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Chucktown Underground Vol. 1 May.04


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Chucktown Chuck Chuc ktown Credits Gene Furchgott

Table of Contents The Venues


The Stores Jason Arons writer

The Bars

Matt Gauck

Underground Radio Shows





Chucktown Chuck Chuc ktown

Exihibits include... Charleston 1999 to 2004 .Art Buffet @ New Life Gallery .Free Public Art Exhibit/Cave Painting @ Eyespy Art / Performance Space Savannah .A solo exhibition @ Gallery Expresso

What is “The Cutting Edge” you ponder? It’s 2 hours of avante 10 PM to 12 AM on 96 WAVE or garde and/or brand new and 96.1 on the dial or your so called fresh music. The music consists digits. of non-mainstream music . of all genres.. After the 11 o’ clock block or set they feature the “Sucky-Song-of-the-Week” where they never play the whole song so they can get ((Footnotes) Footnotes) 1 just as you say... say...good good ol’ music.. music.. back to the good nu’ music1. 4 The specialty show runs from

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Kevin Earl Taylor Born in Charleston, South Carolina in the year 1972. After earning a B. F. A. degree in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), he showed an interest in painting among other mediums. He currently is in 2 bands called FLK and Matter. FLK is a punk band and Matter is an experimental rock band. He also creates experimental audio/ video pieces to accompany and ahis two dimensional art. Kevin also teaches adults and children painting and drawing at the Gibbes School of Art (The Gibbes Art Studio).

52.5 opened on 52 1/2 Wentworth Street on February 21st, 1997 at a small location by Clay and Beth. The store was filled with punk, iindependentndependentrock AKA indie-rock and a bunch of ska. The owners’ personal collection of CDs and LPs were sold as used. Now they are on 75 Wentworth Steet diagonally from a some what underground pizza restaraunt, Andolinis Pizza, where people in a few bands work. Their mission at fifty-two point five is to see non-mainstream music due to the fact that the big corporations or record labels and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) have a law called “payola”1. [footnotes] 1 where radio stations are unable to play songs by artists when they offer something of value in return. Payola is often applied to non-profit radio stations such as college radio and some internet radio stations. Payola also applies to stores where they are paid to put up a poster or some other type of display.


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Chucktown Underground  

Chucktown Underground

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