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Benefits of Military Service The life of military personnel is not an easy one. Even if he or she isn’t called out to war during their service time, they are called to camps, bases, and tours around the world for months at a time. Deployments can put them in Phoenix, Arizona for eight months and then in Hiroshima, Japan for a year. They never know where they’re going, or how long they’ll be gone until the call comes to move. On top of that, the job is demanding both physically and mentally for the duration of service. Depending on the engagements they come across, it can sometimes mean a much heavier sacrifice. Because of their willingness to work in this capacity, our servicemen and women that work their way to the veteran status are heroes. That status is awarded well by the government.

Benefits for Service Men and Women Government employees have some of the best benefits available to them during and after their service. The paycheck may not rival the top brass of corporate America, but it is often enough to take care of the family’s needs. Government retirement checks can be nice as well. The extent to which these benefits are given is largely determined by the length of service and rank obtained by the veteran in question. The longer you work and the higher you get, the better your retirement benefits will be. It pays to make a career out of the military life. When your term is completed, the military will often help you find an alternate career if you’re interested in pursuing different interests. They will pay for a large part of your postsecondary education as a thank you for your work. The government wants their servicemen and women to pursue a career that they love. They understand if the military life isn’t your entire future and will help you find a future that is. That said, when you stick around with them, your benefits only get better with time. You can’t lose in this respect.

VA Loans Veterans have a host of opportunities given them. VA loan is among the best. The VA loan is a mortgage loan given to by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. It is a long-term loan guaranteed to eligible American veterans and their surviving spouses. VA loans have no down payment, and offer a way for veterans to get financing when no other options are available. Refinancing and second mortgages are available if needed. Loan rates are pretty set.

The rules of the VA loan are very straight forward. You know what you’re getting into. This offers a great chance for those military personnel that no longer have the opportunities afforded to them in their youth. It also offers a relief in loan options to a surviving spouse that may not have the financial reputation needed to get them an affordable mortgage. Even outside the VA loan, surviving spouses are still granted helpful pensions from the military’s life insurance funds. So not only are the military personnel given great assistance throughout their lives, but family members are also granted help if they can no longer provide it themselves.

Benefits of military service  

Being in the Military has it's benefits this article goes over what those benefits are and how they are obtained.