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An Easy Clean Car When it comes to keeping a car clean, there are a lot of things that need to be done. This extensive list irks many people and often results in dusty, smelly, run-down looking cars. Are there simple, easy ways to keep your car clean? Sure! Here are a few tips for all the lazy souls out there that can help you keep your car sparkling.

Preventing the Problem before it Happens First, don’t get your car messy in the first place. It’s all in the mind. Try not to think of your car as a home away from home. That means don’t take your meals in your car. Don’t spend the night in your car. Don’t cut your nails in your car. Don’t change your clothes in your car. Don’t open boxes, bags, or packages in your car. By nixing these common car habits, you just eliminated eighty-percent of the mess. Easy breezy. If, however, you can’t avoid doing some of those things in your car, make sure that you exit your car with that trip’s mess. It may be hard, but muster that extra second of energy to lean over and grab that McDonald’s bag! If you have difficulty with the first suggestion, here is another. Strange as it may sound, treating your car like a real person can help a lot. If you’ve already named your car, so it should be a simple bridge to cross. By thinking of your car as a friend with a personality rather than a cold, mindless machine, you might find a little extra motivation to take better care of him or her. Tap into your human nature and let your compassion benefit your car. Third, your car is your haven from the outdoors. Keep the outside, outside. Kick off the snow from your shoes before you climb in. Brush off all the sand from the beach before you climb in. Dust yourself off after a long hike. Wash your sticky hands before grasping the steering wheel. Roll up the windows before driving through a sandstorm. That brings our mess elimination to ninety-percent.

Natural Dirtiness The remaining ten percent just cannot be avoided. Dirt and garbage will find their way in one way or another. Your friends may leave something behind. A crowd of children will certainly make sure you know they’ve been there. You may miss an empty soda can that rolled out of sight one day. The only remedy for this is bucking up and cleaning your car. Just pick a day and run through the car. When it’s time to wash the outside of the car, run through the inside with a garbage bag and vacuum in hand.

When it’s time to renew your auto insurance at Myrtle Beach, you’ll be able to show off your slick car. If you’re trying to get home insurance or renters insurance from Conway South Carolina, they will be impressed how well you take care of your car and be more willing to insure your home. It’s a winwin situation when you’ve got a clean car!

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An Easy Clean Car  

When it comes to keeping a car clean, there are a lot of things that need to be done. This extensive list irks many people and often result...