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First Aid BuRn fiRSt aid KitS

• Contains essential first aid items for the immediate treatment of minor (non-chemical) burns and scalds • Supplemental first aid kit for industry, food vending trucks, schools, restaurants, cafeterias and other food preparation areas order no. say246 Mfg. No. 01362 SAY246

deluXe BuRn pluS cHeMical BuRn fiRSt aid KitS


• Ideal for the treatment of minor acid or alkali type chemical burns • Supplemental first aid kit for industry, schools, chemical and treatment plants, laboratories and dispensaries order no. say247 Mfg. No. 01332 SAY248

WeldeRS' fiRSt aid KitS

• For quick response to emergencies caused by flash burns and sparks from welding equipment • Contains an assortment of products for immediate care and relief of pain to the skin and eye areas order no. say248 Mfg. No. 01250 SAY249

S.O.S. diStReSS fiRSt aid KitS

• Contains an extensive assortment of first aid and emergency rescue supplies • Ideal for motorist distress emergencies; also as a promotional item for employee incentive programs and gifts, fundraising, awards and golf tournaments order no. say249 Mfg. No. 01365


tRauMa & cRiSiS fiRSt aid KitS

• Features a comprehensive assortment of first aid and emergency rescue supplies for quick response to minor and major medical emergencies • Suitable for emergency rescue personnel, police, fire fighters, paramedics, first aiders, lifeguards, nurses and ski patrol personnel • Deluxe kit contains all the features of the standard kit plus additional supplies to deal with more serious injuries order no. say250 say251

Mfg. no. 01377 01356


description Standard Deluxe

WateR Jel® eMeRgency BuRn KitS • Response kits for rescue units, industry, contractors, restaurants, cafeterias, boats, schools and offices • Contains an assortment of sterile burn dressings and Cool Jel • Packaged in a wall-mountable plastic container with gasket


SAY459 order no. say458 say459

72 065-084_Eng.indd 72

Mfg. no. 06641 06639

description Kit l Kit ll

Container type 10-Unit 16-Unit 31462E

11-12-01 1:23 PM


tRauMa & cRiSiS fiRSt aid KitS •Idealforthetreatmentofminoracidoralkalitypechemicalburns •Supplementalfirstaidkitforindustry,schools,che...

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