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Head Protection Bump CapS

advanCe® vented CapS

• Vented advance caps provide cooling vents for improved air circulation and comfort • GlaregardTM under brim to reduce reflective glare • Lateral contours above the ears for easy integration of hearing protection • Lightweight design for added comfort • 6-point Fas-Trac® suspension system • Caps meet or exceed the applicable requirements for a type i helmet (top impact) as outlined in ANSi Z89.1 2003, Class C

• Protects scalp by reducing exposure to abrasions and lacerations caused by minor bumps to the head • Ideal for meat packing plants, food processing, pest control, meter reading and automotive repair • High-density polyethylene construction • Perforated sides for cross-ventilation • Adjustable, one size fits all • Not approved

Fas-Trac® suspension Order No. SAM668 SAM669 SAM670 SAM671 SAM672 SAM674

Mfg. No. 10034027 10034028 10034029 10034031 10034032 10034035

rEplACEMENt SuSpENSiONS Order Mfg No. No. SAM682 10034967

Colour White Blue Yellow Red Green Hi-Viz Orange

description Fas-Trac®

CanadIan Super-vtm helmetS • Consists of a shell, foam liner and Fas-Trac® suspension system • Provides limited impact and penetration protection in the event of top or lateral blow to head • Tested for both top and lateral blows • Certified to the CAN/CSA Z94.1-2005 standard, Class E for type 1 and 2 helmets • Meets all applicable requirements of ANSi Z89.1-2003 for type i helmet, Class E Order No. SAM685 SAM686 SAM687 SAM688 SAM689 SAM690 SAM691 SAM692

Mfg. No. C217091 C217093 C217092 C217094 C217095 C217096 C217097 C217100

Colour White Yellow Blue Orange Red Green Navy Grey Hi-Viz Orange

rEplACEMENt SuSpENSiON Order Mfg. No. No. description SAM693 818276 Fas-Trac®

148 142-149_Eng.indd 148

Order No. SAM701 SAM702 SAM703

Mfg. No. 10033650 10033651 10033652

Colour Blue Yellow White

prOteCtIve Cap aCCeSSOrIeS SuN ShiEldS • Extends the brim all the way around • Helps protect wearer's ears and neck from sun's rays • Polyurethane construction • Front portion is Lexan, smoke tint

Order No. SAM696 SAM684 SAM698

Mfg. No. 697290 10039114 697373

description For V-Gard® Cap only For V-Gard® Advance® Cap only For Topgard® Cap only

ChiNStrApS • Plastic chinstrap attaches to helmet shell • Elastic chinstrap attaches to helmet suspension • Use with Type I helmets

Order No. SAM699 SAM700

Mfg. No. 88128 81391

description Plastic Chinstrap Elastic Chinstrap


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rEplACEMENtSuSpENSiONS Order Mfg No. No. description SAM682 10034967 Fas-Trac ® Order Mfg. No. No. Colour SAM668 10034027 White SAM669 1003...

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