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Fall Protection Miller® RevolutionTM Harnesses A totally new concept in full-body harness design. The Miller® RevolutionTM harness reinvents harness safety and functionality with features developed to meet key, useridentified needs. While exceeding worker expectations in comfort, fit, ease-of-use, style, durability, compliance, flexibility and convenience, the Miller® RevolutionTM harness provides over 11 key product features from seven new, unique components. • All of Miller’s premium harnesses are rated to 400 lbs. (181.4kg) capacity • Certified to CSA standard Z259.10-06

Special Features DualTecHTM Webbing Donning made easy with two-sided, contrasting colour webbing and textures

Cam Buckle Easy, one-hand adjustment/release allows simultaneous adjustment of shoulder straps

Web Finials Clip-on design safely organises webbing after proper adjustment

Self-Contained Label Pack Integrated pack encapsulates labels minimising damage and loss

PivotLinkTM Connection Unique rotary design provides greater comfort in bending/mobility

Integrated Accessory System Modular attachment design provides connection points for belts/tools/ accessories


ErgoArmorTM Back Shields Semi-flexible back shield minimises impact from sharp/ heavy snap hooks and self-retracting lifelines

Order Mfg Leg Removable CSA No. No. D-Rings Connections Belt Class SAN124 RDT-QC/UBKC Back Quick-Connect No A SAN125 RDT-TB/UBKC Back Tongue Buckle No A SAN126 RDT-QC-B/UBKC Back Quick-Connect Yes A SAN127 RDT-TB-B/UBKC Back Tongue Buckle Yes A SAN128 RDT-QC-DP/UBKC Back, Side Quick-Connect No A, P SAN129 RDT-TB-DP/UBKC Back, Side Tongue Buckle No A, P SAN130 RDT-QC-BDP/UBKC Back, Side Quick-Connect Yes A, P SAN131 RDT-TB-BDP/UBKC Back, Side Tongue Buckle Yes A, P

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order mfg leg removable Csa no. no. D-rings Connections Belt Class san124 RDT-QC/UBKC Back Quick-Connect No A san125 RDT-TB/UBKC Back Tongue...