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Hot Christmas Toys

Temperatures will go up this coming December with these hot Christmas toys. If you have a child on your own list who has been nothing but good on Santa’s, then you should definitely get him a gift that will make his eyes beam brighter than the star on your tree. So here are a few to choose from that are sure to be a huge hit come Christmas morning.

Lalaoopsy Jewel Sparkles Little girls will surely adore the Lalaloopsy Jewel Sparkles Doll. Named this year's “it” doll, this contemporary day take on the vintage Raggedy Ann doll has Barbie running for her money. Simple however unbelievably enjoyable, you will find your daughter having fun with it for long periods of time. Not only is this great for the parents as it takes your kiddo off your hands for a while, but it is really great for the young daughter too. Not simply because you daughter is sure to be having tons of fun but given the background of the toy, it will actually help arouse your child’s imagination and bring out her creativity.

As the story goes, Lalaloopsy dolls became alive when the finishing stitch was made from old cloths turning them brand new. The personalities of each and every single doll are centered around the materials that were utilized to make her. Even the pet that is included with the package fits the dolls interests well. For Jewel Sparkles, she was made from the pieces of one royal princess’ dress and has a matching royal kitten pet.

Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle Little boys on the other hand will surely jump for joy when he unwraps the Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle. You cannot really fail with this toy because of some factors. First off, it is LEGO. All kids just adore LEGO. They can not get enough of it. Second, this is much more than just your usual LEGO set where you create some building or house or boat. The Ninjago adds an entire lot of action to the mix. Here, your small man must create a colossal dragon that can skewer lightning balls and even snap his jaw. How cool is that? But wait, there is more. It wouldn’t be a battle with merely 1 piece. That is the reason this set comes complete with 4 mini figures, artillery, and even a chopper too.

The mission is for your child to win the attack, save the Sensei, and recover the stolen nunchucks of lightning. But the excitement doesn’t stop when the battle is over. Your small soldier can come up with his own action packed stories to keep him busy for hours.

Rock Star Mickey Another hot Christmas toy that both little girls and small boys alike will fall in love with is the Rock Star Mickey. As if this mouse weren't eye catching enough, today he takes it to a complete new level. This time, he is the ultimate star. He is even dressed to look like one. He traded in his signature red shorts for a pair of cool shades, black trousers, a rockin’ striped tee, and an awesome electric guitar.

Not only does Mickey resemble a rock star, he really sounds and dances like one too. Watch him rock out on his guitar and pull out a bunch of cool steps that your child can actually learn and follow.

Hot Christmas Toys  

Temperatures will rise this coming December with these hot Christmas toys. If you have a kid on your list who has been nothing but nice on S...

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