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Clothing Pyrolon Plus II® Coveralls Flame retardant fabric • Overgarment enhances protection for expensive thermal protective garments • Protection from a wide range of dry particulate hazards • Water and oil repellency • Will not melt and drip or cause additional injury • Used in combination with thermal protective garments • Ideal for welding, steel mills, coal mines, maintenance work, refineries, laboratories, utilities • Meets the standards of ANSI/ISEA 101-1996 • Colour: Blue

Order Mfg. Qty/ No. No. Size Case

SN339 SN340 SN341 SN342 SN343 SN344 SN345

7412-SB Small 7412-MB Medium 7412-LB Large 7412-XLB X-Large 7412-2XLB 2X-Large 7412-3XLB 3X-Large 7412-4XLB 4X-Large

25 25 25 25 25 25 25

SN346 SN347 SN348 SN349 SN350 SN351 SN352

7428-SB Small 7428-MB Medium 7428-LB Large 7428-XLB X-Large 7428-2XLB 2X-Large 7428-3XLB 3X-Large 7428-4XLB 4X-Large

25 25 25 25 25 25 25

Coverall Zipper Front, Collar

Hooded Coverall Zipper Front, Attached Hood, Elastic Wrists and Ankles

SMS Coveralls

• Three layer polypropylene SMS (spun-bonded, melt-blown, spun-bonded) • Offers protection against toxic particles and water-based liquids • Double outer layer offer greater protection against tearing and abrasion • Lightweight and flexible fabric permits superior comfort and breathability • Colour: White (Hooded coveralls available in white or navy blue) • Fabric weight: 1.80 oz/yd2 (60 grams) Applications: Food processing, laboratories/pharmaceutical, light oil and grease, maintenance, manufacturing/assembly, refineries/chemical producers. Order Qty Description No. Size /Case COVERALL SEC829 Medium 25 SEC830 Large 25 Zipper front SEC831 X-Large 25 w/storm flap SEC832 2X-Large 25 collar SEC833 3X-Large 25 SEC834 4X-Large 25 SEC835 Medium 25 Zipper front w/ SEC836 Large 25 storm flap, SEC837 X-Large 25 elastic wrists SEC838 2X-Large 25 and ankles SEC839 3X-Large 25 SEC840 4X-Large 25 HOODED COVERALL WHITE SEC841 Medium 25 SEC842 Large 25 SEC843 X-Large 25 SEC844 2X-Large 25 Zipper front w/ SEC845 3X-Large 25 storm flap, SEC846 4X-Large 25 attached hood, NAVY elastic wrists SEC847 Medium 25 and ankles SEC848 Large 25 SEC849 X-Large 25 SEC850 2X-Large 25 SEC851 3X-Large 25 SEC852 4X-Large 25 LAB COAT SEC853 Medium 30 Snaps SEC854 Large 30 2 pockets, SEC855 X-Large 30 collar SEC856 2X-Large 30 SMOCK SEC857 Large 50 Attached SEC858 X-Large 50 ties SEC859 2X-Large 50

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SEC836 SEC842


SEC854 SEC857


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order Mfg. Qty/ No. No. Size case SN339 7412-SB Small 25 SN340 7412-MB Medium 25 SN341 7412-LB Large 25 SN342 7412-XLB X-Large 25 SN343 7412...