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Gifts Helping Florida State’s Students Soar Monetary gifts have recently flooded into Florida State University for the express purpose of increasing the school’s productivity and opportunities. People are noticing and supporting the exceptional students with exceptional donations to match. On April second, FSU announced that the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education received a $1 million gift from the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI). The NMSI is dedicated to providing resources to increase performance in science, technology, engineering, and math. They noticed that the 21st century was showing a growing trend of students not ready to compete in these important intellectual fields by graduation. They come away unequipped and hence under qualified to take on the world ahead of them.

STEM Fields of Study The world could see a disappointing drop in innovation and advancement if this trend continues. The NMSI strives to change that by providing resources to students at FSU. FSU plans to use the money to bolster its mission of recruiting more FSU math and science majors. The extra money will help them continue this mission. It was given as an addition to the $2.4 million the school received in 2007. The program has thus far been successful in preparing new students for the field and has garnished support again 6 years later. The NMSI isn’t the only one investing in the future of FSU. On March 20, Florida Hospital presented the school a gift of $2 million in support of the further development of FSU’s College of Medicine. The hospital complimented the excellent program and gave the money in support of creating the next generation of much-needed medical personnel. They wanted to make an investment in a school already giving direct help to their needs.

Benefits from the Additional Funding The College of Medicine partners with Florida Hospital to train their medical students. Instead of operating a teaching hospital, the students work directly with the men and women already wellestablished in their fields. The extra money given to the school can turn out to be a great investment for the hospital as they continue to work one-on-one with the upcoming talent in what can only be considered as a working interview. The more they put into the program, the better quality students they can offer jobs to. It’s a win-win situation for all. Anyone that presents monetary gifts to this and other universities is investing in a better future. The money FSU has received holds the power to bring in new equipment, talent, and classroom space to equip math, science, and medical students with the skills they need to not only succeed in the real world, but to excel in it. These kind donations were received graciously and are being used to help students soar in their educational pursuits. Flying Colors offers their support in the form of Florida State apparel. The more branding the students and fans of this school do, the better noticed they will be. An increase in an attention often means an increase in support, whether it come in the form of monetary gifts or the purchasing of Florida State apparel. One allows the university to expand its resources, the other markets the school to the public even more. This is true of all schools. When they garnish attention, they also garnish the gifts and marketing of those that believe in what they are trying to accomplish. Photo Credit: fatllama, Jason Kuffer, Jackson Myers

Gifts Helping Florida State’s Students Soar