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Why Professional surveyors are the best suited to carry out structural survey This article can originally be found at Are you thinking of purchasing a house? If the answer to the question is yes, then it is very important to have survey carried out on the property that you intend to buy. Upon the conclusion of the survey, there will be a structural survey report, and this details analysis of the house both from the inside and from the outside. Exterior survey entails checking the roof parts, as well as the drains of the property visually. On the other hand, interior inspection is more detailed to unravel all the issues that a house could be having. Why hire a professional surveyor to carry out structural survey Although some people rely on a homebuyer’s report and a mortgage Valuation report, the truth is that these inspections are not as detailed as that one carried out by a professional building surveyor. The following are the benefits of hiring a professional surveyor to do the structural survey for you. Detailed analysis The most important benefit of having this type of inspection done by a professional surveyor is because of detailed nature in which they carry out their work. The report will also comprise assessment of important repairs as well as how much the repairs will cost. As a homebuyer, this is important for you because it will then be factored in the price of the home. This is especially if you have some concerns about the real estate property. On the other hand, if you were to rely completely on Homebuyer’s survey or Mortgage Valuation Report, you will not be able to know the exact status of the house you are buying. The reason is because of the very basic nature of these surveys. Thus, you could end up buying a home with issues but without knowing it. Saves you from losses The fact that a structural survey gives you a comprehensive report by unravelling all the fundamental flaws of a house you wish to buy can save a lot of money. The worst case scenario for you is to abandon purchasing that property. This is if the report from professional surveyors point to more serious flaws. Reduced price of the home On the other hand, if the survey indicates that the repairs can be done, you will then approach the home seller with this information, and have the house value reduced to incorporate the costs. There won’t be a problem in the homeowner accepting this new reduced offer because the survey has been carried out by professional and independent surveyor. Who needs to have structural survey done It is legally important to know if you require structural survey to be done on the property you have identified for purchase or not. If you see the signs below, then you should seriously consider hiring a professional surveyor to carry out structural survey on the property you want to buy. • Expensive property • Property is older than 50 years • Building is rundown and dilapidated • Property is constructed in an unusual manner, e.g. timber framed or thatched.

• Building is higher than 3 stories The importance of professional structural survey cannot be overemphasized. If you want to buy a house for what it’s worth, you will need to hire an expert surveyor to carry out the inspection. For more information on structural surveyors simply click on the link.

Why professional surveyors are the best suited to carry out structural survey  

Why Professional surveyors are the best suited to carry out structural survey This article can originally be found at http://www.amazines....

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