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Prefabricated Integrated Services Modules

We build, before we build

Discover innovative off-site solutions that deliver projects on time and on budget, every time.

Prefabricated Integrated Services Modules SES PRISM is the off-site manufacturing arm of Shepherd Engineering Services (SES), one of the leading providers of building services solutions in the UK. With a strong engineering heritage, SES PRISM has led the way in realising the benefits of prefabrication, modularisation and off-site construction of building services across a wide range of industry sectors. Specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of building services modules, we have established a solid reputation for technical excellence, project efficiency, and a guaranteed commitment to quality.

Construction sites can be inefficient The traditional lack of control of information, materials and manpower inevitably lead to delay, disruption and increased cost. On an average site, over 50% of the working day is lost to poor productivity and delays*. Furthermore only 63% of site-based construction projects are delivered on time and only 49% delivered to budget**. *source BSRIA, **source BCIS/RICS.

Grange Hotel | St Pauls | London

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“Every project we take on, we take on with enthusiasm, dedication and commitment. Commitment to providing the best solutions for our customers, commitment to getting it right first time and commitment to taking the individual merits of each project into account. “We do more than just a job; we are a ‘thinking business’. That’s what we believe our customers deserve and that’s what we deliver.” Az Jasat | Director | SES PRISM

Why SES PRISM? The evolution of the construction industry demands that buildings are delivered more economically, within shorter time frames, more cost effectively and with reduced impact to the natural environment. In response, SES PRISM offers you an effective and proven solution for today’s construction needs.


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Picadilly Place 4 | Manchester

Off-site quality Quality guaranteed We help you deliver certainty in quality by taking the complex assembly of M&E services into a more controlled environment. Based at our manufacturing centre in York, our operatives benefit from working at bench height in a well-lit, safe, dry and controlled environment. Our skill base is a balanced mixture of specifically trained assembly operatives and industry experienced professionals, and when combined, have a direct impact on quality and efficiency.

Delivering quality, on time, every time.

“SES PRISM’s extensive use of prefabrication has added real value to our project, particularly their phenomenal rate of progress within the service spine. They have certainly assisted the project with the sequencing of follow-on trades in zones that would generally have suffered from poor productivity. I have no doubt that this is the future of M&E installations and SES PRISM is definitely at the forefront.” Brendan Lunn | Carillion SES PRISM Factory | York

Project SCAN | Manchester

Project SCAN | Manchester

Off-site solutions Through first class engineering and design, we will build our product, and your project, efficiently and effectively - right first time, every time.

By being involved at an early stage, we provide our clients with a virtual prototype of their project, and with the use of 3D technology we also offer project stakeholders the opportunity to ‘walk through’ their project in virtual reality. This enables early assessment of spatial co-ordination and access requirements before a single operative sets foot on site. And because we are confident of the fit, you can be confident of your costs and timescales.

AstraZeneca PR&D | Service Bulkhead

The use of the latest techniques in CAD and 3D visualisation enables us to spatially co-ordinate services, eliminate service clashes and maintain clear access for installation and maintenance.

We build, before we build.

Disruption and downtime on site is also reduced through minimised rework and revisits.

"Working with SES PRISM has been a really positive experience. The co-ordination of the design and the 3D modelling has been excellent. Modularisation has resulted in less labour on site and ultimately a project that has been easier to manage. Thanks to the use of 3D visualisation and off-site construction, we managed to deliver this project on time and within budget"

By interfacing our CAD systems directly with our procurement and labour planning system, we generate detailed material schedules and labour plans, enabling us to minimise waste procurement and really drive the standardisation of components. The level of detail to which our manufacturing information is engineered ensures world-class standards in productivity.

Mick Bodecott | Project Leader | Shepherd Construction

AstraZeneca PR&D | Laboratory Floor

"The prefabrication strategy on the PR&D project was one of the main project successes. The alliance team worked together in an excellent co-ordinated effort to manufacture 340 multi-service modules consisting of mechanical pipework and ductwork alongside electrical cable tray. The modules were all finished, lagged and inspected off-site. They were then delivered to site ahead of the programme where they were installed on the open lab floor plate like large pieces of a jigsaw."

Mike Dewsbury | Project Manager | AstraZeneca

"At SES PRISM we realise that safety is paramount on every project. So, by building modules and skids we can reduce our labour on site by up to 60%, which allows us to better control the working environment and in turn considerably reduce any associated health and safety risks." Steve Joyce Non-Executive Director SES PRISM

Teesside University Sports and Sciences | Middlesbrough

The London Clinic | Cancer Centre

Off-site safety

Off-site innovation

Safety first - without compromise

Leading innovation in off-site services

Employees in the building industry are more likely to be seriously injured at work than those in any other sector*. As one of the first companies in our industry to achieve the prestigious OHSAS 18001:1999 accreditation from the British Standards Institute (a world renowned standard for excellence in occupational health and safety management), safety is paramount in everything we do. SES PRISM reduces the risks associated with: / / / / / / /

Working at height Hot works Open riser shafts Manual handling Trade congestion Poor housekeeping Trips slips and falls

We replace hazardous site operations with planned and controlled manufacturing processes, and by operating under factory conditions, our highly skilled team ensure that safety policies and procedures are implemented and adhered to.

We recognise that standardisation is difficult to achieve within the construction industry. Whilst we would all benefit from applying a standard set of pre-designed modules on every project, we are aware that some projects require a bespoke approach. Our expertise and flexibility enables us to design the most efficient and innovative solution for every project, however complex.

* Source HSE

As well as integrating multiple trades within fully finished and tested modules, such as wet pipe work, ventilation, electrical services, gases and fire protection, we also incorporate non M&E trades including raised floors, walls, fire and acoustic barriers, false ceilings and bulk heads.

So you know you are in safe hands

Pioneering innovation - delivering results

Off-site sustainability

Off-site experience

Reduce the carbon footprint of your building

Informed expertise to develop the best solution for your project

The current economic climate presents us all with new challenges to deliver cost effective projects. Add this to the increasing pressure to reduce our carbon footprint, and you’ll find that the role of off site manufacturing goes a lot further than simply reducing timescales and costs.

We have a strong track record of realising the benefits of the prefabrication, modularisation and off-site construction of building services across a range of industry sectors. In addition to new builds, our experience extends to a number of successfully modularised refurbished buildings; projects that others may disregard due to the difficulty in engineering and complex off-site requirements. Not SES PRISM - we welcome all opportunities to apply our flexible approach to bespoke modular design, no matter how challenging the project. Our track record speaks for itself.

Sustainable advantages Our product range also extends to: Better building performance 85% less waste than traditional site methods* Greater control of waste recycling Reduced noise and pollution Deliveries that always maximise the available vehicle space / Reduction in traffic through fewer daily site commutes / / / / /

In recognition of our approach to sustainability, SES PRISM is accredited to the international environmental standard ISO 14001:2004 by the British Standards Institute (BSi).

Providing solutions that lower a projects carbon footprint before we even arrive on site.

/ Small-scale assemblies / Vertical riser modules / Packaged plant-rooms

/ / / /

Horizontal service distribution modules Plant-room skids and assemblies Electrical risers Pre-wired electrical solutions

Collaborative working with our clients What makes SES PRISM different? Quite simply, we work best when we work together. You need people with experience. Who understand that budgets must be adhered to. That quality must be guaranteed. People who will be focused on just one thing - your needs.

*Souce MTech Kingsway Hospital | Three Shires | Derby

The Headrow | Leeds

"Costain are delighted to encourage and assist SES in their off-site pre-fabrication initiatives. We fully recognise the impact that off-site prefabrication has on our sites with reduced man hours, reduced SHE site issues, reduced waste and all the associated reduced traffic to and from site. All this has recently been recognised and delivered by SES PRISM on the Costain Spalding Three Shires project."

“We’ve worked with SES at Piccadilly Place, Manchester for the past four years, and undertaken four very successful projects - all of which made extensive use of SES PRISM, delivering excellent and cost effective off-site solutions. Their experience and innovative approach to product development has consistently taken prefabrication to the next level with each successive project. There is no doubt that SES PRISM has been a major contributor to the success of Piccadilly Place, from the reduction of risk to enhancing our drive for zero accidents.”

Lee Bateson | Costain M&E Supply Chain Manager | Costain

John Rodaway | Account Director | Carillion

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SES PRISM is the off-site manufacturing arm of Shepherd Engineering Services (SES), one of the leading providers of building services soluti...