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Face Protection Defender® Faceshield Frames For Slotted Caps

The Defender® faceshield frame for slotted caps is available in three versions: standard V-Gard® caps, Topgard® caps and for all MSA slotted caps. SAG013 Frame SAG016 Earmuffs

The Defender® frame features: • Front-drip edge-splash protection • Unlimited number of lift stop positions • Long-lasting O-ring pivot-joint design • Snap-in earmuffs option

• Earmuff accessories available for frames • Easy in, easy out visor replacement • Cap lockdown clip (For V-Gard® and Topgard® cap styles only)

Faceshields sold separately. Order Mfg. No. No. Description Faceshield Frame SAG013 10021614 Frame For Standard V-Gard® Caps SAG014 10021615 Frame For Topgard® Caps SAG015 10021616 Frame For All MSA Slotted Caps, Not Equipped With Lockdown Clip EarMuff Accessories Sound Blocker 26 (26 NRR), Includes Clips SAG016 10026398 SAG018 10026362 Replacement Clips, 2/pkg.

Ratchet headgears • ABS material: Plastic resin forms shell of the headgear • 5-cam locking system for added impact resistance • Crown is made of nylon 66 • 4" Sparkgard made of HDPE plastic • Large ratchet handle is easy to adjust for optimum fit • Washable cotton sweatband for better fit and durability • Meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1+ standards

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Plastic & Metal Foldback faceshield frames come in plastic (dielectric) and metal. Both plastic and metal frames come in cap styles. These frames can be used with slotted or non-slotted helmets. Faceshields sold separately.

SAG022 Frame

Order Mfg. No. No. Description SAG022 10016742 Plastic Frame SAG023* 488160 Metal Frame *Not for use w/Topguard® cap models

NOTE: Do not use metal Foldback Faceshield frame in electrical applications

Defender® Headgear Faceshield Frames No hard hat required Use where no hard hat is required. Available in pinlock and ratchet suspension with standard sparkguard except for SAG021, avail­able in ratchet with exten­ded high-temp spark­guard. The extended high temp Spark­guard is for use in temperatures up to 250°F. All styles adjust to head sizes 6 1/2 to 8. Faceshields sold separately.

Order Mfg. No. No. Description

Headgear and Faceshield sold separately Order Mfg. No. No. Description SA388 103 Ratchet Headgear SA301 181540 Clear Polycarbonate Faceshield

Defender ® Foldback Faceshield Frames

Window Dimensions W" x D" x H" - - - 8 15 1/2 x 0.040 x 8

SAG019 10021610 SAG020 10021611 SAG021 10021612

Pinlock Suspension Ratchet Suspension Ratchet Suspension w/Extended High Temp Sparkguard

See pages 147 and 148 for

Hard Hats 15854E

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Order Mfg. No. No. Description saG019 10021610 Pinlock Suspension saG020 10021611 Ratchet Suspension saG021 10021612 Ratchet Suspension w/Ex...