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Useful expressions • Hi! My name’s ....... • I’m ..... years old and I’m from ...... in Catalonia • I’m a fan of .... • I love .... but I’m not into .... • One of my favourite things is ... but my number one thing is ....

Julie’s profile Hi! My name’s Julie Merton . I’m 12 years old and I’m from Hampstead in the UK. I’m a fan of Black Eyed Peas and I also like Jason Mraz, his song “I’m yours” it’s just amazing! One of my favourite things is downloading videos from you tube (watch this one, it’s very touching and tender)

but my number one thing is browsing the Intenet!

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Sarah I’m interested in sport, especially football. I’m a Manchester city fan and I’ve got posters and photos of the team. My friend Lily and I like manga comics. Lyli has got books about manga, and she’s very good at art. One of my interests is photography. I haven’t got a very good camera, but my photos are really good.

David I’m into skateboarding and martial arts and I’ve got a green belt in taekwondo. We’ve got a computer at home, but I’m not mad about computer games. I prefer chatting on the internet when I’ve got time. I like books, especially books about animals, but we haven’t got a pet.

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