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Joan Camara, Xevi FerrĂŠs, Laura Barbero

Once upon a time, in a small village near London lived a unfortunate boy. His name was Jonnie. He was very thin because he only ate once a day. He was 13 years old. Jonnie was very tall with short and brown hair.

His eyes were black, his month and his nose were very small . His clothes were very dirty. He felt very sad every day. He had a black heart.

He lived with his father and his stepmother. His father was ill, he had cancer, and he spent his life on the sofa. His hair was white, and he

had a long white beard.

Jonnie’s stepmother was very bad. She was tall and thin and she normally dressed dark colors. Her nose was very

long and she had a disgusting wart on the top of the nose.

One day, Jonnie went to the farm to steal some food for his family week’s meals. The farmer wasn’t there he was in his potatoes field. The farmer heard the noise and he walked to the house pantry.

Jonnie looked at the door and... The farmer was there!!

Jonnie was very scared, he didn’t know what to, he was very nervous and... he started to run to his house. The farmer run behind him.

The farmer caught Jonnie, caught his neck and... The fairy appeared !

The fairy said a 5 words:

It was just a dream.

Jonnie listen to a voice saying: “ Jonnie, hurry

up!! You have to go to school!. Jonnie got up and he thought... Was it just a dream?

Just a dream  

A fairy tale by ESO 1 students

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