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Buckling In Your Kids in the Car Many, many car accidents occur yearly in the United States. Because of these car accidents, many people are injured and killed. If these car accidents didn’t occur, there would be many lives saved and many injuries reversed. It is safe to say that much pain felt by people would be avoided.

The Danger of Car Accidents Unfortunately, these car accidents do occur. One of the main contributing factors to death and injury from a car accident is seatbelts. People not wearing their seatbelts are at a much higher risk of getting killed or injured if they get into a car accident. This seems like an obvious fact, yet many, many people still do not wear their seatbelts when they get into their cars. Sometimes all it takes for someone to remember to wear their seatbelt every time they drive is to get actually get into a car accident. Then people are almost shaken into awareness of the importance of wearing their seatbelt. It is unfortunate that teenagers are the demographic that most commonly do not wear their seatbelts. Teenagers are infamous for having a devil-may-care attitude, and for thinking they are invincible. Therefore, many teenagers do not wear their seatbelts because it is cool to pretend that they don’t care. They also believe that they could never get into an accident, and injuries could never happen to them. As stated earlier, though, all it takes is one accident for a teenager to see that they have been gravely mistaken in thinking that they are invincible. Another demographic that definitely needs to wear seatbelts is young children.

Basic Driving Safety Guidelines Parents should be aware of how their children should be buckled in before taking to the road. Here are a few guidelines on how to buckle your kids in the car safely. Make sure that your child’s knees bend at the edge of the seat when their back and bottom is up against the back of the seat. If your child’s knees bend at the edge of the seat, this is how you know that they are big enough to fit in the seat and wear a seatbelt.

If their knees do not bend at the edge of the seat, they should probably still be in a car seat. Sometimes it is difficult for parents to keep their children in car seats when they have gotten older. However, parents should realize that it does not matter how old their child is, it only matters how big their child is. If you have a very small 6 year old, chances are he or she may need to be in a car seat for a much longer period than most small children. If an accident does occur, there are things you can do to preemptively prepare. Getting auto insurance in Reno Nevada is going to be imperative in keeping your family safe. Auto insurance in Reno Nevada will help you to be financially compensated for any damages your car sustains if you are involved in an accident. Getting reliable auto insurance is crucial if you would like to drive and live in safety and protection.

Buckling in your kids in the car  
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