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Top Christmas Toys For Tiny Tots Christmas is most likely the holiday that little children enjoy the most, no matter how young they are. So with the Yuletide season already here, you should definitely have your Christmas list prepared. When looking around for the youngest one of the family, you need to get a toy that is amusing, educational, and naturally, child friendly. Whether your baby still takes naps the whole day, is about to take his first steps, or is basically running all over the place here are some top Christmas toys for tiny tots that are sure to be greatly loved way after all of the decors are back in their boxes.

Soothe and Glow Seahorse

The Soothe and Glow Seahorse can very well be your baby’s best buddy. This soft plush toy is sure to be his never ending companion. It is the right size for tiny hands to hold and tiny arms to wrap around. It can be brought along during play time, but truly brings out its charm when it’s time to go to bed. Since this toy is soft, it is best for cuddling under the sheets. With its sweet bedtime songs and soothing sounds of the ocean, your baby will be off to dream land in no time. Not to mention the comfort it offers with its soft warm shine. The Soothe and Glow Seahorse will keep your baby feeling safe and secure when evening falls. It is one toy that he will cherish throughout those early stages, remember for forever.

Vtech Stand and Learn Walker

The second on the list of the best toddler toys for Christmas is the Vtech Stand and Learn Walker. This is just what any tiny tot needs when he learning how to walk. With the strong wheels and the handle that is simply the perfect size for little hands, he will be taking his first steps in no time. Not just a walker, it , at the same time, is also a play panel too. You'll find a broad range of vibrant educational and motivational toys for him to tinker with. He can discover all about shapes, colors, sounds, and even animals and fruits too. There is a bright colored keyboard that that has numbers from one to five which can be utilized for him to learn counting too. Additionally, there is a detachable telephone on the side that stimulates imagination and role playing.

When folded, the Vtech Stand and Learn Walker can lie flat given that your child can tinker away with ease. Plus, when it is set up as a walker, all those bright colored lights and sounds are the great motivation for him to place one foot in front of another.

Stride to Ride Dino Toy

Another neat toy for any toddler is the Stride to Ride. Like the Vtech walker, this might not have a play panel of sorts but it does turn into a ride-on. So once taking those first steps are done and finished with and he is more stable on his feet he can start driving around the home or backyard. There are neat flashing lights and sound effects too that are sure to stimulate learn and play at the same time. It has 3 songs, two tunes, and five sound effects for your tiny tyke to select from.

The name practically speaks for itself, your tiny tot can go from stride to ride with this Dino toy.

Top Christmas Toys For Tiny Tots  

Christmas is probably the holiday that kids enjoy the most, no matter how young they are. So with the Yuletide season already here, you bet...