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Minas Gerais State Social Service of Commerce, an entity integrated to FecomĂŠrcio Minas System.

Januária Almenara Paracatu

Montes Claros Teófilo Otoni Governador Valadares Sete Lagoas

Uberlândia Araxá

Bom Despacho


Santa Luzia

BELO HORIZONTE Contagem-Betim Ouro Preto São Sebastião do Paraíso


Poços de Caldas Juiz de Fora



To develop actions that contribute to the welfare of workers and their dependents in the commerce, services and tourism areas, through the provision of services of excellence in the education, health, culture, leisure, social tourism, and environmental fields.


Be an agent of social transformation in the provision of services with an excellence and sustainability standard.


• Ethics • Excellence • Transparency • Commitment • Valuing People

Areas of Expertise

• Culture • Health • Sports • Leisure • Social Tourism • Education • Environment

Incentive to the production of various art forms such as theater, cinema, visual arts, and handicrafts, always valuing the regional culture.

Excellence in service in the medical and dental areas, with emphasis on the prevention of diseases.

Incentive to the practice of sports to children, youth, adults, and senior citizens through competitions for each age group. Specific activities directed towards people with special needs.

Days of varied recreational events with activities geared towards children and cultural interventions throughout the state.

A network of 12 hotels in Minas Gerais State and one in Rio de Janeiro State. Air and bus tour packages offering excellent service at very reasonable prices.

Promotion of forums, speeches, seminars, and workshops that expand on school contents with teachers and students.

Awareness actions about sustainability, forest and woods preservation, and general guidelines for preserving green areas.

LĂĄzaro Luiz Gonzaga

FecomĂŠrcio Minas System President. Sesc, Senac and Unions.

Rodrigo Penido Duarte Sesc Minas Regional Director

Rua Tupinambรกs, 956 - Centro 30120-906 - Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais - Brazil Phone: +55 31 3279-1500

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About Sesc Minas  

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