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September - November 2010

In the 1st Vietnam International Choir Festival and Competition

Samiweng Singers eyes 1st int’l win

Determined on winning its first international choral competition crown, Ilocos Norte National High School (INNHS) Samiweng Singers holds after-school-hour training as they prepare for the 1st Vietnam International Choir Festival and Competition on March 16-20, 2011 at Hoi An, Vietnam. The Samiweng Singers, the (CCP) in 2003, together with the first treble choir of INNHS, was best high school choirs in celebration founded by Mr. Robert C. Caluya of the National Arts Month. In in 2000. The word samiweng- was the same year, the choir recorded coined from the words -nasam-it their debut album released in the summer of 2004. nga aweng (sweet sound). Mr. Sherberk F. Cabrales, The group has charmed the Ilocanos and other Filipinos with current conductor, took over the their supreme musical renditions choir in 2005. In 2009, the group received the Silver Medal Award in since then. The choir was proclaimed the 1st CCP Choral Competition. As a support to the Samiweng champion in 2002 in the National Music Competition for Young Singers’ bid in the international Artists (NAMCYA). The Samiweng competition, the INNHS Integrated Parent Teachers Singers performed as featured General artist in the International Youth Association in cooperation with Music Festival in 2003, sponsored the Supreme Student Government by the NAMCYA and the province organized a fund-raising concert entitled Gratias- A Thanksgiving of Bulacan. The choir also participated Concert slated on Dec. 17-18 at the in the Samut-Saring-Tinig at the INNHS Quadrangle. by Dorothy Eloise S. Modanza Cultural Center of the Philippines

For Women in Development and Nation Building Act

Mentors attend GST

To promote awareness and to strengthen the Gender and Development (GAD) directives, INNHS teachers attended the Gender Sensitivity Training (GST) at the INNHS Audio-Visual Room, October 26-28. GAD is a program of the DepED on the second day of training. which promotes awareness among “The importance of Gender teachers and students about gender and Development is to avoid biases sensitivity and gender equality. between genders and to value Miss Vivian S. Pagatpatan, equity between men and women,” Asst. Chief, Alternative Learning Mrs. Eda emphasized this during System talked on Women in her lecture on GST. Development and Nation Building Lecture on Effective Act, RA 7192, while the Overview Communication with Miss Araceli of the Gender and Development C. Pastor, Schools Division and Nation Building was discussed Superintendent was conducted. by Mrs. Edil H. Duran, EPS Mrs. Lorna M. Balisbisana and I, Division GAD Coordinator. Mrs. Luz T. Sagario demonstrated Moreover, Mr. Samuel B. Batara, on how to incorporate GAD in INNHS Guidance Coordinator III teaching. lectured on Understanding Gender The training wrapped-up Differences in Moral/Ethical with a candle-light ceremony, 62 Reasoning/Decision Making. participants pledging to live up the Mrs. Vilma D. Eda, OIC Asst. ideals of a GAD-abiding advocates. Schools Division Superintendent INNHS GAD Coordinator Mrs. discussed Manifestations of Gender Marilene S. Natividad spearheaded Biases, Gender-Fair Language and the GST. Envisioning a Gender-Fair society by Ares Audie Micco C. Coloma

SWEET SMILES: 2010 Mr. and Miss INNHS Palaro and 2009 Mr. and Miss INNHS Palaro strike a pose during the awarding ceremony. Story on page 6. DENISE NOELLE S. GONZALES

HALLELUIAH!: The Samiweng Singers in one of their performances in preparation for the international competiton. DENISE NOELLE S. GONZALES

INNHS trio prevails in RSQ

After 19 years of attempt, INNHS team prevailed in the provincial and regional levels of the 2010 Regional Statistics Quiz (RSQ) held at the NEDA Regional Office, San Fernando City, La Union, October 22.

Mayor Michael V. Fariñas

INNHS trio includes Mayrose De la cruz, John Roy Diamante, and Rowena Mhay Moneda all from III Special Science Class (SSC) with their coach, Mrs. Victorina Basilisa Mandac, under the supervision of the Mathematics Department Head Teacher, Mrs. Marlyn Ventura. The team bested contestants from different provinces of Region

I and garnered the championship trophy. The contest was held in connection with the celebration of the National Statistics Month with the theme: “Towards a Philippine Statistical System Responsive to Emerging National and Global Challenges.” by Rhowena Mhay D. Moneda

MVF awards Typhoon Juan spares Laoag City 406 INNHS scholars

Laoag City Mayor Michael V. Fariñas reported that there were no significant damage brought about by typhoon Juan in the city.

Four hundred six INNHS recipients of the Michael Versosa Fariñas (MVF) Iskolar Inc. trooped to the INNHS Audio-Visual-Room to join the staff of the City Tourism and Social Concerns Council for the awarding of scholarship grant amounting to Php81,200 last November 17 as part of the project of Laoag City Mayor Michael V. Fariñas. The City Tourism and Social Concerns Council reported that 1,322 poor but deserving students were awarded scholarship grants under the Iskolar ni MVF program. The Mayor thru his MVF foundation pays for the miscellaneous and tuition fee of the scholars. “The scholarship is of great help for us in our pursuit for education,” said Neva Domingo, MVF Iskolar Inc. recipient. The MVF Iskolar Inc. which started in 2004 aims to help deserving but underprivileged students in the city who are in need of financial support. by Glenn Dave D. Baltazar

Despite the fact that signal number 3 was raised over the city and the province, the place only experienced minimal rain showers and wind. Barangay Chairman Arnel Arcano reported that residents

in Caaoacan evacuated to higher ground due to storm surge. Mayor Fariñas also expressed sympathy to the neighboring provinces of Cagayan and Isabela for being badly hit by the typhoon. by Jehiel Yikoh P. Cajigal

INNHS main library is region’s most functional

“The Library Integrated System, the 14 computer units with internet and the other library facilities made us win in the regional tilt,” Mrs. Saniata G. Natura, INNHS Librarian exclaimed. The school received a plaque played a big part for us to win,” of recognition and books for Mrs. Adelyn Domingo, English Head Teacher, garnering the Most Functional Department Library award for old national disclosed. The goal of the Search for high school category at RELC, La the Most Functional Secondary Union, Nov. 24. Mrs. Natura, with the help of and Elementary School Libraries the different departments, made is to appraise the libraries on the sure to meet the criteria for the strategies for effective customer service and the librarians’ role said competition. “The 14 units of computer in extending service for clients’ with internet connection that we satisfaction. by Mark Dave M. Balmilero solicited from generous alumni also






YOU-Niverse Iris Megan Dawn A. Arce

Venus and Mars on Earth

Will plus or minus give the right answer?

According to the Philippine Business Education, only three out of six pupils who enter first grade finish sixth grade, only two out of five finish high school, and only 10% of them finish college, eventually. With the settling in of the new administration, new programs and new proposals are being developed. One is the 12-year basic education cycle which aims to add one year in elementary and another year in high school in the Philippines’ present education system. Formally known as the K+12 Education Plan, this program’s main purpose is to help solve the Philippines’ problem of unemployment, keep up with global standards, and give Filipino students more time to choose the career that will best suit their developed skills. Adding another two years in the curriculum will not improve the country’s quality of education. It will not decrease the rising number of out-of-school-youth nor will it increase the country’s employment rate. For the common Filipino who’s got plenty of reasons to scrounge around for basic necessities, education is expensive. The government does not have enough money to provide for free education in public schools. In some poor teaching institutions, laboratories, libraries, and even toilets are considered as classrooms. Rooms have cracking ceilings and walls with their paint peeling off. High schools that specialize in the teaching of science lack laboratory tools which are most especially needed by the students. There is also a textbook shortage hence, parents are still required to buy their children their own textbooks which the government cannot provide. Another thing is that there is an inadequacy of qualified teachers in different schools all over the country. Enhancing the quality of teaching is a sure big step forward in making adequate, productive, and employable citizens who can help make our economy grow. If the Philippines’ basic education can be successfully be improved first, then the adding of two years in the curriculum can follow. But how can the government achieve its goal if resources are not available? What must be given attention, for now, is the real issue which is the cause of all these problems— corruption.


Editorial Staff S.Y. 2010-2011

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Iris Megan Dawn A. Arce ASSOCIATE EDITOR - Trisha Denise Q. Tamayo MANAGING EDITORS - Gem Rossé M. Alegre, Juli Anne Z. Darang NEWS EDITORS - Ares Audie Micco C. Coloma, Mark Dave M. Balmilero FEATURES EDITORS - Jessica Mae A. Navarro, Jannah Jaye C. Agustin SPORTS EDITOR - Mark Anthony M. Suniga CARTOONIST- Aivan Jericko C. Labuguen PHOTOJOURNALISTS - Arjay C. Alcantara, Denise Noelle S. Gonzales and Mikee Karen M. Andres CORRESPONDENTS - Glenn Dave D. Baltazar, Dorothy Eloise S. Modanza Jo Carle Jamaica B. Martillano, Christine Ann B. Quelbio Rowena Mhay D. Moneda, Vina I. Malabayabas, Zyril G. Erice Ma. Rhona Ysabel B. Daoang, Earp Jedaiah D. Dela Cruz, Jennina F. Pascual Jehiel Yikoh P. Cajigal, Ivan Timothy R. Sison, Jan Rei L. Sarabia Jhazmin Audrey L. Miguel, Ralph Chester D. Retamal Ma. Jerica Alexisse G. Ramirez, and Inna Christine R. Cabel BROADCASTERS - Denise Joshua A. Nacnac, Khyala Khamille R. Rafada James Gerald C. Dumbrique, Yna Joyce L. Albino Jason Alexander P. Alcid, Jeannie J. Villa and Myron C. de la Cruz Benjamin Hanson S. Juan, Marjorie R. Molina Carmenette M. Pacog, Mary Jane P. Pascual Advisers Adelyn C. Domingo, Weaver Consultant Isabel Sison-Sandi, Secondary School Principal IV

What is the better gender? There is a wide variety in both the male and female genders. Men and women have a lot of differences which cannot possibly be compared with each other. They are different in terms of physiological, emotional, mental, and psychological aspects.

They are physically weaker than men. In a family, the man is often the one who goes out in the morning and looks for his family's needs to bring home at the end of the day while the woman usually is the one who stays at home doing the household work.

- - - - - 000000 - - - - Men tend to be more interested in machinery, categorized structures, and being the most successful. They are physically stronger than women. Women tend to be more interested to relationships with other people and sharing their issues for common support.

- - - - - 000000 - - - - These differences suggest that the male and female genders play a very important role in the survival of both. Without men, women cannot survive. Without women, men cannot survive. - - - - - 000000 - - - - It can be understood that in

the nature of both genders, they complement each other. They are like two complementary angles that complement each other so they can form a right angle. - - - - - 000000 - - - - There is no argument on who’s more powerful or who’s weaker. The important thing is that both men and women are equal in terms of dignity, commitment, and their contribution to each other and to the improvement of the society. With that, equality can be achieved. - - - - - 000000 - - - - Till next issue. Merry Christmas fellow INNHSians!

Three-Dee Bear Progress or Plagiarism? Trisha Denise Q. Tamayo

Students, altogether now: D’OH! Due to the frenzied to-do lists mixed with the lazy and exhausted feeling by the end of the day, students detest assignments and take-home activities. And to make things easier, they rely mostly on the fastest way to get information, the internet. The internet brings students access to research sources as never before. Google it, copy then paste, and it’s done, you can sleep now. Leave out the boring and timeconsuming task of scanning books and magazines. Easy as it seems but you need to be aware that plagiarism is

punishable by law. According to Mr. Google, plagiarism is not only the mere copying of text, but also the presentation of another's ideas as one's own, regardless of the specific words or constructs used to express that idea. It is a form of cheating in the sense that you have not given any permission to the author or the website. Give acknowledgements and list your sources. Write down the name of the website and the name of the person who wrote the article so you can give credit to him since it is his work. Paraphrase. Instead of copying the full material, do paraphrasing. Read what you have researched

and jot down the important things, for these you will have a broader view about the topic. Then write whatever that comes into your mind without thinking that what you are writing is wrong. Read it again and edit what you have written. You will realize that you have produced an original work on the topic. Not only that but this way, you will progress on your reading and writing skills and creative thinking. There’s nothing more pleasurable than succeeding on something that you have worked hard for. Try once and you will find yourself doing it again and again.

Wall 2 Wall

Gem Rossé M. Alegre and Juli Anne Z. Darang

A little trick that doesn’t give a treat

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. In our own school, seven out of ten has a Facebook account, and having such account makes one really cool! This site doesn’t only help you in knowing or meeting new people but it also gives you entertainment. In this site you will have your freedom; shout outs will be posted; notes will be published; photos will be uploaded; links will be shared. In short, all your thoughts and all about you will be seen in public. There are twelve types of annoying Facebookers. We have the Let-Me-Tell-You-EveryDetail-of-My-Day Bore, The Promoter, The Friend Padder, The Town Crier, The TMIer, The Bad Grammarian, The Sympathy Baiter, The Lurker, The Crank,

The Paparazzo, The Maddening Obscurest and The Chronic Inviter. But there is this type of user who is the worst of them all. They steal photos, compare them with another and tag other people in them. And the worst part is that they are using languages that are not supposed to be used. So what should we call this type of Facebooker? Recently on Facebook, there was an account that was made by “Anya Garcia,” a stranger. She was shrouded with mystery; yet she was well up to date with the lives of others as if she was a stalker. She created not only a scandal worthy of a place in the tabloids but also created enemies. This issue has been one of the most controversial issues inside the school and even inside the web. It was on the Top News in

Facebook and many were involved here. She may think that this is a way to elevate her social status in Facebook. If this is her desperate attempt of fame, she chose the wrong path. By putting up a façade, she proves that she has insecurity issues. Perhaps she is a social recluse who finds a sanctuary in Facebook where she could bask in her illgotten fame, or maybe an insecure teenager envious of the beautiful people around her and formulating strategies to destroy the reputation of these people. Anya Garcia is not alone. There are a lot of psychotic people to get and destroy you. She has been a perfect example of these psychos. Therefore, it is best to watch out for this type of Facebooker.






PRONUNCIATION: Ilocanos (ee-lo-KAHN-ohs ) LOCATION: Philippines (Northern Luzon) POPULATION: 1.8 million LANGUAGE: Ilocano

Going Loco for Iloco

Bangui Windmills Bangui, Ilocos Norte

Compiled by: Ivan Timothy Sison, Mikee Karen M. Andres, Inna Christine R. Cabel, Ma. Jericca Alexisse G. Ramirez, Jhazmin Audrey L. Miguel, Ralph Chester Retamal and Jan Rei L. Sarabia Norway-to-Russia/Ilocanos.html

Famous Ilocanos Elpidio Quirino 6th President of the Philippines (1948–1953) Ferdinand Marcos 10th President of the Philippines (1965–1986) Jose Burgos Filipino priest during Spanish era, hero, martyr

Josefa Llanes Escoda

Women’s rights activist; founder of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines

Gregorio Aglipay Founder of the Aglipayan Church Fabian Ver former General and Chief of the AFP

(makes 4 servings)

INGREDIENTS •1/2 kilo assorted vegetables ( sitaw, sili, talong, ampalaya, pallang and okra ) •10 pcs sliced kamatis (tomatoes) •2 cloves garlic, lightly pounded •1 small ginger, lightly pounded •4 oz water •3 tbsps bugguong (fish sauce) •1/8 kilo chicharon, chopped into desired size •1/2 pork cube (optional) COOKING INSTRUCTION 1. Wash vegetables thoroughly, then slice ampalaya in halves and the sitaw and talong into 2-inch pieces. 2. Put everything, including chicharon, bugguong, water and seasoning inside the cooking pot. 3. Cook until it boils, then mix lightly. Wait for another 2 minutes and remove from heat.


supernatural beings, such as the katawtaw-an (the spirits of infants, who died unbaptized who in turn victimize newborns). The karkarma, the souls of living persons, leave the body at death but linger in the house until after the post-funerary offerings of food are made to the deceased; in the form of the scent of perfume, the odor of a burning candle, or a strange draft of wind. The al-alia, the spirit doubles of humans, appear at their human doubles’ death as the groaning of the dying, the cracking of glass, the rattling of beds, and the banging of doors, or in the form (at night) of a grunting pig, howling dog, or a crowing chicken. These signs remind the living to pray to God for the forgiveness of the deceased’s sins (otherwise, the al-alia may visit misfortunes upon them). SPORTS One unique Ilocano game is kudkudisi. A stick (the ananak ) is placed on a baseline scratched into the ground. One player makes the stick jump in the air; the other player tries to catch it before it hits the ground. If the latter cannot do so, a second, longer stick (the inina ) is laid across the baseline; the player then tries to hit it with the an-anak. The next two phases of the game involve competing to see who can hit the an-anak (which has been tossed in the air and stuck into the baseline, respectively) with the in-ina the farthest.

Ilocanos love eating with their hands, family members squat around, the food laid out on the floor or take food and eat in different parts of the main room. As food is regarded as a symbol of God’s grace, there should be no noise, laughing, singing, or harsh words (including parents scolding children) while eating is going on. Pinakbet is the most talked about Ilocano dish. It is an inexpensive savory vegetable dish. However, for the frugal Ilocano, it becomes a luxury when chicharon (bagnet),

another Ilocano specialty, is added to it. Authentic Ilocano pakbet is a mélange of eggplant, okra, sitaw, pallang, siling mahaba, kamatis, paria and bugguong. The last four ingredients give the stew its distinct piquant taste. The glamorized pinakbet with chicharon is reserved for special occasions. The pinakbet with chicharon and, sometimes, patani and tomato sauce or ketchup (instead of tomatoes) is a unique blend wonderful on the palate.

Pagsasao Ilocano Proverbs and Sayings

*Recipe courtesy of Miss Aprill Lyn Calantes Coloma.

Ti tao nga mannarita, awan ti ania nga magapuananna. A man who talks too much accomplishes little.


Ti napudpudno a gayyemmo, am-ammomto no addaka iti peligro. A true friend is known in time of need.

Ilocano Riddles

1. Uppat ti driverna, maysa ti pasaherona. 2. Dua ti kautem, maysa ti usokem. 3. Limada nga inbaonko, ngem maymaysa iti dimmanon. Idi agawiden, kubbon? 4. Ania ti aramid ti tao a magaw-atna la ngaruden, agtil-ay pay laeng?

Awan kas iti sursuro a sanikua, ta dayta awan makatakaw kenka. Knowledge is wealth that can't be stolen. Ti kamatis, di agbunga ti mangga. The tomato plant doesn't grow mangoes. (A good person doesn't come from a bad family.) Awan libeg a di aglitnaw. There is no muddy water that doesn't clear. (One can always change one's ways.)



Ang-angaw lang TAO ITI UNEG TI RADIO

5. Lasag ti nangipit, lasag ti naipit, agpugsipugsit 6. Tudok-tudok, sirip-sirip, silamutam bassit. 7. Ania ti maaramid iti rabii a saanmo a maaramid iti aldaw?

From Carl Rubino's Ilocano Dictionary and Phrasebook (New York: Hippocrene Books, 1998)

When the Spanish first encountered them in 1572, the inhabitants of Ilocos (then called "Samtoy") were living in large villages at sheltered coves or rivermouths and were trading with the Chinese and Japanese. Although massive churches in a distinctive style give evidence of Spanish-Ilocano collaboration, the colonial period was marked by frequent revolts; the most famous MARCOS of these was that led by Diego and Gabriela Silang during the British occupation of Manila in 1762– 63. Ilocanos were prominent in the nationalist movement, and many rose to high office in the central government. The greatest of these Ilocano "success stories" (as far as it went) was President Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled from 1965 to 1986. FOLKLORE According to one Ilocano origin myth, a giant named Aran built the sky and hung the sun, moon, and stars in it. Under their light, Aran’s companion, the giant Angalo, could see the land, which he then molded into mountains and valleys. The giants found the world they had created windswept and desolate. Angalo spat on the earth, and from his spit emerged the first man and woman. He placed them in a bamboo tube that he tossed into the sea. The bamboo washed up on the shore of the Ilocos region, and from this couple came the Ilocano people. Like other Filipinos, Ilocanos recognize an array of

Pinakbet ken Chicharon Recipe



8. Isukit, ikur-it samonto isultip. 9. Dua a tubongtubong, napno’t dagumdagum. SUNGBAT:1. LUNGON 2. AGBADO 3. AGIDUGGONG 4. AGILO 5. AGIPANGRES 6. AGIYUBON ITI DAGUM 7. AGPUYAT 8. AGSIDA ITI BUKASIT 9. AGONG

Ilocano 101




TITSER: Class, daytoy ti assignmentyo: Apay nga adda tao nga agsasao iti uneg ti radio? (Idi makasangpet ni Edison iti balayda, winarwarna a sigud ti radioda banag a nagsiddaawan ni Baldo nga amana.) BALDO: Edison! Apay a warwaraem metten ta radio? EDISON: Kitaek laeng no adda pay iti unegna, Tang. Assignment mi ngamin idiay eskuelaan! BALDO: Mauyong! Kasano a makitam nga adda tao idta unegna ket no awan met bateryana!






Quest of the

Three Little Trees

“...we should not take this game seriously. It should not intrude the the formative years and be our priority...”

The Rise of a Mutual Diversion: Defense of the Ancients


by Jannah Jaye C. Agustin Heroes are everywhere. Ever since history has replenished the minds of the present scenery, heroes emerged, even in contemporary. Even the youth of today have found themselves their own heroes into matters of leisure time and enjoyment. Within these situations, they have not been realizing that their so-called “heroes” are only saving them from their own personal bore and loneliness into a portal to a hell-like world where war is an everyday occurrence. They are fullyarmored into their own imaginings carrying the defense of the ancients. One of the hobbies of teenagers in their spare time is frolicking with the latest computer game called Defense of the Ancients (commonly called DotA). This computer game is a custom scenario for the real-time strategy video game, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and its expansion, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The objective for this scenario is for each team to destroy each opponent’s Ancients, heavily guarded structures at opposing corners of the map. Players use powerful units, known as heroes, and are assisted by allied heroes and Al (Artificial Intelligence)-controlled fighters, called, “Creeps.” As in role-playing games, players level-up their heroes and use gold to buy equipment during the mission. Since this diversion has already been a part

of every youngster’s verve, sometimes this game may distract them from the real world. Like Miranda, they would sometimes leap to get away from tomfooleries of their own misdemeanor. Like the Vengeful Spirit, they would sometimes easily command their support system in doing different things, having the command aura ability. Sometimes, they easily wane in some situations because of a sudden alibi of some catastrophe, like Drow Ranger, having the ability of silence. In many studying rooms, DotA is one of the most vulgarly matter. Though chaps and blokes unexceptionally reside in engaging themselves in DotA, every so often, we can’t help but deem the possible drawbacks that would make them interfere in most certain and important things. Teenagers and kids are currently restricting themselves in going to school or at home early, and spending their allowances in going to computer shops rather than using them for emergency expenses. Facts also show that teenagers usually find their way to social clans, gangs, and fraternities, in merely just entering computer shops. This game is mostly analogous to what existence is apropos to, but sometimes, we should take the advantages, and even the disadvantages of entities like these. Therefore, we should not take this game seriously. It should not intrude the formative years and be our priority rather than achieving our aspirations in life.

Ni Hao:


by Denise Joshua A. Nacnac

I never knew that viewing the world outside your comfort zone would be this magical. As I was packing my luggage, I told myself: “This is it!” I’ve been waiting for this day since Mrs. Marlyn Ventura told me that I am going to China for the Laoag-Laibin Student Exchange Program. At first, my parents didn’t allow me to join due to financial constraints, but they realized that this program will surely enhance my social skills. When we reached the Ninoy Aquino Int’l Airport, we were as excited as a bee that saw a flower ready for pollination. We have endured 11 hours of travel from Manila to Guangzhou Province, City of Laibin. After the long trip, we felt exhausted. But, as we glimpsed through the bus window, we saw the Laibin Minority School students, teachers and headmasters welcoming us with their hearts’ content. The exhaustion and weariness vanished. We were like celebrities…paparazzis were everywhere. I never expected such hospitality from them. On that day, we met our foster sisters and brothers, and went

straight to their house to rest. On the way to the house, I felt mixed emotions. I couldn’t explain what they were. My head was throbbing and my heart was pounding: “I need my Pinoy friends!” Yes. I needed a Filipino companion so as not to feel homesick. At MoAiFeng’s house (my foster sister) I found myself crying. “I can’t stand this anymore,” I told myself. She noticed the tears and she asked me what’s wrong. I told her it was nothing because I don’t want her to be disappointed. At that moment, I wanted to return to the Philippines. That night, we went to a five-star hotel Yuda International Hotel. It was huge and incredible. We had our dinner and simple gettogether. At last! I saw my Ilocanospeaking friends! I felt relieved. We ate “meiwei” Chinese cuisines. After that night, days pushed by. We visited six Middle Schools and one College University including one vocational school where we found hi-tech facilities. I never thought for a second, that the world outside ‘tinubuang lupa’ would be this adventurous.

We discovered places as wonderful as Alice’s world of wonderland. We had the chance to see magnificent scenic spots in Guillin, like the Elephant Hill, the seven-star scenic place to mention a few. Guillin is blessed with treasures and we were very lucky to see its beauty. We also visited the Xincheng County where t h e Liouzhou

University is located. Liouzhou’s headmaster even granted us scholarships. We were most honored. We also went to Heshan—a City of Light like Laoag. We had so much fun at Heshan, an amazing place with nice people.

by Ares Audie Micco C. Coloma “Kuya Audie!” That uttered diminutive phrase made me jerk for a moment. I have to stop reading a novel and approached my nephew, whom I need to tend to. He is still awake and has a bothered look. “Why are you still awake Nuel? Anything I can do?” I asked. He yawned sluggishly and said that he wants me to read to him a story book. Huh?! This is crazy! My aunt won’t raise my allowance for reading Nuel a story but I have to come up with a story so that I would be back doing my stuff. “Okay, let’s go then to your room and I will tell you a story!” I said enthusiastically. The story of the Three Little Trees is what I remembered. I had told this story to my younger brother and some of my cousins just for the sake of killing time and boredom. The story starts when a traveler dropped three seeds on purpose and these three seeds had grown into tree saplings. One day, they were talking about their dreams. The first tree wants to be a container of precious gold, glistening gems and costly diamonds. The second tree’s dream is to be the strongest ship so he could ferry kings when they will be travelling at mighty seas; the third tree‘s aspiration is to live at the top of the mountain that whenever people would look at it, they would remember God. Years had passed…these little trees grew tall and became the target of the woodcutter’s eye. The first tree was upset when the carpenter turned him into food pun net for farm animals. His dream of becoming a treasure box turned into becoming a feeding box. The second tree was dismayed because his wooden strength was not enough to turn him into a ship but he was created as a fisherman’s boat to carry dead and stinking fish. The third was confused, he was left at a lumber shop and they haven’t yet decided what they will do with it. Poor trees, these circumstances had made them asked the same question, “What happened?” Time passed and the three trees forgot about their dreams. One evening, a shimmering starlight swarmed over the first tree and a young woman placed her newborn baby in the feed box. “This manger is beautiful,” she said and the tree thought that he held the most precious treasure in the whole world. One night, a Man together with his devotee travelled in the stormy sea with the second tree. The tree was afraid because his weakness could be a great threat to his passengers but the Man stood up from his sleep and calmed the sea and the sky. And suddenly he knew that he was carrying the King of heaven and earth. One Friday morning, the third tree was astonished when his beam was pulled from a forgotten pile of planks. He was carried through a fuming mob and then soldiers nailed the hands and the feet of a Man. He felt dreadful for the Man; it was callous and bitter. But when the sun of the Sunday morning had shown up, the earth had shuddered with joy beneath him, the third tree knew that God’s love had changed everything. It had made the first tree valuable, the second strong, and every time they would look up at the third one, they would think of God for the reason that the third tree had turned into a cross on which hung the Redeemer of the world. The sudden ring of my phone had snapped me from my reverie, I had told the story to Nuel and he was now fast asleep. But I was still staring at the wall thinking of the lessons from the three trees. Like the three trees, we feel down whenever we are tasked to do a work that is not of our liking. Sometimes we feel bad and rebellious. But if we will give our best, God will always be delighted by the love and dedication that we exert in whatever task we are to fulfill. We had the chance to watch the dancing fountain at Heshan City. It was marvelous! Our friendship with the Mandarin people grew after days of living together. Even our closeness with my Pinoy friends became stronger. We had bonding moments at their “supermarkets” even though we had hard time communicating with them. When everyone bid farewell to us, it was dificult to see those sobbing faces waving goodbye to us. I thought I was going to explode into tears. I will surely miss them

especially the unique scenery of China and my friends. China to me was my home away from home. I know that I will never learn how to read and write and understand Chinese but I’m sure I already have in my mind the essence of China. They respect their tradition very much. They are willing to learn about the Philippines too. They admit that their English is poor. Chinese are realistic and very artistic. If I have the chance to visit China again, I will bring my whole family so that they can also experience how it is to be there. I’m very thankful that God gave me that opportunity. Oh China! You are badly missed!






“Pitcher” Entry to the 1st World Teachers’ Day Essay Writing competition

by Alana M. Sambrano

Superman saves humanity; Batman fights for the right; Robin helps the needy; Wonder Woman conquers the unlawful Lam-ang struggled for justice; Beowulf rescued the living. Andres Bonifacio battled for independence; Gabriela Silang campaigned for liberty. I thought these were just tales in the books or from my mom’s bedtime stories. But I was only three years old then, when I had seen and felt the existence of these superb personalities with heroic deeds rolled into one great womanmy teacher. It all started when I first entered Tots Children Center, Laoag City in June 1999 – my first time to set my foot in a school. Here, I met children from two to four years old. My charm had bewitched them to like me, there, I gained a lot of friends. But my eyes were stuck to the enchanting smile of this tall, dark, yet pretty woman. She nipped my cheeks, told me that I was cute, and asked my name. I remembered what my mom always told me -“Don’t talk to strangers.” I was scared so I just closed my eyes and covered my face with my palms. She tickled my armpit, so I laughed as she lifted me on a chair and gave me a small pack of chocolate pretzels. Who was this woman? Until I heard Dominique, my classmate called her “Pitcher.” I dropped my favorite hello kitty pencil which rolled under the tables and chairs. I was helpless to get it back. Yet, Pitcher crawled on her knees and elbows to look for it. And she made it. I fell asleep in the middle of a discussion. Everybody laughed. Yet, Pitcher pressed my shoulders and whispered “pretzels” into my ears just to wake me up. And she made it. I spilled my chocolate drinks on the floor. All my schoolmates looked at me with displeasing smiles. Yet, Pitcher asked anyone who could help me clean the mess would have three big stars. And she made it. Pitcher taught us advanced lessons on how to count tokens, read syllables, draw a garden, and write our names. And we made it. Pitcher rehearsed us to sing “Silent Night” in a school level choral competition. And we made it. Pitcher trained us how to clean the room, wash the dishes, and arrange things up for the “Search for the Cleanest Classroom.” And we made it. Pitcher had never ever left us rain or shine until our nannies would pick us up. And

while waiting, she gave us graphics to color. And we made it. Most of all, Pitcher taught us the spelling of a teacher, meaning, and examples. There, I learned that the word Pitcher should be teacher- T-E-A-CH-E-R, one who teaches us in school and plays the role of a second parent in order to make us a better person, like Ms. Edna Baltazar. Teacher Edna had touched our hearts and inspired each one of us to learn, accept and appreciate things around. She saved me from shame. She made us feel great. Hence, she was a hero. Not until the end of the school year 2000, I have not heard anything about her. As I was about to end this write up, I started to miss her. I dropped my pen and asked my mom if she had still remembered Teacher Edna. Where is she? How is she? Nine years ago, mom overheard a news that involved Teacher Edna. She was riding in a bus when it collided strongly with another car. She was one of the passengers who were thrown out of the windows. Her head was crashed severely and she died on the spot. It should not be that way. I needed to talk to her. I must. mom and I went to their house along Fonacier Street, Barangay #14 Laoag City. I could still remember because we dropped her twice after rehearsals before. A certain Mrs. Margarita Agnir, seventy-year-old woman, family friend and care taker of the Baltazar’s properties, confirmed that Teacher Edna died in 2001. The family has migrated to US since then. We rushed to Laoag City Floral Garden. I wept and I cried so hard as I read:

I gathered my strength to say “Thank you” which I haven’t said even once before. And I murmured, “I miss you, Pitcher.”


Probably for my fellow Kapuso’s, Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown is a very relaxing and entertaining show to watch. Unlike other TV shows it is in some way mind boggling and you can’t really predict or know what will happen in the end or who will win the game. As for the people who do not know this reality showit is an island setting game where celebrities are fighting for the three million pesos cash prize. Celebrities like fashion designer Solenn Heussaff, pretty mom Aubrey Miles, cute guy, Akihiro Sato and big man Jon Hall are some of the brave well known personalities who accepted the challenge. In the island the castaways, as what they are called are divided into three tribes. These tribes go against other tribes to over power in physically, emotionally and stressing games. Whenever a

castaway wins a challenge, he gets an immunity bracelet that makes him stay in the game. As for the losing tribe they need to attend the tribal council wherein the

members will vote out a team

mate. One of the castaways whom I thought would have the edge to win is Jon Hall. He is the strongest and the biggest man in the island. Prior to joining I knew he was geared up and equipped for the whole 40 days in the island. But to my surprise, he surrendered his immunity bracelet for Michelle, left and was voted out just after


by Jessica Mae A. Navarro

the much awaited merge. I somehow felt dismayed even though Solenn is my bet because if you’ll look at Jon he is the most deserving castaway when it comes to physical challenges. He’s smart, tall, and strong and he was the one leading his tribe in winning challenges. So I didn’t expect him to leave the game early. His exclusion is somehow because of lack of alliance. Since the castaways knew that he and Michelle are a couple, they didn’t like to make alliances with them. I guess in games like this your physical strength is not enough. You have to make a strong alliance for you to make it in the top five. Make alliances but at the end you still need to be selfish and dump you friend for the money you are fighting for. How interesting! A few more days and I bet, Akihiro will be proclaimed as the Celebrity Sole Survivor. Like what the castaways always say, let the game be nasty. Play dirty and remember it’s a game; there will always be a winner and a loser.

by Jessica Mae A. Navarro

In our science subject, we often tackle about climate change. We are somehow exposed to the fact that it is something to be terrified of. For teenagers today, watching documentaries are not likely on their list. They prefer Twilight, Glee and even soap operas. But for me, documentaries are a big help to motivate us to save the earth. Thanks to SIGNOS. Signos is the Philippine television’s first full-length documentary on what is considered the most pressing environmental issue today - the world’s changing climate as a result of decades of unchecked human activity. It aims to bring the concept closer to home through a nation-wide investigation of the manifestations of climate change. The perception of Signos is plain. Seeing that global warming is universally present, the team composed of the most brilliant scientists of today travelled to various parts of the Philippines and to the world to illustrate what global warming is currently doing. The most prominent reporters from the Kapuso station ventured into a quest of discovering the real environmental condition of our country. 1. In El Nido,Palawan, coral bleaching is turning out to be the only key for Palawenos to convey the corals back in the sea. 2. Glaciers all over the world are melting. 3. Sea levels arise more than to what is anticipated. 4. We experience drought and famine in some places. 5. Hurricanes are experienced even during summer. 6. Little by little endangered species are disappearing. 7. In Baguio the temperature is not as cold as what it was 5 years ago. 8. We experience severe hotness even if “ ber” months are here. 9. In La Union, reporters discovered that a town is just half of its original size due to landslides. These are but some of the things that scientists discovered. Global warming is really affecting our lives and the lives of the next generations if it will not be prevented. Signos, hosted by the ever-handsome Richard Gutierrez, will surely spice up your love for Mother Earth. It will not only give you hints on how to prevent climate change but will also enable you to save the earth. Try watching it sometime.



Seniors crowned ‘10 Mr. and Ms. INNHS Palaro

Senior bets Edison Justin B. Deus and Ma. Kathrina M. Balisbisana were crowned Mr. And Ms. INNHS Palaro 2010 defeating more than 25 other hopefuls at a glamorous ceremony in INNHS Quadrangle, Oct. 6. As the final duty in her reign, Miss INNHS Palaro 2009 Lucky Fate Aguinaldo turnedover her crown to her successor as the new Miss INNHS Palaro 2010. Taking up her deserved position on the throne, Miss INNHS Palaro 2010 was joined by Mr. INNHS Palaro 2010 Edison Justin B. Deus. Joining the new set of beauty and brains are first runners-up Aivan Jericko C. Labuguen and Praise Yra Majesty Raña, second runners-up Vince Placido and Anicka Castro, third runners -up Glenn Abara and Pamela Gay Ablao, and fourth runnersup Jose Pascual and Jazzie Vergara. Balisbisana and Deus were almost lost for words at the excitement and emotion of the moment. “I feel blessed because God gave me the beauty and the brains,” she said. “I feel happy because the moment is given for the seniors and I feel so blessed because not everybody can experience that moment where everybody will stand for you, cheer for you and clap for you,” he said. by Gem Rossé M. Alegre

INNHS dominate YMCA fest

With a meager time to plan and prepare, team INNHS still emerged victors in the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Academic Olympics held on November 6-7. Myron de la Cruz won the gold medal in the vocal solo, along with Michelle Pascual in their duet contest entry. Sheena Lhea Garma bagged the gold medal in the piano and the organ contests; INNHS dance team headed by Glenn Abara placed first; Aivan Jericko Labuguen placed first in the On-the-spot drawing contest; Mayrose Bibit ranked second in the Bible Quiz and Mark Dave Balmilero placed second in the Essay writing. INNHS team landed overall champion. Mrs. Maybelline Sta. Maria, Sheena’s piano coach expressed her contentment for Sheena’s performance and victor in piano playing. Meanwhile, INNHS dance team landed third place in the regional finals held on November 19-21 at Baguio City. “Our students and as well as our teachers have every reason to be proud for the great show of excellence in the field of arts. I am very proud to be a teacher here at INNHS, for it caters to creative and artistic students,” said INNHS YMCA adviser Mr. Joffrey dela Cruz. by Jo Carle Jamaica B. Martillano




INNHS orators win big

WEAVER NEWS NETWORK, CHECK!: Radio Broadcaster “wannabes” perform during the Seminar and Workshop and Screening for the Weaver News Network broadcasting team.

Ilocanos are born local, but act global- SBM Marcos II

Senior Board Member (SBM), Hon. Mariano “Nonong” Marcos II of Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Ilocos Norte highlights that Ilocanos are born locally but act globally in his very first visit at the Ilocos Norte National High School as Guest Speaker during the culminating program of the 2010 English Festival, Oct. 1. Marcos underscored the use of English language,” OIC, of II-Darwin garnered 3rd influence of the Ilocano character English Club (E-Club) Jeannie place in Declamation; Sheila Arquillo of III-Jasper, Cindy towards nation building. He also J. Villa said in an interview. Morgado, Stefanie Barbra The E-Club launched urged the students and teachers Javier and Jessica Pastor of activities like E-buy, where to continue to become proficient IV-SSC-Einstein grabbed 3rd students could buy used books, in the use of the English language for global competency clothes and school materials at a place in Quiz Bee; Eurich Klein cheaper price; and the Seminar- C. Aurelio of I-Galileo bagged and progress. Asked about the activities Workshop and Screening for 3rd place in Spelling Bee in the held during the culminating the Scriptwriting and Radio Division English Olympics, Oct. activity, Marcos expressed Broadcasting. DWFB Manager, 11. Public and private schools admiration for the students’ Mrs. Celestina Paz judged the of the Division of Laoag City would-be journalists for the skills in declamation, public attended the said event. INCAT 2010 Division Schools Press speaking, and dramatic skills was proclaimed over-all champion Conference. staged in the “A Journey Around while INNHS and Mariano Meanwhile, Dorothy Eloise the World through Music & Marcos State UniversityModanza of IV-SPA won 1st Literature” presentations. LHS placed 1st runners-up. place in the Smart Talk; Ma. “His ideas have been an University-LHS inspiration to me. Through him, Kristina Cassandra Smale of Northwestern and Saviour’s Christian Academy III-SSC-Rutherford bagged I have come to better appreciate came out as 2nd runners-up. 3rd place in the Essay Writing the Iloco language as a means to by Mark Dave M. Balmilero enhance my proficiency in the Contest; Denise Joshua Nacnac

RAISE THE ROOF!: IV-SPA team performs their winning Math-Saya (Jingle Making and Singing) piece with gusto, during the culminating program of the 2010 Mathematics Festival.

3 SSC studes top MESA tilt

Special Science Class (SSC) IV-Einstein students proved their supremacy in Science and Mathematics when Jenah Camille Santos, Geryll Anthony Agno and Jessica Mae Pastor emerged as champion in the Science Quiz Category in the Math, Engineering, Science and Architecture (MESA) Olympiad held at Divine Word College of Laoag (DWCL) Gymnasium, September 18. Christian Dane Taguicana and Cindy Morgado garnered second in the Tagisan ng Talino sa Matematika. Also ending up in the second place are Rosario Albano III and Jasper Bonnao in the Bridge Design Competition while Reina Vica Formoso and Trisha Denise Tamayo ranked fourth in the same competition. “The MESA Olympiad is a great tool for our students in

becoming tomorrow’s nationbuilders,” said Mathematics Department Head Mrs. Marlyn Ventura in an interview. The 2010 MESA Olympiad is a day-long celebration of series of events which aims to continuously promote academic excellence, professional growth and social awareness of each participant through different activities. INNHS bagged the second

place in the overall ranking under the supervision of the Mathematics Head Teacher III, Mrs. Marlyn Ventura together with Mr. Audie G. Coloma, Mr. Jonathan G. Pedro and Mr. Roy V. Matias as trainers. The DWCL Schools of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) and the School of the Arts and Science sponsored the MESA Olympiad. by Ares Audie C. Coloma

INNHS veteran orators, Jason Alcid and Yna Joyce Albino emerged as champions in separate competitions. Alcid garnered first prize among nine competing secondary students in the first Find a Picture-Tell a Story contest sponsored by the Marcos Family in cooperation with the Laoag City Government held at Laoag City Auditorium, Sept.9. Alcid impressed the juries with his powerful voice and extraordinary techniques in story telling based from a picture of President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos (PFEM). Alcid was invited by Senator Bongbong Marcos to perform his piece during the launcheon held in celebration of PFEM’s 93rd birthday anniversary, Sept. 11, Batac City. Albino represented the Laoag City Division in the 3rd National Oratorical Contest Regional level eliminations held at the Regional Education Learning Center (RELC) La Union, September 15. Albino landed 1st runnerup among 13 competitors. The competition was in celebration of the National Statistics Month themed “Towards a Philippine Statistics System Responsive to Emerging National and Global Challenges.” “Jason and Yna always listen during trainings. Through their discipline and talent, they bring laurels to INNHS,” Dr. Veronica Guerrero, orators’ coach, disclosed in an interview. by Jeannie J. Villa

Weaver editors are INNHS’ best

Mark Dave M. Balmilero, Weaver news editor bagged the first place while Trisha Denise Q. Tamayo, Weaver associate editor placed third in the school elimination of the 77th National Aboitiz Power’s Essay Writing Contest with the theme, “I Hold the Future: Preserving the Philippine Biodiversity,” Nov. 8. Dr. Veronica Guerrero with Mrs. Luzviminda Sagario spearheaded the school elimination at the main library. Interested students from the different programs and year levels participated in the event. The competition was sponsored by Hedcor Inc. which is the largest developer of run-of-river plants in the Philippines. Having fifteen hydropower facilities in the provinces of Benguet and Davao with a total capacity of 38.2 megawatts, they are known for three things: being the country’s leading hydropower developer; being environment friendly for producing only clean and renewable energy; and being the community’s partner of choice. Edison Justin B. Deus of Ang Manghahabi also ranked second. The winners will represent the school in the national competition level. by Juli Anne Z. Darang





World Teachers’ Day

Mentors take a break

Tuesday, October 5, at the sound of school bells, brought a big gathering at the Laoag City Basketball Court as teachers from public and private schools all over Laoag City took a break from blackboard duty to give way to the World Teachers' Day Celebration with the theme “My Teacher, My Hero.” Teachers reminisced their younger years and revived the Ilocano traditional games as they happily participated in the “Kadang-Kadang,” “Maria went to town” “Paint Me a Clown” “Eggplant and Calamansi Relays” and many other parlor games. INNHS clutched the championship award. The mentors were awarded certificates of recognition for their accomplishments and achievements in the field. Laoag City Schools Division Superintendent Miss Araceli Pastor expressed her admiration to the teachers in their commitment to their profession during her speech in the closing ceremonies of the program. The day was more memorable then when the Association of Barangay Council President Hon. Chevylle Fariñas celebrated her birthday with the educators. Hon. Fariñas conveyed her gratitude and credit to the teachers’ labors and sacrifices for the betterment of their students. by Denise Joshua A. Nacnac and Jannah Jaye C. Agustin

1st INNHS YES Camp

YES-O always on the go INNHS YES-O Officers conducted its first ever Youth for Environment in Schools (YES) Camp last, October 15 at the school’s Gabaldon Building with the theme “Sagipin ang Kalikasan, Sagipin ang Buhay.” Plenary Sessions were held at the Quadrangle with the YES-O Officers as the speakers. The topics discussed were; Leadership Personality, Green Wave: International Year of Biodiversity, Team Building, Environmental Leadership, Generation Y, Group Congregation and Environmental Planning Chair, The Youth Hope for the Environment, Going Green and Low Carbon Style and Climate Change/Disaster Preparedness. After arduous lectures, the campers had a break and played the Laro ng Lahi. Everybody was also energized as they cheered for their bets in the Search for Ms. Lakanbini (a combination of Lakan and Binibini). “The YES-O camp has improved my confidence,” said Dave Agno, one of the campers. Finally the campers marched on to Barangay Vira, Laoag City for the camp’s Nature Walk. Mr. Paulo Tunac, the YES-O Adviser, Mrs. Isabel SisonSandi, the YES-O Consultant, together with the YES-O Officers spearheaded the camp. by Trisha Denise Q. Tamayo

SMILES FOR MOTHER EARTH: Participants of the National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers gather for a souvenir photo. Participants promised to be ambassadors of Mother Earth.

6,000 leaders rally at Teachers Camp

BAGUIO CITY –Attended by 5,428 high school student leaders of Supreme Student Government (SSG) of different public and private schools and about 1,000 educators nationwide, student leaders of INNHS joined once again the National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers (NLTSGO) at the Teachers Camp, September 3-8. This undertaking was a Student leaders actively President Christine de Rosas project of the Department of participated in the plenary conveyed to the Weaver the Education's Center for Students sessions, panel discussions, valuable lessons she has gained and Co-curricular Activities breakout sessions guested by from the leadership training. (DepEd-CSCA), in partnership excellent lecturers from the “Before you can be a good with the Master's Lighthouse government, showbusiness, and leader, you must first be a Foundation and Ateneo Student private organizations. Among good follower. I am so thankful Trainers, with the theme these were Anthony Pangilinan, to have been a part of the “Teamwork Makes The Dream Diether Ocampo, Dingdong NLTSGO. I have experienced a Work.” Dantes, Gary Valenciano lot of challenging things which The undertaking got more and his sons Paolo and Gab, made me a good leader. These interesting when Philippine Rivermaya, Sam Concepcion encouraged me to help other Vice President Jejomar Binay and some grand champions of people make better persons graced the opening program, "Are You the Next Big Star?" out of themselves," stressed de giving leadership insights and fame. Rosas. strategies. Meanwhile, INNHS SSG by Iris Megan Dawn A. Arce

Norte High joins ‘Doon Po Sa Amin’ contest

Norte High joins the nationwide "Doon Po Sa Amin" contest sponsored by the Smart Schools Program, Smart Communications Company and the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP). Doon Po Sa Amin (DPSA) online network of educators Specifically, it aims to is a project initiated by and learners who are highly provide teachers with internet Smart Communications Inc. capable of generating rich local access through PLDT groups’ (Smart) under its corporate content for the promotion and wide range of communications social responsibility program development of communities. solutions, access to online Its mission is to create a content and teacher training. Kabalikat, and it aims at encouraging teachers and nationwide online community Norte High has one DPSA students to use computer network of basic education school team. The team focussed and Internet technologies to practitioners truly enabled to on the study entitled “The generate web-based information develop lifelong learning among Revival of the Ilocano Sarswela and educational materials about students and the community. in the Modern Times,” with The Smart Schools Program Mrs. Maybelline B. Sta. Maria their respective communities. The project is in line with is a community service initiative and Mrs. Juna C. Agustin as Smart’s thrust to promote of Smart Communications Inc. coaches. information and communications that promotes ICT in basic Deadline for the completion technology (ICT) integration in education through partnership of entries is on Nov. 10, and with public high schools, its the final judging will be on Dec. basic education. Its goal is to be the officials and Parents Teachers 6-10. by Ma. Rhona Ysabel B. Daoang leading catalyst in building an Community Associations. YES-O LIGHT: Participants (inset) of the YES-O Camp laid down candles forming the word “YES-O” at the INNHS Centennial Park as one of their activities during the school level YES-O Camp, October 15-17.


E-Club hosts Halloween gig

Geared to haunt and entertain INNHSians after the mind-boggling second periodical examinations, E-Club officers hosted the first ever preHalloween party at the INNHS Centennial Park, October 22. E-Club President Myron C. dela Cruz led his fellow officers in visiting classrooms and offices in the campus going “Trickor-Treat” at the same time inviting INNHSians to attend the program after the periodical examinations. “I enjoyed the students’ reactions when we entered their room. Most of them were happy and some freaked out when they saw us in Halloween costumes. They gave us plenty of candies for our “Trick-or-Treat” game,” said Kevin Acer Riton in an interview. The club also hired an acoustic band and propped up food stalls during the party. Prizes were given to winners in the different games. Team Teachers composed of Mr. Shelwyn Felipe, Mr. George Alonzo and Mr. Benjamin Hanson Juan defeated 5 other teams of students in the Mummy Making contest. Irwin Abara, IV- SPA Bukaneg student, said that the party was enjoyable and he hopes for more upcoming parties. He also congratulated the E-Club for a job well done. “It was our aim to increase students’ and teachers’ awareness about the significance of the Halloween in the lives of people as well as the different tradition involved in the said occasion,” said Ms. Mary Jane Pascual, E-Club adviser. by Myron C. Dela Cruz

Fatima Faye Tolentino (right) poses with Mrs. Isabel SisonSandi, INNHS Principal IV.

Tolentino holds Ms. RCY ‘10 crown INNHS proved once again that it is indeed a haven of beauty and brains as Fatima Faye Tolentino of III- SPA was crowned Ms. Red Cross Youth (RCY) 2010 at the Centennial Arena, October 6. Tolentino immediately started her responsibility as the new Miss RCY as she actively spearheaded the different activities of the Red Cross Youth especially in the advocacy of HIV prevention and also in the preservation of the natural resources. Aside from the crown, Tolentino was also awarded as Best Performer in the Production Number, Best in Production Outfit, People’s Choice Award, and Best in Poise, during the pre-pageant last October 1, at the City Auditorium. by Ma. Rhona Ysabel B. Daoang






Heart of a true conqueror

Who would have thought that a poor bakery boy from a small spot in General Santos City with only his spirit and fists, will rule the roost and prove that faith in God, perseverance, and incredible determination, really compensate? In an opportune time when the Filipino people desperately needed a hero who will hoist the Filipino bright and striking amid crisis, Manny Pacquiao found himself in a place where legends are truly made of. His remarkably great feat as a pound-for-pound champ, polished through the years, captured the hearts of not just Filipinos but foreign fans as well. There have been many Filipino boxers before Pacquiao, and most had bouts of “celebrity days,” as they became richer and more prominent. However, in the middle of high spirits, most have gone back to where they started --- poverty-stricken. Their middle-of-the-road success stories became mere figments of history. Pacquiao, on the other hand has led his differently for he has that undeniable charm for the masses coupled with his barefaced love for his family. He has loaned the title “people of the masses” from former Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay for his appeal and laid-back personality made him connected to the people, especially the commoners. Pacquiao never fails to thank the Filipino people and never ceases to inspire them. In one interview he said, “Napakaswerte nating mga Pilipino. Itong karangalan na ito hindi para sa pamilya ko at sa aking sarili kundi para sa ating lahat na Pilipino. Saan mang sulok ng mundo tayo mapunta ay karangalan nating lahat ito. Maraming salamat lalung-lalo na sa Mahal na Panginoon.” It is also a fact that crime and accident rates come to a temporary halt during his fights. He unites the rich and the poor, the politicians and the common people, the good and the bad. Truly, Pacquiao embodies the spirit of a true Filipino. When he hits the ring, he is best recognized as the fighter who faces the viewers with playful smiles before and after the fights, manifesting the basic personality of bubbly Pinoys. He starts and ends his fights with his signature sign of the cross. He fights for the Filipino people and self-assuredly speaks his mind without the aid of any interpreter. He’s being so natural and truthful make the press and the whole world love him. And now, he has valiantly proven that everything is possible when one is willed when he became Congressman of Saranggani during May elections. There is perhaps, no other greater fighter in the sports arena today who exemplifies the unique blend of thrill and heart of a true conqueror as much as the man they call “Pacman.”



BASKETBALL OR DANCE?: Cagers move like hip-hop dancers in their basketball game during the Blue Lions and Flaming Phoenix rubber match game.

Flaming Phoenix burns out


After a decade of sports supremacy, Juniors “Flaming Phoenix” land up fourth place scoring 131 points behind Freshies “Raging Jaguars,” 151 points making it the biggest upset in the overall ranking of the 2010 INHHS Palaro held at Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Memorial Stadium, Oct. 6-8. Flaming Phoenix’s failure to stay on top rank is due to lack of players in Table Tennis, Sepak Takraw, and Chess. “We did our best to scout for the best players to represent our team. But our best was not good enough!” Flaming Phoenix Governor Katherine Castillio disclosed in an interview. Seniors “Blue Lions” secured the Palaro crown after pocketing 261 points setting the lead against opponents in Badminton, Basketball, Softball, Sepak Takraw, and Volleyball. Sophies’ “Fiery Dragons” domination on Baseball, Chess Boys and Soccer made them jump on the score board from rank four to rank two scoring 200 points

ahead of Raging Jaguars leaving behind Caoacan “Seagulls” and ASC “Tamaraws” teams with 50 points and 41 points respectively. “Like the legendary phoenix, the Juniors will reborn itself from their downfall come 2011 INNHS Palaro,” Mr. Shelwyn Felipe, Juniors Class Organization adviser said in an interview. Meanwhile, INNHS quadrangle roared like unstoppable thunder during the grandiose Search for Mr. and Miss Palaro 2010 and HipHop Dance competition as opening activities of the Palaro. Guest of Honor and Speaker Attorney Kristian R. Ablan, Member, PRC Board of Directors, Laoag City-Ilocos Norte Chapter challenged students to continue

involving themselves in worthwhile and educational undertakings so as to improve their lives as youth. In the formal opening of the Palaro, Guest Speaker Mr. Guiselo E. Ulep, EPS I, Department of Education Laoag City Division, encouraged the athletes to continue to uphold the banner of INNHS’ supremacy in sports. Winners in all sports events represented INNHS in the 2010 Laoag City Athletic Association Meet (LCAA) on November 23-24 at the Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Memorial Stadium. INNHS Blue Eagles as a team failed to retain the LCAA crown as it landed 1st runner-up in the overall ranking By Mark Anthony M. Suniga

In the 1st Laoag City Inter-School Sport Tournament-Weekend Games

INNHS pockets championship crown

INNHS players outplayed other teams in the 1st Laoag City Inter-School Sport Tournament-Weekend Games upsetting all participants from public and private schools of the Division of Laoag City, Sept. 26. Norte High Basketball team edged out the INCAT team, 55-46. Norte High cagers relied on the spirited play of Kremlin Von Calara, Benedict Fuerte and Adrian Bautista to upset INCAT dribblers’ bid for a first championship crown. “I am very proud of our wood-pusher Jehiel Cajigal, our lone chess player who represented INNHS. Though he was alone, he never let other competitors defeat us in the boys category- 12-13 age bracket,” Mr. Clifford Hernaez, chess coach, disclosed in an interview. Mark Vergel Duldulao, Raymond Cabacungan and Homer dela Cruz of the Sepak Takraw defeated INCAT, 2-0 in the crucial rubber match to capture the title. The team’s success is due to the supervision Woodpusher Jehiel Yikoh Cajigal of Mr. Philip Hilario. and Mr. Nestor Lucero as coaches. poses with Vice Mayor Edward The Inter-School Sports Tournament is a project of Mayor Michael P. Domingo during the awarding V. Farinas in cooperation with the DepED, Laoag City Division. By Jennina F. Pacual ceremony.


In the 2010 Laoag City Athletic Association Meet

Ayson outplays Aparecio,3-0

Powerhouse Marl Louie Ayson of All Private Schools (APS) demolished Alex Aparecio of Ilocos Norte College of Arts and Trades (INCAT) after he roared like bolt of thunder, 3-0, during their nerve wrecking Laoag City Athletic Association Meet Table Tennis Bracket-A Championship held at the Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Memorial Stadium, Nov. 23-24. During the last set of the battle, Ayson boost his strength, speed, and time reaction that launched a blazing drive that ended the game, 11-8. The first set warmed up when both players threw powerful smashes, giving Ayson the chance

to win the set 11-7. Ayson got hotter which made the second set more thrilling and exiting when he showed amazing serves which Aparecio did not successfully return making Ayson win in the set, 11-3 “In every game, there is a time

to get nervous but even if you know that you are stronger than your opponent, it is better to still just do your best in the game. So that winning the game would not be difficult,” said Ayson. By Ivan Timothy R. Sison and Jan Rei L. Sarabia

Bumatay upsets Harmon, 2-1

Sizzling John Cesar Bumatay of Raging Jaguars injected fresh talents and executed them with supreme power, agility and endurance and outplayed Mark Leroy Harmon of Blue Lions, 2-1, during their nerve wrecking Table Tennis Boys championship game held at Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Memorial Stadium, Oct. 6. At the first set, Bumatay Bumatay, son of a Table Tennis Coach, taught Bumatay since grade started the game with tricky placing four and since then, he has joined making Harmon confused where to go, 11-9. competitions. Harmon gained the crown of During the decision game, Bumatay threw series of fast balls the second set by his consecutive which Harmon could not stop. placing and spins, ending the set, Finally Bumatay ended the game 11-9. By Mark Anthony M. Suniga with a blazing drive, 11-8.

Pacquiao receives highest congressional award Saranggani Representative Manny Pacquiao received the Congressional Medal of Distinction, the highest award from the Congress, for his eighth-worldtitle win over Mexican Antonio Margarito in Arlington, Texas. Speaker F e l i c i a n o B e l m o n t e Jr., House Majority Leader and Mandaluyong Representative Neptali Gonzales II, and House Minority Leader and Albay Representative Edcel Lagman authored the conferment of the Congressional Medal of Distinction contained in House Resolution No. 625, and was approved, Nov. 15. According to the resolution, the distinction honors Pacquiao “for becoming the first professional

boxer in history to capture eight world titles in eight different divisions.” Due to his fresh feat, the Filipino boxing icon is now considered “the greatest boxer of all time, even surpassing the legendary careers of boxing greats such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Oscar dela Hoya,” it said. The resolution further said that Pacquiao’s latest victory “brings once again prestige and honor to the country, arouses a feeling of pride and patriotism among our people and his sportsmanship character serves as an inspiration for the sports-loving Filipino youth to emulate and for the Filipino people to treasure for all time.”

The Weaver 2010 Issue  

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