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Welcome Los Angeles and Southern California Wrongful Termination and Labor Law Attorneys Shaun Setareh, his associates and other members of his legal team are well respected in the legal industry because we are known as aggressive litigators and have a proven track record.

Unlike some other firms who are interested in resolving your case quickly and as soon as possible without taking into consideration the actual value of your case, we strive to obtain the most amount of money on your behalf whether it is through an amicable settlement or trial.

Workplace Discrimination You have been a victim of workplace discrimination, such as being fired or are being discriminated against by virtue of a "disability" you may be entitled to recovery for your lost wages,

You may be considered to be "disabled" for purposes of a Disability Discrimination case if you suffer from a physical or psychological ailment that affects your ability to work at your job.

California Labor Laws California Labor issues for employees throughout California for a vast array of wage and hour violations that employers fail to follow. California labor law controls many aspects of the employer employee relationship.

Common California labor laws that employers commonly fail to adhere we are currently investigating claims against your employer for various California labor law violations.

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