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We’re Getting MARRIED !

Our Love Grew Leaps and Bounds over te past few years.... But Marriage Altgeter is a Diferent Bal Game! We’ve decided t take te BOLD stp….. ..... Coz we could not push it any frter ! …and neiter could we handle any more of “Peli Eppudu” or “Eppo Kalyanam” fom te Near, Dear and not so dear ones as wel!...

It also meant getting over the MARRIAGE BLUES !!!!


Ambika A supreme standing ovation to the newly defined meaning of the word “MESS”.

Start Drinking Water? Stop Thinking About Megan Fox???

No more staring at hot guys (in any obvious kinda way ofcourse :)

Why, Omlette isn't Gud enough for Dinner?? Do people actually buy Life Insurance??

No more quick dinner fixes of salad or soup! More attention to detail to impress the big tongue (Naaku neelam, get it?).

Are you allowed to slap kids who call you UNCLE?? Lose the FreeDom to Utter…Kya mAal hain!!…….Only to add to the trouble ?

Get used to phrases such as “not as good as mom's cooking? But “chalega baane undiley” in response to your cooking.

Which we “DID”…. to pronounce “I DO”!….

Start buying beer with fruits and vegetables? Get used to burps and snores? (and what not)

We would love to see you at our wedding … and make it memorable for us!

RECEPTION : 9t December,2010, 7 p.m onwards. (If you’re lat for dinner..don’t complain tat you couldn’t get your share of Vanila Ice cream + Gulab Jamun) “Medium” spicy Indian And Yeah!...No DJ nit or Bolywood Dance food will be Served!! Dhamaka wil folow. However, we are pleased t have any of te folowing guests entrtain you! Aapkey choice SMS dwara bhej sakty hain!

Tera Tera Tera #$@%


Gana se pehle Khana!

OR Oonchi hain Building! HA!

VENUE WEDDING 10t December, 2010, 9.30 a. m (Muhurtam)

Venue Sai Gardens Habsiguda, NFC Main Road, Opp. Shiva Hotl Lane, Malapur, Hyderabad - 500076 Phone:+91-40-27174713 Google Maps do a beter job tan our Line sketch please!! And its NOT a stne’s trow away fom te Airport or Train staton! If U insist on geting standed reach us @ +919958150606

Wedding Invitation  

Wedding Invitation

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