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Warrior of the Heart dojo Exploring saying yes to what calls us in our heart

May 25 - 27, 2012 Lužnica near Zagreb, Croatia

There is a larger call underneath so many similar calls. Ah - it seems to be the time Photo from the archives of Zagreb County Tourist Board

Welcome to our dojo - a place of practice. Warrior of the Heart is a training that helps us become more centered, skillful, and courageous in our life and work.

to let complicated concepts, superficial ideas and attachments go

to return again and again to

Together we will practice • being in circle - our natural home • wielding our sword - our inner strength • finding true ground in the midst of chaos and action • being effective through decisive, compassionate action • meditation and dancing from the heart Warrior of the Heart is inspired by Aikido and the Art of Hosting, and has been developed through many years of sincere practice and experience, working with people in diverse situations and many countries.

simplicity..... to breathing in life as it does its magic within and breathing out wiser

Please join us as we step into the next phase of who we are, saying yes to compassionate and wise warriorship - and saying no to whatever is destructive in ourselves and our world. Warrior of the Heart dojo in Luznica near Zagreb, Croatia – 25-27.5.2012.


Come in comfortable clothes with an open mind and heart ready to be in the learning field. Please contemplate: Why do I want to awaken to practice more compassionate warriorship in my life? No previous knowledge of Aikido is needed. All ages are welcome to participate. Children are welcomed guests. Workshop will be held in English. The organizing & hosting team: Bob Wing, Toke Moeller, Maja Halvaks Gericic, Miljenka Plazonic Bogdan and Hrvoje Bogdan. We are looking forward to meet you in the dojo.

The workshop takes place from Friday, May 25th, at 15:00 to Sunday, May 27th, 2012 16:00 at welcoming Lužnica near Zagreb. The fee includes all tuition, refreshments during the workshop and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. The fee is 1880 kn ~ 250 EUR plus VAT (23%) for individuals and 2350 kn ~ 311 EUR plus VAT (23%) for companies. We offer discount of 10% for payments until 1.4. 2012. It is possible to pay in monthly installments, with last installments paid before the workshop date. Accommodation is available for the cost of 190 kn ~ 25 EUR (half board per day in single room). This is paid separately. Logistic is done in cooperation of Šesti Oblik and Scrinuim Tours, Zagreb, Croatia. You can register online here. Upon registration you will receive all necessary details for payment. For more information please contact or look at the . Once the economy for the gathering is secured, scholarship places may be possible, please contact us if you think this applies to you. Also if you feel you can add some amount to the fee and with this help others who can not afford to participate, please let us know!.

Bob Wing M.A. has facilitated leadership workshops and trainings in the U.S, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He is the director of Mountain Warrior Institute™, an organization dedicated to cultivating compassionate and dynamic actions in the world and is a co founder with Toke of The Warrior of the Heart dojo, which empowers individuals and groups to live and work wisely and courageously in skillful leadership. Bob has taught Aikido and Gestalt therapy at Naropa University in Colorado, working in the Contemplative Psychology, Contemplative Psychotherapy, and Extended Studies departments, and with the Marpa Center for Business and Economics. He is also a sculptor and painter, with a special interest in spontaneous and “in the moment” works. See some of his work at

Toke Paludan Moeller is co-founder and CEO of Interchange, based in Denmark. Since the early 1970s he has been organizing, co-creating, and hosting inspired spaces for collaborative learning across the world, including dialogues, strategic change processes, learning conferences, circle councils, and leadership training - each in support of life-affirming leadership, participatory learning, organizational and social transformation. With Bob Wing, Toke is a co-founder of The warrior of the Heart dojo. He is a life-long practitioner of Self-knowledge meditation, Aikido and the Art of participation.

See more of Tokes work here.

Warrior of the Heart dojo at The island of Strynoe, Denmark - 1 - 3. June - 2012

Photo from the archives of Zagreb County Tourist Board

Warrior of the Heart  

Invitation to workshop in Croatia, 25-27.5.2012.