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WEEKLY CHRONICLE VOLUME 5.4 28th January 2010

Principal’s Message – Mr. David Throp


I have seen Tiger Woods, a boxer, a diver, skier, baseball and volleyball players as well as the odd skateboarder or two in Secondary. It’s the raise money for Haiti event and Water Aid too; dressed as sports personalities, the students took part in a run on Wednesday. This was a short run for some who took part in the Dubai marathon event last weekend. And Primary children will raise monies on Thursday. We are grateful that

GULFTAINER are supporting us in this event and as well as providing the water for the

runners, they will match the funds that we raise. Every little helps the people in Haiti who have been hit so badly by the earthquake there. Well done and thank you everyone! A-level examinations are almost over, finishing next Monday. The draft GCSE and AS/A-level summer timetable is th completed and the final examination is on June 30 . The timetable will be finalised only after the final entries are made. The draft will be a good guide for students to use to plan ahead. I hope the link to the newsletter and new website are working. Please let me know if not. We are still waiting for SEWA’s approval to begin building but all indications so far seem positive. Fingers crossed still. Don’t forget, the International Picnic and Flea Market will soon be upon us. Last year this was a great event. Please see the sign-up boards for volunteers to assist the PSG. Thank you for your support. David Throp, Principal.

Notices Parking – Secondary Please use the car park for dropping off and collecting your children. Parents are still dropping children off at the road! International Picnic/Flea Market The International Picnic is scheduled to take place on th 25 February. Please see the flyer at the end of the newsletter. If you wish to contribute recipes for the international cookbook, please email your recipes to Rebecca Ferrari ( The Flea Market will take place on the same day. If your child wants to sell unwanted toys, etc. he/she can hire a table for Dhs 20. Tickets for tables can be purchased from the st school office from 31 January onwards. The Flea Market is a great opportunity for children to sell toys, books, games and any other items they no longer want to keep. The sale should be organized by the children and not the parents, so please ensure your child is old enough to take responsibility. The proceeds from the sale of tickets for the tables will be given to charity. World Future Energy Summit st

Thursday 21 January saw Year 12 and 13 Physics students attend the Future World Energy Summit at ADENC in Abu Dhabi. The students got a chance to speak to exhibitors from around the world and get some valuable insight into recent developments in the field. A key exhibitor was MASDAR, who are building a carbon zero city near Abu Dhabi. Some students met with the CEO and the chief engineer of the project. Other interesting exhibits attending were a fully electric sports car, various wind turbine and solar panel technologies, a satellite that tracks CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and carbon capture technology. Everyone enjoyed the day and we hope to repeat the experience next year. Principal’s Chilli – for 4

500g lean minced beef 1 large green capsicum/pepper, coarsely chopped (I small green chili – optional) I large onion, coarsely chopped 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped 250g tin chopped or peeled and chopped tomatoes 250 g red kidney beans in brine Plain flour, 2 large tablespoons Chili powder, 3 teaspoons, to taste Paprika, 1 teaspoon, to taste Cumin powder, 1 large teaspoon, to taste Tomato puree, 1 large tablespoon. Salt to taste Brown the minced beef in a large saucepan or frying pan – no oil is needed. Add the chopped onion and green pepper and soften. Add finely chopped garlic Mix the flour, chili powder, paprika, cumin and salt and add to the pan. Add the tomato puree, mix well. Cook for at least two minutes without burning, to cook the flour. Add the chopped tomatoes and juice and the red kidney beans – note there is usually no need to add all of the brine unless the mixture is very dry. Stir well to de-glaze the pan. Bring to the simmer and transfer to a casserole dish Place in oven at low temperature to simmer for 1 ½ hours, stirring occasionally. Serve with boiled rice or jacket potato and green salad. Great for freezing, and don’t leave out the cumin! Where are Cookbook?


recipes for






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Primary Charity Fancy Dress Fun Run Secondary Sports Day



Year 12 & 13 Parent/Teacher Meeting


Primary Sports Day Discos Yrs 3 & 4/ Yrs 5 & 6


School closed for Half Term, Training day for Staff


School re-opens after Half Term


Year 7 & 8 Trip to Arabian Wildlife Centre th

Wed/Thurs 24th/25 Feb Year 9 Overnight Camp rd

Sharjah Schools Senior Athletics Competition at SES


Primary Parent/Teacher Meetings


Primary Parent/Teacher Meetings


International Picnic/Flea Market


Sharjah School Junior Athletics Competition at SES


23 Feb


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Last day of term 12.00 noon Finish Summer Term starts for Students

SES SPORTS & ACTIVITIES BULLETIN No. 5 In this weeks edition Primary Rugby Senior Netball Dubai Marathon Athletics Season Senior Rugby Extra-Curricular Clubs begin

Year 4-6 Cross-country Training

Year 4-3 Athletics Club

It has been non-stop in the PE Department over the past two weeks. So much has been happening that we forgot to send out our weekly PE Bulletin last Thursday! Since our last bulletin we have had a squad of runners in the Dubai Marathon, played our first ever primary rugby matches, started a new batch of primary sports clubs and of course played a number of senior rugby and netball league matches.

Senior Netball League The senior girls have been in action yet again over the past two weeks. Our Year 9 netball team is certainly having a good start to the season, they drew 8-8 with Repton last Monday and narrowly missed out on a win against EC 6-7. Both matches finished with each team thoroughly exhausted as the pressure really was on for a win. We have had to reschedule the Year 7 match with DIS to March 8th so this gives the squad more time to train. In the meantime, Year 8 had another tough match this week against EC in Division One. Although they didn’t come away with a win they showed strength and determination to fight to the end. There are no matches next week as it is the run-up to Sports Day but training will continue. Our Year 7 and Year 8 squad are back on court in a home match against EIS Meadows on Monday 8th February.

Senior Rugby U14 Debut Success!!! Last week saw the U14 SES Rugby Team triumph over Al Yasmina, Abu Dhabi by 34 points to 17. The SES team had good structure, good defence and an all round commitment to win possession. Going into the first half, SES got straight into the game by scoring first under the posts. Al Yasmina who were relentless going forward gave the SES defence a hard time and kept coming back to even up the score. The second half saw the game open up with 2 early tries from Josh ‘supersonic’ Southworth and Lucas ‘the bullet’ Oakeley. This seemed to have put the game to rest but once again Al Yasmina showed some strong running and scored just before the final whistle. Next week will be a tougher game against Jumeriah College but a good test for SES.

U14 Shock JC with a 17 – 15 win Sharjah English School U14 rugby team produced a gritty and gutsy performance to beat Jumeriah College (JC) 17 – 15 last Thursday afternoon. JC, a large and renowned school in Dubai scored two early tries and looked to be cruising past SES. Once settled, The U14’s from Sharjah started to produce some well drilled phases of play rucking through the JC defence. A great set piece at the line out linking with the backs saw Andy ‘warrior’ Wood drive over the line just before half time. Soon into the second half and Sharjah were dominating the forward play, supporting well and turning over possession.

The second try came when Josh ‘supersonic’ Southworth displayed a fine piece of running cutting through the JC defence scoring in the corner. Finally Liam ‘dangerman’ Dixon executed their ‘killer move’ and scored shortly after. Just before the final whistle, JC crossed the line but missed their conversion allowing SES to take the valuble league points. Man of the Match: Lucas ‘the bullet’ Oakeley

Surprise win for U16 The U16 Sharjah English School rugby team scored a massive victory over the Dubai Exiles to win the Sharjah Wanderers Plate Final. In what turned out to be a difficult afternoon of fixtures, SES have lost previously to the Exiles in the pool round of the tournament. But once again the attitude and determination pulled them through to win victoriously over a physical, well trained, aggressive team. Anthony Collins scored both tries showing supreme athletic ability but this couldn’t have been achieved without the dynamics of good teamwork.

PRIMARY RUGBY It was a festival of rugby at Sharjah English School on Monday of this week! The year 4, 5 and 6 teams played their very first match of the season against Repton.

We had a mixture of experienced players and some students who had never played before! The teams worked well together supporting each other and made some great tackles.

A big thank you must go out to the Year 10 and 11 Sports Leaders for coaching and supporting their teams.

More action from the games

Thank you to Mr Rees for refereeing the Year 4 match and to Mrs Stedman for the fantastic photos.

After each match we will nominate a ‘player of the match’ and a ‘most improved player’ so see below for results. Our next match for the Year 3 and 4 teams will take place on Tues 2nd Feb, kick off at 3pm. Year 5 and 6 match will be wed 3rd Feb, kick off at 3pm, both matches at home against Jess Ranches. Player of the match: Most improved player:

Yr 4

Yr 5

Yr 6

Fay Akash

Andrew Amelia

Ree Gabriel

Athletics Season 2010 Only one week to go before Senior Sports Day. Preparations are well under way, the team entry forms have been completed and already in PE lessons a number of PBs’ have been recorded. Senior Sports Day kicks off around 8.30am on Thursday 4th February. It would be great to see lots of Mums and Dads there to provide support and enjoy the day.

Robyn Thomas Year 9 taking on the hurdles

Don’t forget House T-shirts, hats, sun cream and energy snacks for the big day We will provide water, juice and Big Bananas!

Athletic Events this term: Senior Sports Day – Thursday 4th February Primary Sports Day – Wednesday 10th February Senior Inter-School Athletics – Tuesday 23rd February Primary Inter-School Athletics – Thursday 11th March

Marathon Success Well done to all those who participated in the 3km fun run and the 10km. I hope it was a pleasurable experience and not a painful one. The conditions were perfect for running and the whole morning was a resounding success. Donations from sponsorship is starting to arrive in school and thanks to all those who sponsored this event.

Charity Fun Run Wednesday and Thursday of this this week saw the SES Charity Fun Run take place on the pitch. Students were dressed in a ‘sports’ theme. We had The Stig (Driver), Tiger Woods (Golf), Andy Goode (Rugby), Larry Bird (Basketball) and Ellan Macarthur (Sailing) with many more. A very big thanks to Gulftainer Company Ltd for sponsoring this event with water and their donation towards the chosen charities. The run/walk had a really positive atmosphere and students felt they were helping by raising money for those in real need.

Primary Extra Curricular Sports We have had a tremendous response to our after school sports program this term. Each club is full to the brim; so far we have two rounders pitches packed with players who are being coached by our Sports Leaders, the athletics clubs are so full we have had to create smaller groups and assigned each one two sports leaders to ensure everyone gets the attention they deserve. We have also increased the opportunities for our Year 6 netballers to train with the Year 7 team in order to fast-track their skills ready for the league next season and have been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from both boys and girls who want to play rugby.

Kyle explaining the rules of the relay to Year 4 boys

Aakanksha teaching Chloe how to throw the discus

Aakanksha teaching Chloe in Year 4 to throw the discus

Stephanie putting Rees in Year 5 through his paces

Year 5-6 throwing the hammer

Extra Curricular Clubs and Team Training Three new clubs have been added to the senior program for this term: Cricket with Mr Main on a Wednesday, Science Club with Miss Razvi on a Tuesday and Spanish on a Monday.

Secondary Clubs SUNDAY




Y7-9 Girls Football Training (Mrs Simpson) Y10-13 Girls Netball Team Training (Miss Smith) Y8-9 Girls Netball Team Training (Miss Welsh) Board Games (Mr Doyle)

U14 Boys

Multi-Media (Mr Hitchings)

Drama (Miss Sinclair/ Mrs O’Mahony) Poi (Miss O’Hara)

Rugby Team Training

(Mr Garrett) Rugby Training (Mr Rees)

Y7-13 Girls Rounders (Mrs Garrett)

Going Green (Mr Savage)

*Gymnastics (Mrs Grayston)

Basketball (Mr Garrett)

Orchestra (Mr Powell)

Science Club (Miss Razvi)

War Hammer Games (Mr Halligan)

Tennis (Miss Byrne & Mrs De’Souza) Y7 Girls

Rock Band (Mr Albasri) Cricket (Mr Main)

Netball Team Training

(Miss Welsh) Spanish

Club times: 3.00-4.00pm. *Except Gymnastics which will run from 3.00-4.30pm Students’ involved in sport clubs must bring appropriate kit to scho

Primary Sport Clubs SUNDAY




Y5/6 Rugby (Mr Garrett)

Y3/4 Rugby (Mr Garrett)

Y6 Playground Leaders (Mrs Garrett)

Y3/4 Athletics (Miss Welsh & Mrs Southworth)

Y5/6 Rounders (Mrs Steadman and Mrs Breen) Y5/6 Netball (Miss Smith)

Y3/4 Football (Mr Gill)

Y5/6 Athletics & X-Country (Miss Welsh, Mrs Garrett & Mrs Southworth) Y5/6 Dance (Y12/13 Dance Leaders)

Y5/6 Football (Mr Smithard)

Y3-4 Outdoor Games (Miss Hornibrook)

Our Y10 and Y11 Sports Leaders will be assisting in all primary sports clubs.

STUFF THAT IS HAPPENING IN FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2010 Feb 4th – Senior Sports Day and U14 Rugby League match at SES against DC Feb 8th – Y7 + Y9 Netball League match at SES against EIS Meadows Feb 10th – Primary Sports Day Feb 17th – Y7 + Y10 Netball League match away at DESC Feb 18th – Y5 Netball Tournament away at Jebal Ali Primary Feb 21st – Y8 + Y9 Netball League match at SES against Wellington Feb 23rd – Senior Inter-school Athletics Competition at SES Feb 25th – Yr 3,4,5 & 6 Time trial swim at SES against English College 1.30-2.30 (TBC) and U14 Rugby League match at SES against Wellington Feb 28th – Y10 + Y11 Netball League match away at EC

THOSE GENTLE REMINDERS ‘YET AGAIN’ PE Kit – Please make every effort to ensure that you pack all of your PE

white socks

kit, including for every lesson. Bring a small towel, water bottle and roll-on deodorant. No spray cans please. We do have a small selection of ‘unattractive and totally un-cool’ spare kit that we will issue to anyone who forgets to bring kit. You have been warned! Water Bottles – Please remember to bring a water bottle to PE Lessons and after school clubs. Injury and/or sickness – We encourage all students to be involved in every PE lesson, therefore if for whatever reason your son/daughter is unable to participate in PE we would expect a note of explanation to be handed to the teacher before the start of the lesson. Any student unable to participate in the practical aspect of the lesson should still bring PE kit as they will be expected to take on a less physically demanding role such as referee or coach.

Lost Property – If you leave something in the PE Dept then there is a good chance it will end up in the lost property basket. This is emptied at the beginning of every week and taken to the nurses’ room in the Primary school. Please do not bring anything of value into school. If you need to contact the PE Dept staff for any reason here’s how: Miss Welsh (HOD/Senior Girls PE) Mrs Garrett (Primary PE Co-ordinator) Mrs Southworth (Primary PE/Dance) Mr Garrett (Senior Boys PE/GCSE PE) Mr Rees (Senior PE)

OR Leave a message at reception and we will call you back when we have a minute. SES Tel:06 5589304

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