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Table of Contents 4 The Return of the Irish Elk 6 How the Training Works 8 Daily Life at Ellerslie 10 The Basic Training Overview 13 Dates, Cost & Details 15 Advanced Training 16 Campus Details and Locale 18 Student Testimonies 22 Why Ellerslie? 24 The Rebirth of Honor 28 Contact us

The Christian life can be explained only in terms of Jesus, and if your life as a Christian can still be explained in terms of you - your personality, your willpower, your gift, your talent, your money, your courage, your scholarship, your dedication, your sacrifice, or your anything - then although you may have the Christian life, you are not yet living it!... True godliness leaves the world convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the only explanation for you, is Jesus Christ. - Major Ian Thomas

THE RETURN OF THE IRISH ELK The Irish Elk is now extinct. Many modern folk shrug nonchalantly at such news, for such tidings mean very little to them. But to those who know what the Irish Elk once was, its extinction is a tragedy. For the Irish Elk was once a picture of majesty. Its head reached heights over ten feet tall with a rack of antlers which sprawled twelve feet in diameter and an additional five feet upwards into the ancient skies. That’s fifteen feet of pure and utter awe. Ellerslie’s Campus is forty-five minutes from beautiful Estes Park, Colorado, where it is common to view elk herds grazing. I’ve grown up around elk, but not Irish Elk. Elk are impressive creatures, with a hint of majesty on their brow. And if I didn’t know about the Irish Elk, I wouldn’t complain about the bull elks in Estes Park (literally one-fourth the size of the Irish variety) and their tiny racks of antlers. But I do know about the Irish Elk, and thusly I have a vision of what an elk truly ought to be. I’d like to draw a parallel between the Irish Elk and triumphant Christianity. Both roamed the earth in history past and both seem to have gone extinct in our modern day. Oh, we still have a less triumphant version of Christianity that can be observed today, however, it would seem that this modern species stands less than one-fourth the size of its mighty ancestor. It’s Christianity minus the majesty. And, yet before we bemoan the loss, I wish to declare that there is a stirring within the ranks of the Christian soldiers of our day. It’s a desire to see the rack of glory return. It’s a yearning to see the ancient heavenly majesty thunder, once again, upon the stage of time.

For in an age where spiritual mediocrity is praised within the corridors of the Christian faith, moral lassitude is overlooked, and the post-modern silt of the Emergent Church is tacitly exonerated in our midst – there is a need for lion-hearted believers to emerge. Or should I say, “Irish Elk” Christians to rise up. All one must do is read the Bible to see how far we are from the stature of our Crosspurchased ancestry. But how do we get from where we are to where we ought to be? There is a very simple solution. There must be more of Jesus in our lives, in our families, and in our churches. More time given to Him in prayer and pursuit, more of our souls opened up for Him to rule and control. He is majesty. And for majesty to return, He must be given the preeminence in all things. (Col 1:18) Ellerslie is a training environment where this very thing is happening. “The Return of the Irish Elk,” is not merely a humorous unofficial motto amongst our students and faculty; it’s a very serious articulation of an actual, real-world event being witnessed by each and every person on our campus. It is a moment-by-moment yearning in our souls for the return of Christianity as it ought to be. There is a need in this day for souls polished pure by the fire of God, hearts built courageous by the training of the Spirit, and minds tempered and harnessed by the unchanging Truth of Scripture. After all, who will stand when all others subside into a seated silence? Who will fight for Truth when all others have determined fighting for Truth to be harmful and incorrect? The time has come for the Church to regain its ancient rack of glory and to rise up and remove the spit from the face of Jesus Christ. The return of the Irish Elk Christian is at hand. So, who’s with us?

Eric W. Ludy President, Ellerslie Mission Society

HOW THE TRAINING WORKS Ellerslie Training specializes in taking students deeper with God and providing an atmosphere in which a love for the Word of God, prayer, and Biblical study can be cultivated. We are more of a spiritual-training retreat than a classical school environment.  But though our primary goal is to help students go deeper with Christ, we are also very purposeful about giving students a strong Scriptural understanding and Biblical framework as they walk through this deepening process.  • A passionate love for the Word of God • A clear and intimate understanding of the Gospel life • The cultivation of a vibrant prayer life • An establishment of healthy, life-long spiritual behavior patterns • An intercessor’s mentality - being made strong in order to be poured out for the weak

This is what we specialize in at Ellerslie - stoking the fire of the human soul - acquainting Christians with the enormity of our God and His ability to bring about a very real triumph in the human soul. In the Ellerslie Training program, we don’t merely talk about prayer – we pray! We incorporate powerful prayer into our mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights. We don’t just talk about the importance of the Word of God – we get into it. We dig deep into the rich ore of its life-giving substance. We learn to cherish every word, the poetry of its cadence, the power and efficacy of its Truth. 

Photos compliments of Bri Tabler

We don’t just talk about the Cross, we experience its redemptive and life-altering power. We grab a hold of its strength. We let it break us, rebuild us, and fortify us to enter this battle truly ready to make a difference. We don’t just talk about the least, we prepare ourselves practically to be poured out on their behalf.  We explore the ideas of realworld intercession, of courageously standing in harm’s way to act on behalf of the vulnerable. At Ellerslie, our desire is not to talk about Christianity, but to live it.   If you are looking for head-knowledge about God and His Word, you’ll get it here – but you will also get a lot more.  There are plenty of Christian programs that could give you the academics of the Christian faith – and we certainly don’t shy away from offering them.  But we specialize in helping students experience the substance of the Christian faith. This program may not be for everybody, but if you are hungry for the sort of things mentioned above, it may just be for you.

Ellerslie Students at Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado

Daily Life at Ellerslie The Ellerslie environment has been created as a set-apart training retreat in which you can tune out the distractions of the world and simply focus on your relationship with Christ. Everything that happens on the campus, from classes to meals to free time, is tailored around that goal. The daily schedule has been designed to provide a healthy balance of teaching, prayer, study, quiet time, and fellowship with other believers. And while we strive to maintain an atmosphere of honor, reverence, and peace, there is also plenty of laughter, fun, and camaraderie on the campus! Lifelong friendships will be forged within this training – both with your fellow students and with the speakers and staff. We consider it a privilege to invest into your spiritual life – and we look forward to maintaining a lifelong connection with you, even long after you leave this program!

A TYPICAL ELLERSLIE DAY 5:30 - 6:15 a.m.

Corporate Prayer (M/W/F, opt.)

6:15 - 7:30 a.m.

Personal Prayer & Study

7:30 - 8:15 a.m.


8:15 - 8:40 a.m.

Corporate Stillness

8:40 - 8:55 a.m.

Corporate Devotions

8:55 - 9:30 a.m.

Corporate Worship

9:30 - 11:30 a.m. 11:30 - 12:15 p.m. 12:15 - 1:15 p.m.

Session One Lunch Personal Study

1:15 - 3:15 p.m.

Session Two

3:15 - 5:30 p.m.

Student Activities & Free Time

5:30 - 6:30 p.m.


6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Student Activities & Study

Daily Worship

Class in the Chapel His Little Feet International Children始s Choir

Lake at Ellerslie

Ellerslie Chapel

Personal Study

Basic Training Overview The Word of God Series The Heavenly Blueprint for Christian Truth Fall in love with the timeless Word of God. This is the foundational series for Ellerslie training. At Ellerslie, we believe that the Word of God has the Divine right to rule and control the life of a believer. This series introduces the ancient principle of Canon – powerfully demonstrating the origins of the Word of God, the flawless nature of the Word of God, and the supernatural construction of the Word of God. During this series, students will gain an unshakable Biblical framework, develop a deep passion for the changeless Word of God, learn to recognize and resist the error of the postmodern Gospel, and gain a strong personal grasp of how to study and apply Scripture to every facet of their lives.

Sessions Include: Scripture - Seeing Christ in Every Page Proclamation - Holding the Heavenly Message Sacred Origins – Understanding the Supernatural Pedigree of Scripture Translations – What’s a Student of Scripture to Do? To Tremble - The Sacred Task of Handling the Word of God Canon - The Test to Prove Control; The Divine Right to Rule and Control Emergent(cy)– Understanding the Danger of the Post-modern Gospel Dependence - Unlocking the Mystery of Godliness Powerless Grace - The Dangerous Pathway to Spiritual Mediocrity

The Gospel Series The Heavenly Blueprint for Christianity that Works Experience daily triumph, joy, peace, and victory over sin. This series provides the “engine” that propels a Christian life forward into God’s endless frontier. At Ellerslie, we believe that grace is more than the merciful hug of God; it’s the divine enabling power of His Spirit to transform a human life from the inside out, to supernaturally equip us to live a life that would be impossible in our own strength. We believe that love, joy and peace are not meant to be merely nice-sounding Scriptural concepts, but rather the daily experience and outflow of the Christian’s life. During this series, students will explore the six key components of the Gospel, study the pattern for historic, Biblical Christianity, and gain a clear understanding for how to not just esteem Truth, but live it out daily through the enabling power of God.

Sessions Include: Father and Son – Awakening to the Love that is Ours Endless Frontier - The Essence of Historic Christianity Grace - The Gospel Secret Unveiled Opposition - Recognizing the Enemy Tactic Kingdom - The Ruling Domain Burning Bush - The Baptism of Fire Solyma - The One Who Bears His Name Consecration - Set-apart for His Glory The Name - Like Ointment Poured Forth Covenant - The Forging of Two Destinies Stillness - The Work of the Bond-slave - To Give Ear to His Master Heart and Reins - Proving the Innermost You Right-handedness - As a Man Ought to Be

The Honor Series The Heavenly Blueprint for Christian Conduct Showcase Christ’s nature in every area of life. This series introduces the lost art of Christian honor. At Ellerslie, we believe that no area of our life should be exempt from the refining, purifying work of God’s Spirit. A fully consecrated life is one that allows Him to transform every thought, attitude, decision, and action into an expression of His character. This series interjects God’s Truth into the nittygritty areas of life – the way we treat others, the way we conduct ourselves, the way we govern our thought-lives, the way we make decisions, the way we handle our sexuality, and the way we spend our free-time. Through this series, students will understand how to exchange worldly behavior patterns for God-glorifying ones and showcase a heavenly conduct that brings renown to the name of Christ.

Sessions include: Twenty-Nine – The Princely Pattern of a Man The Sacred Mind – Every Thought Matters Purity and Love – The Inseparable Pair Men of Honor – The Code of the Mighty Honor – The Heavenly Blueprint for Christian Behavior Decorum – The Christian’s Noble Courtesy and Moral Etiquette Towards Others Heroism - The Christian’s Eagerness to Enter Harm’s Way to Rescue the Weak Sacred Intent – Becoming a Woman of Honor Sacred Decorum – Reflecting His glory in Daily Life Sacred Cultivation – Building Your Life Around His Priorities Sacred Singleness – Grasping His Vision and Purpose for Your Single Years Sacred Claim – Adopting an Others-Focused Lifestyle The Lost Art of True Beauty – The Scriptural Pattern for Feminine Grace Sacred Singleness - God’s Intent for the Solo Season of Life God’s Mantle of Authority - Honoring Parent’s Role in a Love Story Innermost Purity - Winning the Battle Over Lust and Sexual Compromise Laying the Foundation of a Lifetime - Preparing for Marriage God’s Way

The Intercessor Series The Heavenly Blueprint for Christian Heroism Become strong in order to be poured out for the weak. This series tackles the key foundational aspects of a believer’s daily walk head on, such as prayer, faith, and spiritual warfare and deals straightforwardly with the confusing areas of disillusionment, pain, and doubt. At Ellerslie, we believe that God is every bit as big as He claims to be, and that He desires to do big things in the lives of His believers. The mediocre expectations that many modern believers have of God will be challenged in this series and students will discover the power of wrestling prayer, persistent faith, and putting on the spiritual armor of God. Additionally, a crucial aspect of the Gospel that many Christians overlook will be explored: every believer’s call to be God’s hands and feet to the lost, the weak, the poor, the destitute, and the orphan. Through this series, students will learn how to find vibrant success in their prayer life, build mighty personal faith, and overcome spiritual weakness in order to be truly ready and able to make a godly impact upon the world.

Sessions Include: Hoshea – The Author and Finisher of Our Faith Grace to Overcome – Wrestling Until the Breaking of Day The Kingdom Meal - Partaking of the Body and Blood Two Hands – Made Whole in Order to Be Broken The Claim – Covenanting with Life Peniel – Distinguishing Friend from Foe Pain – Is it Friend or Foe? Doubt – Exploring the Anatomy of Unbelief and Spiritual Impotence Wonder – The Kingdom, Power, and Glory of the King Evidenced on Earth The War Council - Built in the Secret Place to be Spilled Out on the Open Fields of Glory Corps of the Mighty - The Calling of the Holy Gibborim Pasdammin - We Mustn’t Yield Even the Field of Lentils Tenacity - Yielding Not an Inch of the King’s Land Season of Caves – Joining the Ranks of the Hunted and the Despised The Growl for Glory – The Princely Purpose of a Man Enemies of the State – Beware the Assassin The Mountain of Giants – The Epicenter of War Pistikos – Pouring Out the Spikenard Spiritual Athlete – The Formation of Ready Christian Depraved Indifference – Solving the Sickness of Apathy Gethsemane – Entering the Travail of the Garden Calmer of Winds and Waves – Realizing the Power of Our Christ The Mighty Intercessor – The Pattern of the Gap-filler The Bethlehemite – The Mighty Man of Redemption

costs, dates & details: Photo compliments of James Jonas

Upcoming Ellerslie Leadership Training Sessions: 2012 Winter/Spring Training Program (February 11th - April 15th) click here to apply for this course 2012 Summer Training Program (June 16th - August 19th) click here to apply for this course 2012 Fall Training Program (October 13th - December 16th) click here to apply for this course Cost Overview: On-Campus $3,850 (inc meals and lodging) On-Campus with family member(s) $3,650 (inc meals and lodging) Off-Campus, $2,000 (inc lunch M-F) Off-Campus with spouse or family member(s) $1,800 (inc lunch M-F) WHO CAN ATTEND? The Ellerslie intensive training is designed for anyone who is serious about going deeper with Christ. Though the material is geared for college-age or older, in certain situations students as young as 16 will be accepted, and there is no age maximum. International students and married couples are welcome to attend. HOW TO APPLY: Simply fill out and submit our online application, along with a $50 registration fee. You will be contacted within three business days to confirm receipt of your application, and Sandi, our Registrar, will stay in touch with you regarding further details. Click here for more application and registration info.

Ellerslie Winter

Early Foggy Morning

Ellerslie ADVANCED Do you desire more than a semester of spiritual training? Do you want to be equipped for a specific field of ministry? Are you interested in taking the bravehearted gospel message around the world, or even pursuing a ministry position with Ellerslie and/or Set Apart Girl?

If so, Ellerslie Advanced Leadership Training might be a good fit for you.

TO LEARN MORE Read the online brochure

Student Housing on Campus

Campus & Locale The Ellerslie Campus is a peaceful, set-apart environment with a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. The buildings are situated next to a sparkling lake, offering daily glimpses of the magnificent Colorado sunsets. Many of our dorm rooms have views of the mountains, and there is a quiet stillness over the entire campus - refreshingly separated from the hustle and bustle of city life, but with nearly every “big city convenience” a short 2 to 10 minute drive away. Windsor, Colorado is a charming city of 15,000 people, nestled within the “Front Range Corridor,” which runs along I-25 at the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains. One of the crowning features of this quiet bedroom community is the bicycle trail that winds through town, around Windsor Lake, along the Poudre River and then on to Greeley and Fort Collins. Loveland and Fort Collins are each 10 minutes away, and are larger cities with modern shopping, hospitals, and city-life. Denver is a 45 minute drive, and our closest airport is Denver International - about one hour from the Ellerslie campus. The Ellerslie campus has comfortable, modern dorm suites with two beds, two desks, closet/shelf space and a private bathroom per every 2 dorm rooms.

Old Town, Fort Collins, CO

Lily Lake, Estes Park, CO

The Colorado Experience: Windsor is a one-hour drive from many of Colorado’s most popular locations, including Rocky Mountain National Park. This world-renowned natural wonderland is frequented by tourists from around the world and its terrain varies from majestic mountain peaks (over 60 of which are at least 12,000 feet), forests, and mountain tundra. The park, which is spread across 265,000 acres, offers 359 miles of trails, 150 lakes, and 450 miles of streams. Highway 34 runs from I-25 (two exits south of the Windsor exit) through Estes Park and on through the park. It’s a great place to visit during your stay at Ellerslie, in addition to the many other mountain towns within driving distance, such as Keystone, Winter Park, and Copper Mountain. If you attend Ellerslie during the winter, some of the best skiing in the world is a two-hour drive away. Weather: Colorado boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, with a pleasant climate during all seasons. Summers are warm and dry - the average temperatures are in the 80’s and only occasionally rise above 90. Spring and fall in Colorado usually boast near-perfect weather and plenty of sunshine, though early spring can bring a fair amount of wind. Winters are mild to moderate, with temperatures ranging from the low 30’s to mid 50’s. It’s unusual for winter temperatures to drop into the single-digits, but it’s always possible! Some winters bring a significant amount of snow, but with the constant sunshine it usually melts within 2-4 days, and we have many winter days that are pleasantly sunny and crisp, rather than bitterly cold. All around, Colorado weather is among the best 4-season climates anywhere. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

If I was talking with a future Ellerslie student

I would tell them... Student Testimonies from Ellerslie Basic Graduates: PHILIP | Summer Class 2011 Ellerslie is simply a place to seek the Lord and worship His holy name. This may sound dreary to some, but is it not what heaven is? Is heaven not a place to simply bask in the presence of the most high with His praise continually on our lips? And though Ellerslie is not the fullness of what heaven is we can truly say that in this place we have tasted and seen that the Lord is indeed good. This is what Ellerslie is to me, a place to seek the Lord and abide in the shadow of the almighty unhindered and without distraction. Ellerslie is an outward example of the state of a Christianʼs soul during the hardest of trials: peaceful, restful, triumphant, meek, bold, prayerful, self-controlled, long-suffering, and constantly worshipful of our Wonderful Creator. Ellerslie is not about a ministry or a man, but about seeing the mind of Christ implanted within the souls of all those who come within its reaches. Ellerslie is solely a conduit through which the Love of God may flow. So let us not look to Ellerslie as our refuge or strength, but rather to Jesus Christ who is our strong tower of Salvation.

LYDIA | Summer Class 2011 “For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain”. (Phil. 1:21)  This verse had been “my” verse for the year leading up to my term at Ellerslie.   Yet it held no real meaning to my life, it was just a really good verse.   That is, until I caught a glimpse of Christ at Ellerslie.    Christ could not be my life until I saw Him for all the holiness, power, glory, and majesty that He is.  And so, as I look back over my time at Ellerslie, it is not the school, the beautiful campus, the sacred environment or the incredible people that I dwell on.  It is Jesus Christ and His holiness.    God directs each day at Ellerslie and thus, it is He who I saw and learned from. I had never before seen the holiness of God at the depth I found during my time at Ellerslie, and yet I know Iʼve barely tasted it!  Once we as Christians see His holiness and glory correctly we will know that He is worthy of our everything, our entire life.   We will understand that for us to live IS Christ.  This is what I experienced at Ellerslie and it changed my life.   It has changed how I see my life and future, the way I serve, my worship, the way I pray.  It is all for Godʼs glory, I will surrender and serve because He IS worthy!

AARON | Summer Class 2010 Ellerslie is a place of surrender. It is a place where flesh (sinful nature) dies and His Spirit reigns. It is a place where previous desires and dreams of this world are abandoned and His plans and desires are made known. I came here not knowing what to expect. I thought I knew what my future held for me. Now? Not so much. I don't know exactly what the future holds for me but I know exactly Who holds the future and I trust Him. At Ellerslie you will experience a breakdown of soul, flesh, and desire. Everything of this world that you once held dear will fade away sooner than you realize. You will learn what it means to "abide in Him" (John 15:7) When you abide in Him you will find that His desires become your desires. Ellerslie is a place where the abiding lifestyle is greatly encouraged. The environment here is nothing short of Spirit-led. Meditation in the Word becomes a very real part of your daily life here at Ellerslie. The teaching is always, only, the truth of the Bible. You will learn how to use the canon of scripture in a correct and useful way, just as God intended. If you want to experience the fullness of Jesus in your life, consider and pray about Ellerslie. It has changed my life...He has changed my life.

SHALEA | Winter/Spring Class 2011 This year at Ellerslie has been one of great breaking, strengthening and growing, coming to the foot of the Cross and beholding the Savior there. Itʼs a place where we are able to practice the presence of God, learning at His feet as Mary of Bethany. He has vastly expanded my view of Him, and whereas one foot had been on sand, He has set both of my feet firmly upon the rock of the Gospel. I have been set free by the Truth of all that He accomplished on the Cross, learning how to take hold of His great and precious promises. He has taught me what it means to abide in the secret place of His presence and since that is where fullness of joy is found, He has filled my soul with more joy than I ever thought possible, yet I know there is more to be had. This has been a season of consecration, giving up my life for His, allowing Him to have His rightful place of authority over every part of my existence. In turn He has been teaching my hands to war and my fingers to fight showing me that it is His arm that ever secures the victory, and what an incredible honor it is to be in the army of He who always wins! He is not limited to a small campus in Colorado, however He is moving mightily there in a gathering of hungry souls that are seeking Him diligently. He has sent out His light and His truth to lead us, bringing us unto His holy hill, and we have beheld His power and glory. We lift high the standard of our King with a shout, “Thy Kingdom come!”

ESTHERLINE | Summer Class 2010 If I was telling a future Ellerslie student about my experience here at Ellerslie, I would say that Ellerslie is not only a Bible school, this is a place we can feel the sweet presence of God, we can see the spirit of God moving and giving more understanding in the word of God. It is changing and transforming many hearts and bodies, giving a new birth, a new testimony, a new vision, and making an impact for the glory, the honor, of the kingdom of God.

ALEX | Fall Class 2010 Ellerslie affords the opportunity to set aside the routines and responsibilities of daily life and sit at Jesusʼ feet, to taste and see that He is good in a precious and unique way. The amount of exposure to Scripture, the camaraderie of earnest hearts, the power of the Gospel being preached, the sweetness of sincere worship…each weave together to lift high our King. And in light of all His greatness we are humbled to realize we can do nothing apart from Him. How amazing is our God! Seeing the matchless value of Jesus is something that will change your life in beautiful ways. Iʼm convinced of this! Why? Because it changed my life forever.

NIK | Summer Class 2010 That it is entirely different from anything I have ever experienced. Ellerslie is set-apart by God as a place where the mighty men and women are gathered. Being here for this season of my life has radically changed me. Wimpy Christianity has no room here. God is in the midst of this place. However, this isn't an experience that, like the summer camp high, fades into oblivion once we return to the "real world." The essence, the core of Ellerslie is Jesus Christ, and He goes with us. When I first applied, and later arrived, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I knew God would move in great ways, but what imagining is even as great as God's true plans? Ellerslie has FAR exceeded my expectations. I wish every Christian could come to Ellerslie, or have a similar experience, because God is raising up the students here for a grand purpose in His Everlasting Kingdom. It doesn't matter if you are seventeen as I am or even sixty, because there is no age limit nor minimum to following hard after Jesus Christ. It will cost everything, and God has called many of us to let go of a great many things, but it is worth it. To sum it all up, Ellerslie is one continued state of awesomeness.

MIKE | Georgia If I had to describe what Ellerslie has been like it would be “a burning bush”- a white hot flame that burns away any and all flesh, yet preserves and strengthens the Spirit to gain complete control. The Bible identifies the Lord in Hebrews 12:29 as a “consuming fire” and that is exactly what He has been to us here. I have not only been taught of the Lord, but have seen and experienced Him move in powerful ways each and every day. This is indeed a place where the Lord Jesus Christ is magnified and treasured above all else, A place where all must be sold to purchase the costly pearl of Jesus Christ. Great manifestations of the Spirit of God have been taking place in abundance on and off campus in the life of my wife and I. I have learned much concerning spiritual warfare and the mighty battle that is taking place within my very own soul. I was walking with and knew my Jesus very well before I came here, but this environment, teaching, and fellowship has certainly given me a mighty push forward in this pilgrimʼs journey. Praise the Lord for all He has done, all He is doing, and all He will do. What a mighty God we serve! May He continue to be the vision of our hearts. Hallelujah, all I have is Christ, Hallelujah, Jesus is my life!

For more student testimonies, go to

Why Ellerslie? by Leslie Ludy

When I was seven, I wrote these words in my journal: “Someday, I want to become a worldchanger!”  I wasnʼt sure how, exactly, but I knew I wanted to do something significant with my life; something that would help people, something that would make a difference.  I used to love reading books about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad – I imagined myself smuggling slaves to safety at the peril of my own life, using secret code words and leading slave children through hidden passageways in the dead of night – all while being ruthlessly pursued by greedy slave-owners.  In my mindʼs eye, I always made it to my destination safe and sound, and delivered my young charges into the arms of their waiting parents (who were weeping with gratitude).  I used to wish I lived back in the days of the American slave-trade so that I could become a heroic rescuer, just like the valiant Ms.Tubman. As a child, I romanticized the idea of being a “Christian hero.”  I imagined the thrill of adventure and the satisfaction of changing the world – but I never envisioned the hardship, discomfort, pain, and spiritual attack that comes when you take a stand for righteousness.  It wasnʼt until I was in my early twenties, deep in the fray of full-time Christian ministry, fighting fervently for souls, that I begin to really understand the battle of Kingdom service.  When Eric and I stepped out, young and idealistic, into Christian ministry, we got hit – and hit hard.  It felt kind of like taking a baseball bat and hitting a hornetʼs nest – only to realize that our feet were stuck in concrete so that we couldnʼt run from the angry insects that were now coming at us with a

vengeance. We were attacked on all sides by both seen and unseen forces.  Discouragement, disillusionment, and confusion came at us from every angle.  Even though we were strong Christians and had a vibrant relationship with Christ, we had not been prepared for the battle we had entered.  And though we were making an impact upon the world and fulfilling the call God had placed upon our lives – for many years, we did so with a limp, reeling from the serious battle wounds that we collected on a daily basis.  We began to recognize why God took Moses to the back-side of the desert for 40 years – to break, prepare, and refine him – before launching him into his role as Israelʼs leader.  We began to better understand why God led the apostle Paul into a set-apart season in Arabia before sending him to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles.  And why even

We took a season of our lives to truly grasp vital aspects of the Gospel life Jesus spent 30 years preparing spiritually for his public ministry. As E.M. Bounds wrote, “It takes 20 years to write a sermon, because it take 20 years to make a man.” God sometimes must take us through a season of intensive spiritual preparation and equipping before launching us into the ultimate calling He has placed upon our lives. Maybe itʼs not 40 years like Moses, or 30 years like Christ.  But often there is a need for a set-apart season, where an unshakable spiritual foundation can be laid in our lives before

we enter the intensive fray of full-time missions or ministry work. Itʼs kind of like boot camp for the soul, before a soldier enters the actual war. After “hitting the hornetʼs nest” early in our ministry, God had to take Eric and I through a spiritual boot camp, of sorts.  He had to show us all that was missing from our spiritual armory, and equip us to be victorious in the battle for His Truth.  We took a season of our lives to truly grasp vital aspects of the Gospel life, such as wrestling prayer, spiritual disciplines, tensile strength, daily intimacy with Christ, true faith, self-sacrifice, and inner holiness – at a deeper level than weʼd ever known before.  And when we entered back into the ministry He had called us to, there was a completely different outcome.  No longer were we pummeled by defeat and discouragement – rather, we were strong, valiant, and triumphant – truly equipped for vital Kingdom work.  We were able to enter the fray with a spiritual swagger rather than a spiritual limp. Thatʼs why Iʼm so passionate about your time at Ellerslie.  Itʼs a set-apart season of training, equipping, and preparation.  Itʼs boot-camp for the soul, becoming spiritually fit for the battle.  Itʼs a chance to avoid the spiritual burn-out and mediocrity that can all too easily creep into the life of a Christian minister.

Time and time again, people would come onto the field to join her work – idealistic and filled with dreams of being a Christian hero. But all too often, they were not truly prepared for the battle, and after a few months or years, the romance faded, the burn-out set-in, and they limped away in defeat. Eric and I have heard similar stories from modernday missionaries and ministers.  They are longing for valiant Christian men and women to come alongside them in Kingdom work – men and women who have the Gospel DNA embedded into their souls, their outlook, and their daily decisions; those who have truly been prepared for the intensity of the battle for souls and Truth.

We were able to enter the fray with a spiritual swagger rather than a spiritual limp. Whether God has called you to the mission fields of Africa, Haiti, or Main Street, USA – whether you are called to fight for the soul of one little child or rescue millions of people - He desires to equip and prepare you for the sacred calling He has placed upon your life. Thatʼs what you will experience at Ellerslie – a set-apart season of spiritual training.  

Becoming strong to be poured out for His glory, Amy Carmichael wrote about the formation of her being built by Him into a true world-changer, able ministry to temple children in India, in her book to withstand the winds and rain and emerge from Gold Cord. It took her years to find like-minded the storm in perfect peace - Thatʼs what this setmen and women that truly possessed the spiritual apart season at Ellerslie is all about.  I count it a strength that was needed for such a high calling.  privilege to be a part of it with you!*

Rebirth of Honor The Ellerslie Vision by Eric Ludy

As sparkle is to a diamond, so honor is to a soul.

your sword to hit your sister. A man of honor uses his sword to protect people, not hurt them.”

My little boy, Hudson, is currently undergoing “honor training.” Itʼs a hilarious training process, really.  For one thing, itʼs comical because noble behavior seems odd and out of place nowadays.  And itʼs even funnier when a little five-year-old boy makes a valiant attempt at chivalry. 

We talked for some time about the commission of a Jesus-forged gentleman. Since that infamous day, Hudson has begun to learn that a God-built hero always has eyes to see those weaker than

About a year ago, Hudson got a foam sword from Walgreens. Immediately, he kicked into a whole new manly gear, slicing and dicing the air in pursuit of imaginary villains.  It was all quite innocent and adorable until he whacked his little sister Harper on the head with his new weapon.  Iʼm sure it didnʼt hurt on the outside, but it definitely bruised her little heart on the inside to be so blatantly whacked by her big brother. Such moments are perfect opportunities for honor training.  “Hudson,” I said firmly, while bending down to comfort the wailing Harper, “you are NEVER to use

Truth is never oldfashioned.   It may be ancient, but it is very much alive. himself, and his sword is always available for their help and rescue.  In fact, Hudsonʼs biggest dream in life is to one day be a mighty, heroic rescuer of orphans. Honor is made up of simple ideas, concepts that are so obviously needed for the formation of a godly man or woman.  Principles such as selfsacrifice, protecting the weak, and treating others with dignity and respect are all but lost in this post modern, “itʼs-all-about me” generation.  But Godʼs

principles of honor are not time-worn and dated.   They are as fresh today as they were when Jesus modeled them to perfection 2,000 years ago.  Truth is never old-fashioned.    It may be ancient, but it is very much alive.  Ellerslie puts a strong emphasis on “honor training.”  Thatʼs because God has given Leslie and I a longing to see nobility, selflessness, and triumph infused into Christianity once again.  Men and women of godly honor, self-sacrifice, and heroism – fully adept at handling their God-given sword. Those who place the glory of God and the needs of others far above their own fleshly desires and earthly comforts.  Those who are willing to lay down the trivial distractions of this world and follow Christ to the ends of the earth. Christianity, as we know it in this modern era, has grown soft.  It lacks backbone, grit and bravehearted men and women willing to live and die for Jesus Christ.  But not only has it become soft, it has grown worldly and coarse.  As modern Christians, all too many of us have lost the purity, the godly character, and the noble selflessness that God intended us to have as His sons and daughters.  Christian honor is hard to come by in todayʼs self-indulgent church. Like little five year olds left untrained in the pattern of heavenly decorum, too many of us are unwittingly thwacking others with the blunt edge of our swords – selfishly hurting, rather than heroically protecting.  If you donʼt know exactly what I mean by this, just think about the way most of us approach guy/girl relationships.  How many of us have left a slew of bruised and wounded hearts in our wake as a result of seeking to satisfy our selfish whims?  How often does a modern guy actually stand up and fight to protect a girlʼs purity, rather than trying to conquer it?  How often does a modern girl actually help preserve the integrity of a manʼs soul, rather than enticing him toward lust and compromise?  How many of us have a history of sin and selfishness that we deeply regret?

I yearn for a return of honor, a rebirth of dignity and strength within the corridors of the church. Not just in the area of relationships, but in every dimension of our conduct as Christians.  May our actions, attitudes, and decisions begin to actually bless and change this world for Godʼs glory – rather than diminishing the great Name we are privileged to represent. Christian honor is a work of grace.  It is not the byproduct of human discipline and moral grit – but rather, the outworking of the indwelling Christ.  All the honor training in the world cannot birth the substance of real-life honor into my little boy - only Christ can accomplish it, through His grace.  But when God gains access to Hudsonʼs life, fully and completely, He will build Christʼs very character, behavior, and nobility into him.  He will demonstrate, through Hudsonʼs life, what God is actually like in manner, speech, and action. God wants to show this world, through my little boy, what heavenly behavior really looks like.   And He wants to do the same through me and through you. So what does Godʼs honor training look like?  How does God enable us, by His grace, to showcase His heavenly nature to this world?

I yearn for a return of honor, a rebirth of dignity and strength within the corridors of the church. 3 Elements of Grace – the Secret to Christian Honor In studying the pattern of the Gospel in Scripture, we find three dimensions of grace at work within the believerʼs life: First, there is the prevenient grace of God that warms our unbelieving soul to His Spirit and

awakens us to our utter need for His salvation. Prevenient grace ushers us to the Cross. (See 1 John 4:19, Eph 2:8) Second, there is the empowering grace of God that enables a weak and sinful man or woman to be made strong and triumphant over sin. (See Col 1:27, 1 Tim 3:16, Gal 2:20, Rom 8:11-13) Finally, the polishing grace of God that refines a man or woman to behave with heavenly decorum amidst a dark and polluted world.  (See Romans 6:11-14, 1 Peter 1:13-16, 1 John 4:14)

Christian honor is far more than Jane Austen gentility and social refinement. Grace must first usher, then empower in order that it might then polish and perfect.    We are found by grace, saved by grace, built by grace, enabled by grace every moment of every day, and thusly are intended to become pictures of grace that this world might behold the beauty and majesty of the Most High.  The polishing and perfecting work of grace is what is largely missing in our modern era.  Many of us know the ushering grace of God, a few of us know the empowering grace of God, but hardly any of us knows the polishing and perfecting grace of God.  God desires to lead each of His children through honor training; to equip us to showcase His nature and character through our actions, attitudes, and daily conduct.  But not many of us even realize this vital element of grace is missing from our Christian lives. When all you have ever experienced in your Christian walk is the ushering Grace, it can be hard to comprehend His empowering grace let alone

swallow the idea of His polishing and perfecting grace. But, this triumvirate of grace was the purchase of the Cross – the deposit of Christʼs very Spirit, the invasion of His divine nature into our own – that we might be conformed into the very image of Jesus Christ.  (See Romans 8:29)

What Christian Honor Really Looks Like So, what does this grace-enabled Christian honor look like up close? Most of us have never seen it, and therefore, we donʼt have a vision for its return. We have never understood its importance or witnessed its spectacular beauty in a personal way. Christian honor is far more than Jane Austen gentility and social refinement.  Itʼs more than restraining from whacking your sister on the head with your little foam sword. There are six key behavioral dimensions to the concept of godly, Biblical honor: 1. Decorum - The Christianʼs noble courtesy and moral etiquette toward others 2. Holiness - The Christianʼs set-apart, sanctified conduct in daily life

3. Heroism - The Christianʼs eagerness to enter harmʼs way to rescue the weak 4. Reverence -The Christianʼs holy, soultrembling response to God and His Truth 5. Responsibility - The Christianʼs watchful guard and stewardship over all God has entrusted to him 6. Generosity - The Christianʼs readiness to give of all that God has given to him Honor is simply: Godʼs grace - in action, in word, in countenance, and in attitude. It is the Christian man or woman being made into an actual, real-life picture of grace for the world to witness. Jesus was God incarnate. Honor is grace incarnate. Honor is the evidence of grace at work in the believerʼs soul. Grace ushers, then empowers in order that it might then polish and perfect.  So we, as Christʼs church, are to become ushers, inviting the lost into the presence of our King; empowerers, lending our strength to the weak all over the world; and

polished mirrors of His person, clearly demonstrating the nature of our great God in every word spoken and every deed done.      This is the Ellerslie vision - to encompass the triumvirate (3-part) work of grace in our teaching and training, and build men and women of Christian honor, made strong that they might be readied to pour out their strength on behalf of the weak.  Like little Hudson, may we be shaped into heroic rescuers who know how to wield our sword for Godʼs glory, protect and serve the weak, and lay down our lives for the Gospel of Christ. For the Kingdom and the Kingʼs glory,

Eric Ludy President, Ellerslie Mission Society | | 655 Southwood Lane, Windsor, CO 80550 | 888.374.2265

Ellerslie Basic Leadership Training Brochure 3.0  

Learn about the Basic Program at Ellerslie Leadership Training in Windsor, Colorado. Led by Eric and Leslie Ludy.

Ellerslie Basic Leadership Training Brochure 3.0  

Learn about the Basic Program at Ellerslie Leadership Training in Windsor, Colorado. Led by Eric and Leslie Ludy.