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WHMIS Defines Class Symbols

WHMIS Information Charts

M.S.D.S. Explanation

This wall chart provides detailed infor­ma­tion on proper WHMIS labeling, descriptions of class symbols, personal protective equip­ment symbols MSDS, and it also outlines the responsibilities of suppliers, employers and employees. Made of 1/8" thick rigid plas­­tic board. Centre is Bilingual (English and French). Available in two sizes.

Order Mfg. No. No. Dimensions" SB611 W9095 12 x 18 SB612 W9094 24 x 36

Proper way to label W.H.M.I.S. for compliance

Supplier, Employer and Employee responsibilities outlined

Personal Protective Equipment Symbols and meanings

Durable MSDS binders

Keep your Material Safety Data Sheets organised with a durable, English/French MSDS Binder (3-rings with trig­gers). Printed in bright red, these binders will be highly visible in your work­place. They are available in 2" as well as 4" width. Each binder holds standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper. MSDS sheets not included. Large 4" binders have 3 1/2" slant D-rings for extra capacity. Comes with A - Z dividers. Order Mfg. No. No. Width" SI985 W8746R 2 SI987 W9100R 4

Single MSDS Centres

Centres come complete with one sturdy metal pocket for an MSDS binder up to 4" thickness with a sturdy 1/4" plastic board. Centres are sold with one MSDS pre-printed (2") vinyl binder with A-Z dividers. Size: 18" x 24". Order No. SI983 Mfg No. W9002

Complete whmis Information Centres Get started with a complete WHMIS Information Centre. Manu­fac­tured in a strong, durable 1/4" flextop plastic to ensure long lasting quality. They are brightly co­loured to stand out in the workplace. All centres come with sturdy metal pockets to hold MSDS binders up to 4" thick. Each centre prominently dis­plays pertinent informa­tion on all aspects of WHMIS including class symbols and labeling.

Double MSDS Centres

2" MSDS binder(s) included

Centres come with two sturdy metal pockets for binders up to 4" thickness. Centres are sold with two MSDS  pre-printed vinyl binders (2"), with A-Z divi­ders for easy location of MSDS sheets. Board for centre is constructed with 1/4" rigid plastic with four mounting holes. Size: 24" x 36" Order No. SI984 Mfg No. W8846

308 308_Eng.indd 308

Order No.

Mfg. No. Description Dimensions"

SI989 SI990

W9097 W9096

Single Centre Double Centre

18 x 24 24 x 36


11-11-17 1:25 PM


Order Mfg. No. No. Description Dimensions" Order Mfg. No. No. Dimensions" SB611 W9095 12 x 18 SB612 W9094 24 x 36 Centres come complete with...

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