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Zinc spraying for anticorrosion This article can originally be found at Zinc spraying goes by hot zinc spraying or thermal zinc spraying. The process of protecting ferrous metal by coating it with a barrier has been done for over 100 years. The purpose of this technique is multiple with just as many benefits. To protect iron and steel from corrosion, this process is a great alternative to galvanizing. Hot zinc spray may initially cost a bit more but there is greater control to the process. When a steel or iron item is just too large for galvanizing, hot zinc spray can not only be an alternate process but a better process. Hot zinc is created by heating a zinc wire with flame or an electric arc. The liquid metal is then atomized with compressed air onto the item. As the layer is applied, it quickly bonds with the metal. Special zinc guns are available for this. This method is great because there is no need for vent holes and there is less distortion making it perfect for complicated or intricate pieces. The anti-corrosive properties are equal to galvanizing and there is less of a thermal load on the steel or iron item. Initially, the item must be prepared by being sand or grit blasted to clean the surface, making the profile proper for treatment by removing any surface contamination. Add proper paint treatment after a hot zinc spray and treatment can be good for up to 20 plus years or more. Though it must be mentioned that painting is not necessary for some items and some items can have a finish or sealant put on after the hot zinc spray. Some sealants are epoxy, silicates, and phenolic. This process has endless possibilities but some good uses are for fences, bridges, steel beams, and wind turbines just to mention a few. Fewer or no paint thinner is required which makes for better treatment and air quality. There is also no constriction on the thickness of the spray whereas with dipping, it is rather controlled. The overall effect is great protection as well as aesthetically pleasing. Hot zinc spray doesn’t just make ferrous metal weather resistant but also protects it from oil/gas, and chemicals. The spray dries rather quickly which can help prevent mistakes or contamination. Unless a metal piece (that is galvanizing size) is requested as an urgent piece, galvanized steel can take a minimum of half a day to process and as many as three days. Of course, that depends on the time of year and demand. The overall time of hot zinc spray is a bit quicker, especially with the dry times as mentioned. There are other processes to protect steel and iron but galvanizing and hot zinc spray is two of the most effective. Sometimes, hot dipping is necessary for an item. Other times, if there is any need for flexibility or aesthetics, then hot zinc spraying is the way to go. The process is well established and proven to protect. With so many options, hot zinc spray is an affordable and viable way to prevent corrosion. To find out why we’re experts in flame spraying click here

Zinc spraying for anticorrosion  

Zinc spraying for anticorrosion This article can originally be found at

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