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Respiratory 6000 Series Half Facepiece Low-Maintenance RespiratorS • Lightest half mask respirator available • Soft thermoplastic facepiece is extremely comfortable and easy-to-adjust • Low profile design gives workers better visibility and permits comfortable wearing of safety glasses • Facepiece can be reused over and over by simply washing as directed • Includes reclosable storage bag • NIOSH/MSHA approved

Order Mfg. No. No. SE886 6100 SE887 6200 SE888 6300

7500 Series Ultimate Reusable Half Facepiece RespiratorS • Advanced silicone material provides a softer feel on the face • Unique adjustment design helps reduce pressure points on the face • Dual-mode head harness, option of wearing in traditional or drop-down mode • Durable and heat resistant plastics • Cool FlowTM exhalation valve for easier breathing and helps reduce heat and moisture build-up • NIOSH Approved

Order Mfg. No. No. Size SAG264 7501 Small SAG265 7502 Medium SAG266 7503 Large

Size Small Medium Large

Replacements Parts, Sold per package Order Mfg. No. No. Description SAI579 6889 Exhalation Valves SR188 6893 Inhalation Valves SR190 6895 Inhalation Gaskets SAI583 6281 Head Harness

Qty/ Pkg. 10 40 20 5

Replacement Parts Sold per package Order Mfg. No. No. Description SAI636 7582 Inhalation Valves SAI637 7583 Exhalation Valves

Qty/ Pkg. 10 10

Odour- Cake Cool Advanced Removing Resistant P TM M-Nose Electret Filter Filter Series Flow Valve Clip Face Seal Media Material Material Straps Filter

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Order Mfg. No. No. Class Description SE906 2071



SE908 2078


Filter with Acid Gases Relief

SE909 2091



SE910 2096


Filter with Acid Gases Relief

SE911 2097


Filter with Organic Vapour Relief

SE912 7093


Hard shell Filter

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