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safety products promotion! Hooded microporous coVeraLLs

poLar Grip® 23-700 GLoVes

•  Microporous film laminated to a polypropylene substrate •  Offers protection against liquids,   dust, and light chemical splashes •  Fabric provides comfort and breathability •  Can be used in dry and wet work environments •  Fabric weight: 1.85 oz/yd2 (63 grams)

•  Nylon liner •  Curved fingers, wing thumb and  soft insulative lining provide comfort  •  Length: 11"  •  PVC-coated rough finish  •  Accepted for use in Canadian  food processing facilities

Model No. SEC815 Medium Model No. SEC816 Large  Model No. SEC817 X-Large Model No. SEC818 2X-Large proMo priCE 4.25 Model No. SEC819 3X-Large proMo priCE 4.59

uniVersaL spiLL Kit SorBENT CApACiTY: 62 GALLoNS •  •                         

Can handle acids, caustics, common fluids as well as solvents Contains: 1  95-gallon polyethylene overpack drum  50  sorbent pads, 15" x 18"   5  sorbent socks, 3" x 4'  5  sorbent pillows, 8" x 18"  4  sorbent booms, 5" x 10'  1  sorbent roll, 15" x 150'   1  drain cover, 36" x 36" x 1/16"   1  caution tape, 3" x 500'   2  pairs of nitrile gloves   2  pairs of goggles   2  Tyvek® coveralls  10  disposal bags, 26" x 36"

Model No. SAK239 proMo priCE 739.95

Model No. SEA274 Size 10 SAvE whEN You BuY 12* pAirS  proMo priCE 14.99/pAir*

HaLotm comBination drencH sHoWer & eye/faceWasH •  HaloTM washdown products offer 20%  better protection than any other  eye/facewash on the market •  SpintecTM showerheads provide the most consistent  distribution of water from a drench shower  •  Galvanized steel protected with  Bradtect® safety yellow coating  •  Includes: Plastic bowl, dust cover,  identification sign and inspection tag  •  SEI certified to ANSI standard Z358.1-2009

Model No. SEB807 proMo priCE 899.99

Pricing in effect until April 13, 2012 or while quantities last. Taxes and freight extra. Issue #SDS5202NA **DUE To cUrrENT mArkET flUcTUATIoNS, PrIcES mAy vAry WIThoUT PrIor NoTIcE.**

2 Z700 series safety eyeWear

anti-sLip snoW Grips

•  •  •  •  •  • 

•  Made from flexible thermoplastic elastomer •  Non-slip studs for excellent  traction on snow and ice •  Flexible up to -40°C •  Includes 10 durable spikes

Frameless design with extended wraparound coverage Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens with UV protection Ultra soft non-slip nosepiece Flexible temples provide added durability Distortion-free Compliant with CSA standard Z94.3

Boot not   included

Model No. SAX442 SAvE whEN You BuY 12* proMo priCE 1.85/EA.*

Model No. SEA004 Medium  (5-8) Model No. SEA005 Large (8-11)  Model No. SEA006 X-Large (11-13) SAvE whEN You BuY 3* pAirS proMo priCE 13.49/pAir*

Z800 series safety eyeWear •  •  •  •  •  • 

Sporty design with extended wraparound coverage Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens with UV protection Ultra soft non-slip nosepiece Extendable temples provide superior comfort and fit Distortion-free Compliant with CSA standard Z94.3

Model No. SAX443 SAvE whEN You BuY 6* proMo priCE 2.69/EA.*

Z1100 series GoGGLes •  Wraparound style provides excellent 180° panoramic vision •  Extremely flexible soft PVC goggle body for greater comfort •  Impact resistant, polycarbonate antifog lens,  ideal for high humidity applications •  Indirect vent increases air flow and protects  against dust, fumes, and chemical splash •  Adjustable elastic headband •  Compliant with  CSA standard Z94.3

Zm300 mecHanic GLoVes •  Ergonomic style and superior comfort  •  Hook and loop cuff permits an adjustable fit  •  Grain leather palm and fingers   improve tactility and protection •  Leather-reinforced thumb and  fingers offer increased durability •  Improved dexterity and grip

Model No. SEB228 Medium Model No. SEB229 Large Model No. SEB230 X-Large Model No. SEB231 2X-Large SAvE whEN You BuY 3* pAirS proMo priCE 11.95/pAir*

Head Lamp •  •  •  •  • 

Lightweight design Seven ultra bright LED lights Water resistant Three brightness levels Tilting head and  adjustable head strap

Hard hat   not included

Model No. SAX300 SAvE whEN You BuY 3* proMo priCE 5.75/EA.*

Model No. XC658 SAvE whEN You BuY 3* proMo priCE 22.99/EA.*

3 spLit coWHide LeatHer fitters cotton fLeece-Lined GLoVes

Grain coWHide fitters tHinsuLatetm-Lined GLoVes

•  Full cotton fleece lining  provides moderate warmth •  Good abrasion resistance •  Full leather-tipped fingers  and knuckle strap provide   increased protection •  Safety cuff provides   good protection

•  Premium grain cowhide leather construction •  Full 100-g ThinsulateTM lining  provides superior warmth •  Thinner lining than acrylic boa   provides better dexterity •  Superior abrasion resistance  •  Excellent comfort and durability •  Resists oil and water absorption   better than split leather •  Full leather-tipped fingers and knuckle   strap provide increased protection •  Rubberized cuff for ultimate protection 

Model  No.  SD613  SAP299 

  Size  Large  X-Large 

SAVE when you  buy 12* pairs 1.85/Pr.* 2.05/Pr.*

Grain coWHide fitters cotton fLeece-Lined GLoVes •  Full cotton fleece lining   provides moderate warmth •  Superior abrasion resistance •  Resists oil and water absorption   better than split leather •  Full leather-tipped fingers and knuckle   strap provide increased protection •  Rubberized cuff for ultimate protection    

Model  No.  SD605  SAP245 

  Size  Large  X-Large 

SAVE when you  buy 6* pairs 3.55/Pr.* 4.00/Pr.*

SAVE when you  buy 12* pairs 5.30/Pr.*  5.45/Pr.* 5.80/Pr.*

•  Premium grain cowhide leather construction •  Full fleece-covered foam lining  provides excellent warmth •  Superior abrasion resistance •  Excellent comfort and durability •  Resists oil and water absorption   better than split leather •  Full leather-tipped fingers   and knuckle strap provide   increased protection •  Rubberized cuff for   ultimate protection

Model No. SM611 Large SAvE whEN You BuY 12* pAirS proMo priCE 3.75/pAir*

Grain piGsKin fitters cotton fLeece-Lined GLoVes

•  Smooth top grain cowhide   all-leather construction •  Full cotton fleece lining   provides moderate warmth •  Superior abrasion resistance •  Excellent comfort and durability •  Resists oil and water absorption   better than split leather •  Comes with elastic wrist

  Size  Small  Medium  Large  X-Large  2X-Large 

  Size  Ladies  Large  X-Large 

Grain coWHide fitters foam fLeece-Lined GLoVes

Grain coWHide driVers fLeece-Lined GLoVes

Model  No.  SM616  SM617  SM618  SM619  SAP250 

Model  No.  SAS501  SM613  SAP246 

SAVE when you  buy 12* pairs 4.75/Pr.* 4.90/Pr.* 5.10/Pr.*  5.40/Pr.* 5.90/Pr.*

•  Full cotton fleece lining provides moderate warmth •  Superior comfort and breathability     •  Performs better in wet applications   than cowhide grain or split leather •  Full leather-tipped fingers   and knuckle strap provide   increased protection •  Safety cuff provides   good protection

Model No. SAp295 Large SAvE whEN You BuY 12* pAirS proMo priCE 3.25/pAir*

4 Grain piGsKin fitters tHinsuLatetm-Lined GLoVes

Grain coWHide fitters cotton fLeece-Lined GLoVes

•  Full 100-g ThinsulateTM lining  provides superior warmth •  Performs better in wet applications  than cowhide grain or split leather •  Good abrasion resistance   •  Better dexterity than cowhide leather •  Full leather-tipped fingers and knuckle  strap provide increased protection •  Rubberized cuff for   ultimate protection

•  •  •  • 

Model  No.  SM615  SAP251 

  Size  Large  X-Large 

Full cotton fleece lining provides moderate warmth Resists oil and water absorption better than split leather Excellent comfort and durability Patch palm design   delivers added savings •  Full leather-tipped fingers  and knuckle strap provide  increased protection •  Rubberized cuff

SAVE when you  buy 6* pairs 5.40/Pr.* 5.65/Pr.*

premium Grain coWHide fitters acryLic Boa-Lined GLoVes •  Full acrylic boa lining provides superior warmth •  Superior abrasion resistance •  Resist oil and water absorption   better than split leather •  Excellent comfort and durability •  Full leather-tipped fingers  and knuckle strap provide  increased protection •  Rubberized cuff   for ultimate protection

Model No. SAo053 Large SAvE whEN You BuY 6* pAirS proMo priCE 5.15/pAir*

superior Grain piGsKin fitters acryLic Boa-Lined GLoVes •  Full acrylic boa lining provides superior warmth •  Performs better in wet applications  than cowhide grain or split leather •  Rubberized cuff

Model No. Sr521 Large SAvE whEN You BuY 12* pAirS proMo priCE 2.58/pAir*

spLit coWHide fitters tHinsuLatetm-Lined GLoVes •  Premium split cowhide leather construction •  Full ThinsulateTM lining   provides superior warmth •  Good abrasion resistance •  Thinner lining than acrylic boa   provides better dexterity •  Full leather-tipped fingers and knuckle   strap provide increased protection •  Rubberized cuff for ultimate protection

SAL544 Model  No.  SAN637  SAL544  SM609  SAP248  SAP249 


SAP249   Size  Medium  Large  Large  X-Large  2X-Large 


Lining  Weight (g)  100  40  100  100  100 

SAVE when you  buy 12* pairs 3.65/Pr.* 3.90/Pr.* 4.00/Pr.* 4.25/Pr.* 4.40/Pr.*

Winter-Lined pVc GLoVes •  Fluorescent orange PVC gloves provide  excellent protection against  oils and other liquids  •  Foam fleece lining for  added warmth in harsh  winter conditions SAN383 SAP922

Model No. SAp300 Large SAvE whEN You BuY 6* pAirS proMo priCE 4.25/pAir*

Model  No.  SAN383  SAP922 

  Description  12" Gauntlet  Safety Cuff 

SAVE when you  buy 12* pairs 4.15/Pr.* 4.20/Pr.*

5 nuisance dust masKs

uniVersaL trucK spiLL Kit

•  •  •  • 


Lightweight construction Adjustable nose clip Latex straps 50 masks per box

•  Contains:     1  10-gallon polyethylene drum   10  sorbent pads, 15" x 18"    3  sorbent socks, 3" x 4'    2  sorbent pillows, 8" x 18"    1  pair of nitrile gloves    1  pair of goggles    1  disposal bags, 26" x 36"

Model No. SAS499 proMo priCE 5.59/BoX

Model No. SAK265 proMo priCE 159.95

sms Hooded naVy coVeraLLs •  Three layer polypropylene SMS  (spun-bonded, melt-blown, spun-bonded) •  Offers protection against toxic  particles and water-based liquids •  Double outer layer offers protection  against tearing and abrasion •  Lightweight and flexible for  comfort and breathability •  Fabric weight: 1.80 oz/yd2

oiL spiLL Kit SorBENT CApACiTY: 27 GALLoNS •  Contains:     1  30-gallon polyethylene drum    50  sorbent pads, 15" x 18"     4  sorbent socks, 3" x 10'     1  repair putty    1  drain cover, 36" x 36" x 1/16"      2  pairs of nitrile gloves    5  disposal bag, 26" x 36"

Model No. SEC847 Medium Model No. SEC848 Large Model No. SEC849 X-Large proMo priCE 3.95

Model No. SAK229 proMo priCE 295.95

Model No. SEC850 2X-Large proMo priCE 4.19 Model No. SEC851 3X-Large proMo priCE 4.49

Winter Liners •  •  •  • 

Provide added protection in cold conditions or on windy days Can be worn with caps, hats, welding helmets, hard hats or alone Flame resistant outer shell One size fits all    

Model  No. 


Promo  Price



MiLd CoLd Single twill layer with napped inside 


Twill outer layer and polyfibre/cotton-lined 



ModErATE CoLd SAM456 

SEvErE CoLd SAM455  Twill outer layer, sheep thermal-lined and full neck flap 



6 safety LocKout Hasps

aLuminum safety padLocK

•  Keeps equipment inoperative while repairs are being made •  Vinyl-coated handles and plated to resist rust •  Heavy-gauge steel jaws resist prying  against unauthorized access •  Up to six workers at each lockout point •  For use with padlocks with shackle  diameters as large as 3/8"

•  Lightweight aluminum body  and durable anodized finish •  Stands up to chemicals, temperature  extremes and is UV-stable •  Ideal for corrosive, tough environments  as well as suitable for food   processing facilities •  Hardened shackle for  superior cutting resistance •  Body width: 1 1/2" •  Shackle: 1/4" x 1" •  Available in nine colours

Model No. SA875 Size 1" SAvE whEN You BuY 6* proMo priCE 6.25/EA.*

Model No. SA876 Size 1 1/2" SAvE whEN You BuY 6* proMo priCE 6.95/EA.*

Model No. SAo716 SAvE whEN You BuY 6* proMo priCE 12.95/EA.*

seaL tiGHttm VaLVe LocKout

comBination LocK

•  Simple to apply with an intuitive   wrapping strap and locking mechanism •  Durable PVC polyester fabric withstands corrosive  environments and -40° to 300°F temperatures •  Effectively locks out all valves from 3/8" to 4" •  Works in virtually all valve installations •  Lightweight, flexible and foldable for  compact storage in toolboxes

•  •  •  • 

Model No. SAo596 proMo priCE 25.99

Model No. Sr914 SAvE whEN You BuY 6* proMo priCE 4.99/EA.*

World's best selling combination lock Hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance Combination security for keyless convenience 1 7/8" wide double-armored   stainless steel body •  3-digit dialing and 1500 combinations   for maximum security •  9/32" A x 3/4" B x 13/16" C

4-LocK LocKout station eLectricaL poucH LocKout Kit •  Holds one worker's personal padlocks,   tags and circuit breaker devices •  Contains: One padlock, one pouch, one breaker  switch padlock, one hasp, two circuit breaker locks  (single pole), one circuit breaker lock (multi-pole)  and 12 "DO NOT OPERATE" tags

Model No. SAL515 proMo priCE 98.00

•  Integrated, one-piece molded construction •  Reinforced snap-lock clips provide easy  padlock and hasp storage and removal •  Exclusive translucent lockable cover •  Innovative hinge holds cover open •  16" L x 12 1/4" W x 1 3/4" D •  Includes: Four ZenexTM locks, two Safety SeriesTM hasps,  and 12 Safety SeriesTM heavy-duty bilingual tags

Model No. SAo602 proMo priCE 165.95

7 eXofit neXtm construction Harness

eZ-stop® ii Lanyard

•  Repel  technology webbing provides up to five times  abrasion resistance and water repellancy •  Tech-LiteTM aluminum D-rings  are lightweight and durable •  Duo-LokTM quick-connect buckles  ensure fast connections •  Integrated trauma straps and  built-in carrying pocket •  Impact indicator stitches for easy inspection •  Features back and side D-rings,   sewn-in hip pads and body belt •  Certified to CSA standard   Z259.10-06, Class A, P

•  6' single leg shock absorbing lanyard with  two standard double-locking snap hooks •  Soft cover for shock absorber for comfort •  Double-woven webbing and box stitching for durability •  Certified to CSA standard Z259.11-05, Class E4


Model No. SEB430 proMo priCE 104.95

Model No. SEB594 proMo priCE 459.95

taLontm seLf-retractinG LifeLine deLtatm ii construction Harness •  Patented triangular no-tangle design •  Repel™ webbing is water repellent   and has more abrasion resistance •  Lanyard-keeps hold your unused snap  hooks and helps reduce trip hazards •  Features spring-loaded stand-up dorsal   D-ring and tongue-buckle leg straps •  Certified to CSA standard  Z259.10-06, Class A

•  Tie-back 8' nylon web  •  Compact design weighs less than 3 lbs. •  Quick-connect handle for direct   attachment to anchorage or harness •  Built-in anchorage connector •  Self-locking swivel snap  hook with impact indicator •  All-metal braking system for durability •  Certified to CSA standard Z259.2.2-98, Type 1 SRL

Model No. SEB337 proMo priCE 349.95

Model No. SEB418 proMo priCE 169.95

seLf-retractinG LifeLines pro


construction Harness

•  Vest-style harness with back D-ring, shoulder  pads, hip pads, and tongue buckles •  Built-in impact indicators   for easy inspection •  Size: Medium/Large •  Certified to CSA standard  Z259.10-06, Class A, P

•  Compact and lightweight •  Durable aluminum housing •  Webbing enables a compact   design that is easier to wear •  Self-locking swiveling snap-hook •  Certified to CSA standard  Z259.2.2-98, Type 1 SRL

Model No. SEB360 proMo priCE 149.95

Model  No.  SEB349  SEB350 

  Length'  10  20 

  Hook  Standard  Rebar 

Promo  Price 229.95 424.95

8 fLeece muLti-Bands •  Polyester performance fabric with Microfleece •  Multiple style and usage configurations;  wear it as a balaclava, neckwarmer,   tuque, and more •  Anti-stink treatment helps   workers remain unscented •  Stretchable, comfortable,  and seam-free •  Machine washable •  One size fits most

Model No. SEd107 Flames  Model No. SEd108 Skulls proMo priCE 22.95

LonG sLeeVe tHermaL Base Layer sHirts •  Ripped fit mock turtleneck in  medium-weight wicking fabric for warmth •  Anti-stink treatment helps workers remain unscented •  Long tail design keeps you covered •  50+ UPF for protection  against harmful UV

Model No. SEC962 Medium  Model No. SEC963 Large  Model No. SEC964 X-Large  Model No. SEC965 2X-Large proMo priCE 69.95

rounded cap Knee pads •  Short, hard cap is best for swiveling •  Abrasion resistant •  840D nylon fabric cover with   12 mm NBR foam padding •  Anti-bacterial treatment •  Buckle closure •  One size

Model No. SEB122 proMo priCE 34.95/pAir

LoWer Body tHermaL Base Layer pants •  Ripped fit in medium-weight   wicking fabric for warmth •  Anti-stink treatment helps   workers remain unscented •  Flat seams and tagless   waistband for comfort •  50+ UPF for protection   against harmful UV

Model No. SEC967 Medium  Model No. SEC968 Large  Model No. SEC969 X-Large  Model No. SEC970 2X-Large proMo priCE 54.95

fLame-resistant arc-rated parKas WitH refLectiVe stripes

fLame-resistant arc-rated coVeraLLs

•  7-oz. Excel FR® ComforTouchTM outer shell   with 12-oz. quilted modacrylic insulation •  Taped brass zipper fully covered   with insulated storm flap •  Fully insulated stand-up collar •  Three external pockets, one  inside chest and one on sleeve •  Internal snow belt •  Reflective stripes meet CSA  standard Z96-09, Class 1,  Level 1 FR requirements •  Arc rating: ATPV  43.3 cal/cm2, HRC 4

•  9-oz. Excel FR® treated 100% cotton •  Two-way concealed Nomex®  taped brass break-away zipper •  Two pockets set-in front,  one chest, two patch hip •  Side vent openings •  Home or industrial washable •  Arc rating: ATPV   11.2 cal/cm2, HRC 2

Model No. SEd218 Medium Model No. SEd219 Large Model No. SEd220 X-Large proMo priCE 239.99

Model No. SEd198 Size 42 Model No. SEd199 Size 44 Model No. SEd200 Size 46 Model No. SEd201 Size 48 Model No. SEd202 Size 50 proMo priCE 63.99

Model No. SEd221 2X-Large proMo priCE 289.99

Model No. SEd203 Size 52 proMo priCE 75.99

9 miLLer® sHocK-aBsorBinG Lanyard

durafLeX® uLtra Harness

•  Special woven shock-absorbing   inner core to reduce fall arrest force •  Heavy-duty tubular outer jacket •  Unique warning flag provides visual proof that lanyard has  been involved in a fall and should be removed from service •  4' with locking snap hook and locking   rebar hook anchorage connection •  Certified to CSA standard Z259.11-05

•  Designed for superior comfort,  fit, and safety performance •  Back D-ring pad designed with   breathable material and quickly orients   harness for tangle-free donning •  Quick-connect buckles for chest  and leg straps feature a dual-tab  release mechanism to prevent  accidental opening •  Universal fit •  Certified to CSA standard   Z259.10-06 Class A

Model No. SC984 proMo priCE 134.95

Model No. SAK309 proMo priCE 174.95

miLLennia® safety eyeWear

Quiet® earpLuGs

•  Streamlined styling and non-slip design   easily fits the broadest range of faces •  Close fit provides superior protection  against flying particles, dust and debris •  Black frame •  Includes adjustable break-away FlexiCordTM •  Certified to CSA standard Z94.3

•  Patented no-roll design is easy to handle and fit •  Contoured shape comfortably   matches contours of the ear canal •  Built-in insertion stem makes insertion quick and easy •  Poly cord, flip top box •  NRR of 26 dB, CSA Class A (L) •  100 pairs per box

Model No. SG990 SAvE whEN You BuY 6* proMo priCE 5.95/EA.*

Model No. SE359 proMo priCE 55.99/BoX

sparKGard HeadGear

peaK a79 Hard Hats

•  Accepts a wide range of faceshield styles •  Large full floating mount for   excellent protection and comfort •  Cross strap adjusts for exceptional fit •  Ratchet adjustment

•  High density polyethylene shell •  Side slots for attaching accessories •  Adjustable headband with  perforated sweatband •  Pinlock suspension •  Certified to CSA standard  Z94.1-05, Type 1 Class E

Model No. SAh652 SAvE whEN You BuY 3* proMo priCE 14.49/EA.*

ForMEd FACEShiELd •  Polycarbonate  •  8" x 15 1/2"

Model No. SAi077 SAvE whEN You BuY 3* proMo priCE 8.39/EA.*

Faceshield  sold separately

Model No. SA653 White Model No. SA654 Yellow  Model No. QZ045 Red SAvE whEN You BuY 6* proMo priCE 7.19/EA.*

10 toucH n tuff® 92-600 nitriLe smootH finGertip GLoVes •  Contains absolutely no fillers,   silicones or plasticizers •  Provides three times the puncture resistance  of competitive latex or vinyl gloves •  Smooth fingertips for exceptional grip •  Durable yet soft for improved comfort •  Accepted for use in Canadian   food processing facilities •  100 gloves per box

Model No. SAw927 Size 7 Model No. SAw928 Size 8 Model No. SAw929 Size 9 Model No. SAw930 Size 10 SAvE whEN You BuY 3* BoXES proMo priCE 15.99/BoX*

soL-VeX® 37-175 nitriLe Green emBossed GLoVes •  Good protection against snags,  puncture, abrasions and cuts •  Outstanding combination of   strength and chemical resistance •  13" flock-lined, 15 mils •  Accepted for use in Canadian   food processing facilities

coLdformtm uniVersaL pads •  An excellent alternative to traditional meltblown sorbents •  Made from high-quality, high-value natural and recycled  materials, increasing absorbency, strength and durability •  Offers a less expensive and more  effective solution to spill control •  16" x 18"     •  Absorption capacity:  22 gallons per package •  100 per package

Model No. SAQ239 proMo priCE 49.95/pKG.

econo oiL onLy sorBent socKs •  Provides containment and absorption   while repelling aquatic liquids •  4' L x 3" W •  Absorption capacity:   18 gallons per package •  12 per package

Model No. SAw941 Size 6 Model No. SAw942 Size 7 Model No. SAw943 Size 8 Model No. SAw944 Size 9 Model No. SAw945 Size 10 Model No. SAw946 Size 11 SAvE whEN You BuY 12* pAirS proMo priCE 1.69/pAir*

Model No. SAh439 proMo priCE 54.95/pKG.

HyfLeX® 11-800 foam nitriLe paLm-coated GLoVes

roof LeaK diVerter

•  •  •  • 

Knit nylon liner Excellent grip for light oil applications Resistant to abrasion Accepted for use in Canadian   food processing facilities

Model No. SAw921 Size 6 Model No. SAw922 Size 7 Model No. SAw923 Size 8 Model No. SAw924 Size 9 Model No. SAw925 Size 10 Model No. SAw926 Size 11 SAvE whEN You BuY 12* pAirS proMo priCE 3.99/pAir*

•  Hose can then be directed to proper drainage point •  Vinyl-coated fabric catches roof leaks and   channels them to standard hose hook-up •  Lightweight flame-retardant material •  Heavy-duty D-rings securely attached in each corner,  make installation quick and easy •  5' x 5'

Model No. SAG334 proMo priCE 109.95

11 oiLy Waste cans

poLy-oVerpacK® 30

•  Essential when using   solvent cloths and rags •  Cover closes automatically   when released  •  Hand or foot operated •  FM approved, UL listed

•  Versatile units that can directly contain  solids and sludges with security •  With a 1/2 turn lid, these  ergonomically designed  units allow for easy access ENPAC •  Nestable ENPAC •  Ext. dim.: 23" top Dia. x  18" bottom Dia. x 30" H •  Accepts up to 16 US gallon drums •  Sump capacity: 30 US gallons  •  UN rated

Model                     Dimensions  No.  O.D."  x  H"  SR357  11 7/8  x  15 7/8  SR358  13 15/16  x  18 1/4  SR359  16 1/16  x  20 1/4  SR360  18 3/8  x  23 7/16 

Capacity  US Gal.  6  10  14  21 

Promo  Price 73.95 83.95 94.95 129.95

Model No. SAh551 proMo priCE 117.95

poLy-spiLLpaLLettm 2000 •  100% polyethylene •  Holds two 55 US gallon drums •  Translucent sidewalls allow for  easy visual leak detection •  Two removable grates •  Without drain •  53 1/2" L x 29" W x 17" H •  Sump capacity:   58 US gallons  •  Load bearing   capacity: 2000 lbs.

sure-Grip eX fLammaBLe storaGe caBinets ®

•  Double wall, welded, 18-gauge  construction with 1 1/2" air insulation •  U-LocTM handle comes with two keys  and accepts optional padlock •  Two 2" flame arrestor vents •  Manual doors •  Haz-AlertTM reflective  warning labels offer  visibility under   dark conditions •  Durable yellow powder   coat paint finish •  FM approved, meets  NFPA and OSHA  requirements



Model No. SC548 proMo priCE 389.00

Drums not  included

2-drum WorKstationstm Model  No.  SAP509  SAP510 

Capacity  Gallons  30  45 

  Dimensions   W"  x  D"  x  H"  43  x  18  x  44  43  x  18  x  65 

snoW fLaG •  Used to locate important fittings that are  covered with snow such as fire hydrants,  water valves and natural gas valves •  High visibility 9" x 12" triangular flag •  Includes 6' fibreglass pole

Model No. Sh420 proMo priCE 12.99

Ajustable  Shelves  1  2 

Promo  Price 699.95 899.95

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Tough, 1-piece polyethylene construction Low-profile workstations  Heavy-duty removable structural foam grates for easy cleaning Rolled-edge design resists cracking and warpage 53" L x 28 1/2" W x 6" H Sump capacity: 22 US gallons Load bearing capacity: 2400 lbs. Optional work ramp   ENPAC also available (SAQ187)

Model No. Sr437 proMo priCE 349.00


12 aisLe marKinG & HaZard WarninG tape •  Excellent adhesion  •  7-mil, general-purpose,   pressure-sensitive vinyl tape •  108' L x 2" W (33 m x 48 mm) roll •  Colour: Red/White

anti-sKid tape •  Provides sure footing on any   area where slipping can occur  •  Apply to clean, dry, oil-free surface •  Indoor/outdoor use •  Roll length: 20 yards •  Colour: Black

Model No. SAL699 SAvE whEN You BuY 3* proMo priCE 9.95/EA.* Model No. NC383 2" wide proMo priCE 28.95

Model No. NC385 4" wide proMo priCE 49.95

erGodecK tm soLid no. 562 mat •  For use in dry areas where small parts fall to the  floor, or where ease of maintenance is a priority •  Patented LockSafe® system securely connects tiles for a neat,  clean installation that will withstand load capacities of 64 PSI •  Use to create a floor above the facility floor,  covering up imperfections and safety hazards •  Tiles can be unlocked and repositioned to create  a different configuration when work flow changes •  18" L x 18" W x 7/8" thick •  3-year warranty •  Sold per tile

Model No. SAL224 proMo priCE 48.95/TiLE

HaLotm pedestaL mount pLastic BoWL eyeWasH W/dust coVer •  Halo™ washdown products offer 20%  better protection than any other   eye/facewash on the market •  Pedestal mount ideal where   wall mount is not practical •  Galvanized steel protected with   Bradtect® safety yellow coating •  SEI certified to ANSI standard Z358.1-2009

cLean room no. 095 mats •  Tacky surface pulls dirt and dust off shoe soles  before they can contaminate a clean room •  Effective and easy-to-use, each mat  has 30 layers of tough film  laminated together in a stack •  Once the top film is contaminated,   simply pull it off and discard •  Offers economical dirt control   for low-profile carpet,  tile or concrete surfaces •  30 sheets per package,   four packages per case •  Colour: White

Model  No.  SEB155  SEB157 

         Dimensions  W"  x  L"  18  x  45  24  x  45 

Promo  Price 194.95/Case  224.95/Case

tHermostatic miXinG VaLVes •  Accurate temperature control to within +/- 3°F •  Built-in cold water bypass,   assuring cold flow  •  Easy installation and serviceability    •  Universal mounting capability   •  Meets ANSI standard Z358.1-2009

Model No. SEB786 proMo priCE 449.95

Model  No.  SAI289  SAI294  SAI299 

  Description  8 GPM @ 30 PSI  36 GPM @ 30 PSI  67 GPM @ 30 PSI 

Promo  Price 599.00  899.00  1249.00

13 1" spLit Key rinGs

fLaGGinG tape

•  Hold and prevent loss of metal tags •  100 per package

•  •  •  • 

Model No. SA957 proMo priCE 24.95/pKG.

Superior visibility Economical and reusable 1 3/16" x 150' roll Yellow fluorescent

Model No. SAM832 SAvE whEN You BuY 12* proMo priCE 1.95/EA.*

n-deX® pLus 8005 nitriLe GLoVes

nitri-fLeX Lite® nitriLe GLoVes

•  Intended for occupational  health and safety use only •  100% nitrile •  Powder-free •  Rolled cuffs   •  8-mil thick, 9 1/2" long   •  AQL 4.0 •  Accepted for use in Canadian  food processing facilities •  In compliance with   21CFR, 170-199 •  50 gloves per box

•  Seamless nylon knit gloves with   a textured green nitrile palm coat •  Snug fitting knit wrist is extremely flexible •  Resist cuts, snags and   abrasion with non-slip grip

Model No. SAK070 Small  Model No. SAK071 Medium  Model No. SAK072 Large  Model No. SAK073 X-Large SAvE whEN You BuY 5* BoXES proMo priCE 13.79/BoX*

Model No. SQ136 Small  Model No. SQ137 Medium  Model No. SQ138 Large  Model No. SQ139 X-Large SAvE whEN You BuY 12* pAirS proMo priCE 3.95/pAir*  

surVeyor's safety Vests

insuLated parKas

•  Fluorescent orange sports mesh knit  fabric with contrasting yellow trim •  2" silver reflective stripes •  Two lower pockets, one upper radio   pocket, and two radio loops •  5-point tear-away •  Machine washable •  Meets CSA standard Z96-09,   Class 2, Level 2 requirements

•  Polyurethane-coated fluorescent lime-yellow   polyester outer shell with black trim •  2" silver reflective stripes •  Warm insulation with wicking liner •  Outer pockets lined in  Polar Fleece for extra warmth •  Zippered, removable insulated  hood with draw-string and  velcro closure at neck •  Breathable, waterproof, windproof  and machine washable •  Meets CSA standard Z96-09,   Class 2, Level 2 requirements

Model No. SAr618 Medium Model No. SAr619 Large Model No. SAr620 X-Large proMo priCE 24.95 Model No. SAr621 2X-Large proMo priCE 26.95

Model  No.  SEA562  SEA563  SEA564  SEA565 

  Size  Medium  Large  X-Large  2X-Large 

Promo  Price 129.99 129.99 129.99 144.99

14 Heat resistant GLoVes

pro-fit series GLoVes

•  100% Kevlar® outer shell  with seamless wool lining •  Flame resistant and  self-extinguishing •  Excellent dexterity •  Protects to 700°F (371°C)

•  All-purpose gloves with unlimited  household and shop uses •  Two-way form-fitting spandex  provides greater comfort •  Interior seam stitching  prevents snagging •  Reinforced Dura-FitTM synthetic   palm provides greater durability,  strength and protection •  Lycra® between fingers  for greater comfort

Model No. SQ154 SAvE whEN You BuY 5* pAirS proMo priCE 18.99/pAir*

neXGentm Hooded coVeraLLs •  Effective barrier against a variety of   common industrial aerosols and liquids  •  Proprietary microporous technology •  Zipper front, elastic wrists and ankles

Model No. SN894 Small Model No. SN895 Medium Model No. SN896 Large Model No. SN897 X-Large Model No. SN898 2X-Large proMo priCE 4.99

Model No. SAN720 Size 8 Model No. SAN721 Size 9 Model No. SAN722 Size 10 Model No. SAN723 Size 11 SAvE whEN You BuY 3* pAirS proMo priCE 17.59/pAir*

GraVity fed eyeWasH •  9-gallon high-density green polyethylene  tank made from FDA compliant materials •  Supplies a continuous flow of   water for 15 minutes at 0.4 GPM •  Wide-fill opening with threaded cap •  Easy-to-operate yellow activation arm •  Light design and mounting bracket included •  Includes one bottle of bacteriostatic additive •  Certified by CSA to meet the  ANSI standard Z358.1-2009

trucK first aid Kit •  Packaged in wall mountable plastic container •  Contains: Antiseptic swabs, instant cold pack, hand cleansers,  examination gloves, safety pins, scissors, splinter remover,  pocket first aid guide, cotton tape and an  assortment of bandages and dressings

Model  No.  SAR314  SAR315   

  Description  Gravity Fed Eyewash  Bacteriostatic Water Additive  Four 8-oz. bottles/case

Promo Promo  Price 199.99 43.95/Case

Model No. SAY240 proMo priCE 14.95

fuLL dome 360º mirrors •  Ideal for four-way intersections •  Heavy-duty acrylic with black protective edge •  Includes hanging hardware

Model No. SA735 24" Dia. proMo priCE 119.95

Model No. SA738 33" Dia. proMo priCE 199.95

15 Led WorKLiGHt

step stooL

•  Bright white 50 LEDs provides long   lamp life (100 000 hours average) •  15' 16/3 SJT cord, 13 A grounded outlet •  Removable magnet mount and dual hooks •  Includes: On/off switch, hanging  hook and focused reflector •  Certified for sale in Canada by  an accredited certification body

•  Made of durable safety yellow polyethylene •  Rubber feet and non-skid tape surface for safety •  Hand holes and lightweight features   allow for easy portability •  18" L x 12" W x 12" H •  Capacity: 500 lbs. •  Weight: 10 lbs.

Model No. XC413 proMo priCE 93.85

Model No. MK776 proMo priCE 89.95

intrinsicaLLy safe recHarGeaBLe Led WorK LiGHt

roLLinG Ladders

•  Three 3 W LEDs rated for 50 000 hours •  Adjustable polycarbonate lens   allows the light to go from work   light beam to flood light •  4.8 V NiMH battery, lasts  7 hours on single charge •  Weight: 4.3 lbs. (with battery) •  cETLus approved for Class 1,  Division 1, Groups C and D

•  •  •  •  •  • 

Rolls easily and locks firmly to the floor Casters retract under operator's weight Slip-resistant steps Platform dimensions: 22" x 16" Durable Kleton blue enamel finish CSA certified to the ANSI  standard A14.7

Model No. XC733 proMo priCE 721.00 MA612

seLf-riGHtinG WorK LiGHts

Model  No. 

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 


Provides 360º high output lighting Self-righting, repositions to upright when knocked over  String them in a series or use individually 20 000-hour bulb life No set-up, plugs into a 120 VAC supply XC746 comes with a fluorescent bulb XC332 and XC334 come with metal halide bulbs Certified for sale in Canada by   an accredited certification body

Platform  Height" 


           Base Dim.  W"  x  D" 

Promo  price


24  x  26 



28  x  30 


ThrEE STEpS MA613 

safety Guards •  Protect your personnel and equipment •  4" x 4" square tube welded to an  8" x 8" x 1/2" base, complete  with four 1" diameter holes  for anchoring to floor  (anchors not included)

XC332 XC746

Model  No.  XC746  XC332  XC334 

  Watts  85  175  400 

Light Output  Lumens  5000  15 000  40 000 

Light  Coverage'  20  30-42  78-110 

Promo  Price 173.00 346.00  425.00

Model  No.  KD128  KD139 

          Dimensions  L"  x  H"  42  x  18  48  x  42 

Wt.   lbs. 

Promo  Price

85  115 

245.95 299.95

ptc ceramic Heater •  •  •  •  •  • 

portaBLe fan-forced utiLity Heater

120 V, 1500 W, 5200 BTU/h Adjustable thermostat  Thermal safety features Cool touch cabinet Built-in filter to collect dust 6.1" L x 7.5" W x 9.5" H

•  •  •  • 

120 V, 1300/1500 W, 4437/5120 BTU/h Two heat settings with fan only setting Automatic, built-in thermostat  Safety tip-over switch and  thermal limit control •  Grounded •  8.46" L x 3.34" W x 16.93" H

Model No. EA467 proMo priCE 39.95

Model No. EA471 proMo priCE 42.95

WeLdinG HeLmets

pipeLiner WeLders' GLoVes

•  Lightweight design with ratchet headgear •  Comes complete with shade 10 lens •  Choice of 2" x 4 1/4" flip front or   4 1/2" x 5 1/4" wide vision fixed front


NT645 Model  No.  NT645  NT687 

  Description  Flip Front  Fixed Front 

•  Premium split cowhide leather exterior construction •  Full grain cowhide leather interior  provides incomparable comfort •  Excellent abrasion resistance •  Protective leather patch  on back of left hand •  Reinforced thumb   extends wear life •  Sewn with Kevlar® thread  to avoid burning

Window  Dimensions"       2   x  4 1/4  4 1/2  x  5 1/4 

Promo  Price 11.99 14.99

Model  No.  SAV008  SEB930 

  Size  Large  X-Large 

SAVE when you  when you buy 1* pair      9.99/Pr.*  11.99/Pr.* 

SAVE SAVE when you  when you buy 6* pairs 7.95/Pr.* 9.95/Pr.*

poLy-oVerpacK® 95 saLVaGe drum

econo oiL onLy sorBent Booms

•  Lightweight polyethylene Overpack® •  Accepts all 55-gallon drums •  Twist-on lid with a closed  cell polyethylene gasket •  Ext. dim: 31 3/4" top Dia. x  26" bottom Dia. x 41 1/2" H •  Sump capacity: 95 US gallons •  Meets performance-oriented  packaging requirements of  U.S. DOT and UN regulations

•  Booms provide containment and  absorption while repelling aquatic liquids •  10' L x 5" W •  Absorption capacity:  40 gallons per package •  Four per package

Model No. SB756 proMo priCE 285.00



Model No. SB785 proMo priCE 129.95/pKG.

Pricing in effect until April 13, 2012 or while quantities last. Taxes and freight extra. Issue #SDS5202NA **DUE To cUrrENT mArkET flUcTUATIoNS, PrIcES mAy vAry WIThoUT PrIor NoTIcE.**

Q1 2012 Safety  

Q1 2012 Safety Promo

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