiding the implications of high bills and a Utah Injury Attorney knocking at your door.

Flying High and Avoiding Injury  

When you ride a plane you run the risk of injury. It's pretty unavoidable but here are some things you can do to make it safer.

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