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Respiratory SAF-T-FIT® PLUS Respirators - A fit to every face • Three anthropometrically designed, colour-coded sizes for increased protection and better fit on a wider range of facial features • Exclusive patented Saf-T-Fit® sizer assists in selecting the proper facepiece size • Boomerang nose seal on most styles adapts to different faces for better protection

• Lightweight, humidity resistant, hypoallergenic filter media maximizes wearer comfort and respirator service life • Durable suspension straps eliminate pre-stretching and facepiece tabs prevent staples from penetrating filter area

SAf-t-Fit® Plus N1105 Particulate respirators • NIOSH approved N95 protec­tion • Economical mask • Offers improved fit • Recom­mended for use with particulate aerosols free of oil • 20 respirators per box • Sold per box

Order Mfg. No. No. Size SAM235 14110387 S SAM236 14110388 M/L SAM237 14110389 XL

SAf-t-Fit® Plus N1115 Particulate respirators • NIOSH approved for N95 protection • Features a unique boomerang nose sealing flange which provides exceptional comfort and fit • 20 respirators per box • Sold per box.

Order Mfg. No. No. Size SAM238 14110390 S SAM239 14110391 M/L SAM240 14110392 XL

• Full sealing flange to provide extra protection on N99 types • Styles for nuisance level organic vapour and acid gas protection available • Seven models meet NIOSH 42 CFR 84 Standards for effective particulate protection

one-FitTM Molded Cup Particulate Respirators • NIOSH approved N95 moulded-cup style • One-fit disposable particulate respirators • Fit a variety of facial sizes and shapes • Provides outstanding respiratory protection • SAQ181 comes with exhalation valve SAQ180 Order No. SAQ180 Mfg. No. 14110444 20 respirators per box Sold per box Order No. SAQ181 Mfg. No. 14110445 10 respirators per box Sold per box


SAf-t-Fit® Plus N1125 Particulate respirators • NIOSH approved N95 • Offers all the features of the N1115, plus an exha­la­tion valve to increase wearer comfort • Ideal for hot environments such as foundries and steel mills • 20 respirators per box • Sold per box.

Order Mfg. No. No. Size SAM241 14110393 S SAM242 14110394 M/L SAM243 14110395 XL

Saf-T-Fit® P1135 Particulate respirators

SAf-t-Fit® N1139 Particulate respirators

Order Mfg. No. No. Size SAM255 14110428 M/L SAM256 14110429 XL

Order Mfg. No. No. Size SAM250 14110402 S SAM251 14110403 M/L SAM252 14110404 XL

• NIOSH approved N95 disposable respirator • Full sealing flange and exhalation valve • Ideal for sanding, grinding or sweeping, brazing, torch cutting, soldering, certain welding and other hot, dusty and/or oily operations • 10 respirators per box • Sold per box.


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• NIOSH-approved N99 respirator • Full sealing flange maximizes protection and wearer comfort • Provides higher levels of protection in general industrial appli­ cations such as certain welding, soldering, metal cutting and metal pouring, as well as high-temperature environments • 10 respirators per box • Sold per box

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