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Are You a Bad Driver? In my opinion, very few people were born to drive. But we all do it anyway out of necessity and enjoyment. Because driving is great! As in everything else that requires skills, some people are better drivers than others. Are you a good driver or a bad driver? Consider these self-reflective questions and find out!

How fast do you drive? Number one sign = speed. Do you drive crazy fast like a maniac or super slow like a grandma (bless their sweet little hearts. Side note – never get mad at a grandma driver. That’s just not nice.)? Driving way above or below the speed limit causes problems for everyone. You are more likely to lose control and you make other drivers around you feel uncomfortable. If you drive excessively fast or slow, sorry. You are a bad driver.

Do you use your mirrors? Mirrors are required on every car for a reason. How often do you look in your mirrors? Do you favor just one mirror, or do you let each help you gain a full picture? You do not have spidy-senses like Spiderman. If you feel above the need for mirrors, you are a bad driver.

Do you use your blinker? When you turn or merge, do you use your blinker? Driving is a communal act – you must communicate! Have you ever tried to turn left onto a busy street, almost find a break in traffic, but are foiled by one poorly-placed car? As that car approaches, it turns into a parking lot just before it reaches you and you needlessly lose your long awaited chance to turn. It is infuriating. And dangerous (especially when merging). If you don’t use your blinker, you are a bad driver.

Do you tailgate? Tailgating is another obnoxious and dangerous driving habit. When tailgating, if the car in front of you suddenly slams on the breaks, you’re in trouble. There is simply no good reason to tailgate. Tailgating does not encourage people to drive faster. In fact, most people being tailgated get angry and retaliate by slowing down even more. If you tailgate, you are a bad driver.

Do you weave? It doesn’t matter how many car chase movies you’ve seen or how great you are at Mario Cart. Weaving in and out of traffic, especially at high speeds makes everyone around you hope that you either crash or at least get pulled over. No matter how confident you are in your driving skills, it does not give you the

right to put others in danger. Things can happen in the blink of an eye. No matter how good of a driver you think you are (to justify your reckless driving), if you weave, you are a bad driver. To be a good driver, do the opposite of the bad driving habits mentioned above. Always make sure you have good auto insurance and that your Long Beach Car Insurance will cover any accident that occurs, regardless of your good driving habits. Drive safe! Photo Credit: Nathan E., Wendell

Are you a bad driver  

In my opinion, very few people were born to drive. But we all do it anyway out of necessity and enjoyment.