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What are Your Tenants’ Rights? It’s your house, but your tenant has rights too. It’s best that you, as the landlord, understand what those rights are so you (1) do not infringe upon them and suffer the consequences, and (2) know what’s expected of you as the landlord to provide a peaceful and private residence to live in. These rights are listed on the Texas Attorney General’s site for reference should you have any questions. They are listed below.

Quiet enjoyment First, you are required to allow them “quiet enjoyment” of the property. This means that you can’t evict your tenant without proper cause. It also means that you need to respect their rental of the house by doing things that allow them “peace and quiet.” Should you or their neighbors (who are also renting from you) disrespect their peace and quiet, they have a right to complain about it. Your responsibility at that point is to do everything you can to make that disturbance disappear. If you don’t, then you are creating a bigger problem that is infringing upon their rights. That being said, they have a responsibility to keep the peace themselves. They should be talked to when they are disturbing their neighbors.

A safe place to live Second, you have the responsibility of providing a safe place to live. This means that the materials and property found within the home are safe. If there should appear any conditions that would threaten the safety or health of your tenants, you are required to repair that in a timely manner to restore safety. In the state of Texas, you agreed to upkeep the living space as a “fit place to live.”

Should you fail to keep that end of the bargain, the state of Texas might have something to say about it if your tenant complains. That being said, not every unsafe or unhealthy condition will result from bad maintenance on the property owner’s part. The tenant isn’t allowed free reign over your property. They are responsible for any unsafe or unhealthy condition that results from their negligence, carelessness, abuse, or accident (that is not a result of normal wear and tear). Just as long as they are taking good care of the apartment, the maintenance requests you receive from them should be filled quickly and completely. Not only is it the law, but it is good business practice to please your customers.

Safety devices Finally, as the property owner, you are required to provide safety devices in the home. Working smoke detectors is one of these devices. Window latches, keyed deadbolts for exterior entry ways and sliding door pin locks are just examples. If you would equip your home with it to prevent intruders, be sure to have it in your tenant’s property. Protecting their lives and property is just as important as protecting your own. You are responsible for providing a safe and livable place for your tenants. The State of Texas has created laws to protect both you and the tenant. Abide by them and you will never be in the wrong. CNR Insurance offers landlord insurance in Frisco, TX. The key to insuring you can pay for the disasters of your rental home is to have reliable landlord insurance from Frisco agents. Protect the liability of your property and yourself. Get affordable coverage from the landlord insurance experts in Frisco. Photo credit: Mag3737, Robby Mueller

What are Your Tenants’ Rights?  

It’s your house, but your tenant has rights too. It’s best that you, as the landlord, understand what those rights are so you (1) do not inf...