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The Many Benefits of Cold Aisle Containment This article originally found at Cold aisle containment is a technique that is used to increase cooling efficiency and also reduce power consumption at the same time in data centres. The efficiency is increased by keeping the hot and cold air separated. During installation of these components, cold air is normally fed through a false door that leads to the aisle. The air flows through the server racks at the front and then removes the heat from the equipment that has been installed and it is later expelled a hot air that passes through the cabinets rear. From here, the air conditioning system in the data centre is used to remove the hot air. Having the cold aisle contained implies that the area which will need cooling will be much smaller thus less power will be required to maintain the recommended temperatures. The method was established after experts studied the existing systems to come up with something that the market would find more efficient and useful. The cold aisle containment is a solution that did not require any increasing of the cooling capacity that was used in the data centres but its main aim was to improve the cooling efficiency as well as cut down on costs. This is because it is made up of various features that make it highly effective some of these include polycarbonate fluted and light weighted roof panels, choice of fire protection and curtains among many others. There are numerous benefits that are associated with cold aisle containment such as: It significantly reduces the volume of air that is supposed to be cooled. Improved PUE. It helps to avoid hot air short circuits. Helps to save on costs. Users of the equipment can end up saving between 10%- 30% when compared with the existing cooling systems that are used in the building. Improves considerably the efficiency of the entire cooling system. This is because the cold air is simply directed into the servers which also reduced the risk of the system failing because of overheating. Power savings on the room hardware i.e. routers, switches and servers among many others. Control of room temperature, balancing, airflow and humidity. Improves U-space utilisation. Improves eco-friendly status of the building as it reduces the carbon emissions from the same. Typically users of the cold aisle containment usually get payback within less than one year. It helps in the extension of IT equipment life. The equipment is also aesthetically pleasing which enhances the look of the data centre where it has been installed. The main reason for this is the fact that it creates beautiful uniformity in the aisles. The containment are also bespoke, non-intrusive and retrofitting as they can also be used as hot aisle containment because they can be customized to work well with any combination of room and cabinet dimensions. A lot of attention and time was invested in coming up with the cold aisle containment because the experts had to come up with an effective solution that would really make a difference in the industry. For this reason, the product is frequently evolving to offer the very best. For more information on cold aisle containment and other similar products, simply click on the link

The many benefits of cold aisle containment  

The Many Benefits of Cold Aisle Containment This article originally found at

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