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Bulk containers protect products during processing, storage, distribution| throughout many CABINETS industries. Cabinets & and Lockers STORAGE Available in multiple materials and capacities, bulk containers come in either collapsible or rigid styles. This guide will help you through the ordering process by providing you with the basic information needed to select a bulk container, including details on design. Please call for more assistance.


Glossary of Terms

Manufacturing Process Definitions

Structural Foam Plastic and gas are injected into a mould. These materials combine to create a cellular core surrounded by a smooth outer skin. Offers high strength-toweight ratio.

Collapsibility: Collapsed containers save space in your warehouse and on return shipments. Use this equation to determine the number of collapsed containers that will fit in a typical trailer with a 96" usable height: 96 ÷ collapsed height = number of containers to be purchased.

Nestable/Stackable: Many rigid, noncollapsible containers will nest within each other and/or stack on top of each other to maximize storage space.

Access Doors: Collapsible containers have drop-down doors that allow easy access to stored contents.

Forklift Access: Forklifts can access containers from pockets on either 2 sides (2-way) of the container or all 4 sides (4-way).

Lids: Protect contents from dust and damage. Containers can be stacked with or without lids.

Latch Style for Collapsible Containers: Drop doors are secured by three types of latches: zipper lock fastener, snap lock and slide fastener on standard-duty containers, or post and pocket fastener which is on more heavy-duty containers.

Rotational Moulding Powdered plastic is added to a closed-cavity mold and the mould is rotated on all axis while heat is applied. The mould is then cooled. This produces a solid plastic part. Offers high-impact strength and long life.

Identification Options: Cardholders, ID plates, placards, or hot-stamped on container may identify stored information.

Other Important Information • Load Capacity listed as evenly distributed weight load and available internal load (cu. ft.) capacity.

Injection Moulding Plastic is injected, under pressure, into a mould. This process produces a solid wall, solid core part. Offers high durability.

• We strongly suggest customers should purchase a sample to test under actual conditions.

See above for our Bulk Container Selection Guide



Folds flat within its own footprint for space-saving storage.

Stackable up to 3 high.

Maximizer™ Collapsible Bulk Container



Overall WxLxH Cap. Lbs. 48x40x42.6" 800 NOTE: Not for use with liquid loads.


Complete unit includes sidewalls, pallet base and lid. Cap. Cu. Ft. 35

Inside Ht. 36"

• Injection-moulded polypropylene and polyethylene • Recyclable • 4-way forklift access • Stackable Ideal for manufacturing, durable foods, and packaging products, the Maximizer container features a unique collapsible design that allows one person to quickly set up or break down. Integrated sidewalls, lid, and pallet base fold flat in seconds. Special interlocking system does not require special tools, staples, or nails to assemble. Dual drop-down doors offer ergonomic access to stored contents. Moisture-resistant plastic material withstands outdoor use. Made in USA. FACTORY QUICK SHIP. Collapsed Height 11"

Access Door Side On 48" sides

Stock No. 7896500

$ 385.50