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HISTORY OF RICHARD AND DIANA Max, Irene, Anna and Andreu

Once upon a time, in a small village, a sailors group head their ship to West. This travel lasted hours, days, months and years to trade products.

It was the first time they travelled to America for trading gold, fruit and many other precious goods. They also went to China, India and Egypt. One day when the sailors board in the sea a terrible storm fell down. The ship was destroyed; the sailors got burned and drowned.

A solitary unconsciousness sailor; took a piece of wood and began floating to a small island. He was brave, sincere and very good man. His hair was blonde, his eyes where blue and the skin very white. He was Richard Shelton.

When Richard woke up, and discovered that he was on the shore of an unknown island. He walked the island for hours until he met a charming girl.

She was cute and beautiful, her hair was black. Her eyes were green and her skin was pale. She was Diana Wohler.

I’m bad!

She was accompanied by Robby McCann, her stepmother. Robby was evil and very bad tempered. Physically she was ugly and had many wrinkles.

When Richard saw Diana he fell in love at first sight. And Diana, too.

When Robby realized about their love, did everything she could to separate them.

One day, Robby visited Richard and said: ‘ You must pass three proofs if you want to see Diana.’ He was scared about the stepmother but accepted ‘Yes, I would do my best to see her again.’

FIRST PROOF The first proof consisted in going to a forest and finding a magic tree, that says a riddle. If he guessed it, the magic tree will deliver a key, and if he didn’t the magic tree would eat it.

When Richard knew the first proof he went into the forest. Richard found the magic tree, and he said the riddle: Little as a mouse, but as a lion guards the house. Richard doubted a second and thought about an object in the house... After a while he said ‘The Key’

The stepmother was surprised, when Richard answered the riddle. And Then, the Magic Tree said ‘ The tree will give you the key if the answer comes to me’

‘The second proof is...’ said the stepmother.

SECOND PROOF The second proof was crossing the river in between two islands, where krakens lived.

Richard found the proof very difficult, but he was a sailor. Went to the river... And suddenly... A kraken came out. But he was very clever, and thought: I’ll take a stone and threw it to head. And so he did, he took the stone from the ground and threw it to his head. The kraken fell down on the seabed unconcious.

THIRD PROOF The sailor had to go on a lighthouse, where the girl was closed, but there were many carnivorous plants around the lighthouse.

He began to climb the lighthouse, but one carnivorous plant and attacked him...

The sailor cut the plant with his knife and it fell down to the ground. Richard climbed the lighthouse quietly up and found Diana.

When the stepmother saw Richard and Diana together, She died of rage.


Story of Richard and Diana  

a tale by ESO 1 students