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The Johnson Community Hospital | Spalding

SES - the ultimate solutions provider Masterminding a new building project is an exciting yet demanding prospect. Especially so when you are in the building services sector. Specialising in the design, installation and maintenance of building services solutions for multi-million pound projects, SES has established a strong reputation as one of the leading independent building services companies in the UK. Operating throughout an integrated network of offices across the country, we work on projects for both the public and private sectors, whilst offering our clients a

true national capability with the added value of local presence. As part of being a national solutions provider, our module manufacturing facility, PRISM (Prefabricated Integrated Services Modules) and our facilities management company, Shepherd FM, ensures our service is a truly solutions driven business.

The Johnson Community Hospital | Spalding

Big Business SES is part of the Shepherd Group – one of the largest family-owned private companies in Europe, working on some of the most prestigious buildings in the UK, with world renowned brands such as Portakabin, Yorkon, Portasilo and of course Shepherd Engineering Services. We offer you the large company know how, local market understanding, financial strength and staying power with the personal service and attention to detail you would expect from a Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) provider.

Change - locally led, patient centred and clinically driven Six major challenges exist for the healthcare sector, and they are: / Rising expectations / Demand driven by demographics / The continuing development of our information society / Advances in treatment / The changing nature of disease / Changing expectations of the healthcare workforce Taken from ‘High quality for all – NHS Next Stage Review’- June 2008

Lee Bateson

Understanding and adapting to this Government driven criteria for healthcare professionals in the UK, is an absolute necessity to deliver new healthcare facilities. Working within the ProCure 21 (P21) process from the pilot schemes, as well as long standing experience in the delivery of Local Infrastructure Finance Trust (LIFT) projects and various sized Private Financial Initiative (PFI) projects, has meant that we have established ourselves as a high quality national supplier of M&E services in the health sector. Primary Care Trusts, Hospitals and GP Surgeries are under increasing pressure to improve services and efficiency of delivery, and they in turn are seeking like-minded suppliers.

A thinking business “We strongly believe that collaborative partnerships provide the best value for money and deliver tangible benefits and superb results for all involved. Our key strengths include our ability to partner with clients, consortia members, advisors and supply chain. We continue to build solid relationships with all stakeholders and focus on projects where we can succeed by adding value. Adding value and consistently delivering for our customers is an intrinsic part of our relationship activities and responsibilities whilst we continue to focus on a select number of national and divisional channels. We are a ‘thinking business’ - that’s what our customers expect, that’s what they need and that’s what we deliver.” David Mason | Business Director | SES

Working with the experts With the support of our in-house design team, we can provide a full-service design and build provision. Our dedicated team of designers will work with you from the outset, and be involved throughout the whole process, allowing you just one point of contact for all your M&E needs.

Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital | Brighton

If your project lends itself to off-site modular manufacturing then we can recruit the expertise and capability of our in-house facility SES PRISM. At the heart of M&E, SES PRISM delivers state-of-theart modular installation technology. Modules are assembled and tested in quality controlled factories and can contribute a wealth of benefits to your project.

The Becklin Centre |


Sector Specialists Delivering first class facilities in health

Putting together a team to deliver a new build or refurbishment healthcare project is a challenge and one that you cannot afford to get wrong. And whom you select as a building services provider is one of the key elements in the whole process, because building or refurbishing a healthcare facility is a unique experience every time with its own specific challenges.

You need people who are experienced. Who understand. Who will be focused on one thing - your needs and the needs of the community in which the facility is located. Our experience of working in this sector typifies our strategy of specialising in chosen markets where we can develop a first class reputation for delivering a quality product and service to a select range of clients. Our track record speaks for itself.

You need people who understand your needs. Who understand that budgets must be adhered to. That quality must be guaranteed.

“Within the health sector, a number of complex procurement routes, coupled with the need for a supply chain that truly understands the transformational healthcare requirements, highlighted the necessity of expertise. This includes being able to inform, guide and shape the culture of our business as well as supporting our channels in meeting their own objectives. Our team of health specialists ensures a single source of information, knowledge and experience. Not only for our customers, but also for our employees, local communities, supply chain and consultants working on health projects throughout the UK. “Having a working knowledge of NHS documents such as HTM’s, eliminates risk and helps propose the right solutions as well as considering the local authorities strategy for change and community issues.” Lee Sturdy | Health Sector Specialist | SES

Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital | Brighton

Paediatric Care A children's hospital is a working and caring environment, a place where children are looked after, but most of all a place where they live. Design for life, the impact of a new hospital on children families and staff. NHS Estates 2004.

Recognising the specific requirements of children and their families and providing an environment, which is safe, functional and welcoming to children is a pre-requisite. The building services are a major factor in this process, utilising lighting design, fresh and comfortable environments and the ability for children of differing ages to be challenged, learn and develop whilst receiving the right medical attention.

Kingsway Hospital | Derby

Mental Health It is crucially important that mental health services are dedicated and specific to particular local needs.

The M&E services design has to be kept in sympathy with its surroundings, recognising the safety of the occupants, whilst being both functional and in keeping with the environment.

“I am particularly proud to have been associated with this project and I am also proud to have been associated with SES. I believe the commitment to delivering, installing and commissioning high quality engineering services was

Understanding the needs of the patients and staff of such facilities is key to the services design. Providing environments, which are both welcoming and safe, yet provide a practical space for the staff who maintain these facilities, is critical.

reflected throughout the contract. It was a pleasure to witness all services being commissioned in a fashion which seemed to happen so quickly and without fuss.� Len Hartley | Lincolnshire Health Trust

Astra Zenica PR & D | Laboratory Floor

“Currently, 60 - 70% of all diagnoses are based on pathology results.� HBN 15

Clinical Science Building | Manchester Joint Hospitals

Laboratories and Research Laboratory areas within hospitals provide some of the main support services to patient care. Both pathology laboratories for diagnosis and pharmaceutical laboratories, which provide drug administration services, are common in most hospitals. NHS pathology services also provide support for national screening programmes, public health, communicable disease surveillance, local authority environmental services, and national medical research programmes.

SES has a proven track record of working in the laboratory, pharmaceutical and medical research fields.

Community We think of healthcare facilities as living, evolving environments; atmospheres that must meet the needs of the people who utilise them. Of all patient contact with the NHS, the overwhelming majority (approximately 90%) occurs in General Practice. Most construction projects require that it is ‘business as usual’, and that patients will continue to receive support and care throughout. With this in mind, our teams are attentive and work to minimise disruption. At SES, we understand the needs of Primary Care from General Practices to Dental Practices and Pharmacies. We work with the local community and recognise the uniqueness of each and every project.

Oncology Better prevention of cancer, better detection of cancer and better treatment and care of cancer is vital to us all. More than one in three people in England will develop cancer at some stage in their life. One in four will die of the disease. This equates to some 200,000 people being diagnosed with cancer and around 120,000 dying from the disease each year. The four main aims of the NHS Cancer Strategy are: / / / /

To improve survival rates To ensure that those diagnosed with cancer receive the right professional support and care as well as the best treatment. To tackle the inequalities in health that mean unskilled workers are twice as likely to die from cancer as professionals. To build for the future through investment in the cancer workforce, through strong research and through preparation or the genetics reduction so that the NHS never falls behind in cancer care again.

NHS Cancer Care Plan 2000.

SES has a wealth of experience in Oncology facilities and understands the need to keep up with modern cancer treatment techniques and technologies. Using this experience means we can work with our clients to best provide infrastructure for the Radiotherapy equipment, 'Bunker' construction and the requirements to protect both patients and staff.

Nuffield Hospital | Leeds

Royal South Hants Hospital | Hampshire

Supporting the delivery of high quality patient care The NHS Plan talks specifically about a vision of a health service designed around the patient and offering a personalised service. Understanding the needs of the Trust, the staff and the patient is at the heart of what we do.

Friarige Hospital | North Yorkshire

General Hospitals Being aware of the environmental impact of hospitals, whilst providing the latest treatments with their specialist services requirement, is a challenge that we must meet for every hospital facility. Maintaining safety for both patients and staff through specialist communication and alarm systems; including fire, nurse call and baby-tagging systems are a few of the types of systems, which must be incorporated within the envelope of a working hospital. SES has a track record of experience of complex projects, delivered consistently on time and to budget, and often in a ‘live’ environment.

BohoZone | Middlesbrough

Infrastructure and Sustainability The NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy states that the NHS should have a target of reducing its 2007 carbon footprint by 10% by the year 2015. SES has helped to upgrade and maintain numerous hospital site infrastructures and understands fully the implications of long-term maintenance. Tools such as BREEAM Healthcare and the more recent BREEAM XB for existing buildings are processes that we not only understand, but, have had experience of working with for many years. We are totally aware and in touch with the developments and programmes instigated by the Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre (HaCIRIC) and the NHS Sustainable Development Unit, making us informed and able to promote such developments within new projects.

Kingsmill Energy Centre | Mansfield

Corporate Social Responsibility Our commitment to the world we live in Sustainability to us is about using business growth to improve environments and communities now and for future generations. By engaging with customers, end-users and local communities, we create shared understanding of the needs and impacts of our projects, together with a view of what is technically possible and affordable. We understand that there needs to be an appropriate balance between our core financial objectives, increasing our alignment with key stakeholder groups and fulfilling the range of responsibilities to society and the communities in which we operate.

Our approach is simple

Integrated responsibility

We develop and inspire our people to meet the future demands of the business. We seek to minimise our impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and minimising waste.

As an industry we are facing many challenges - the introduction of new legislation, tough new regulations on sustainable building plus a shortage of skilled people. To truly make a difference and accelerate progress in this area, we believe in working in partnership with our customers, suppliers and industry peers.

We support communities through providing opportunities for employment, working with schools, voluntary organisations and local charities. We provide leadership and raise awareness of these issues with all of our stakeholders.

We feel a strong sense of responsibility to the communities we serve and we’re determined to play our part in making them sustainable places to live and work, now and in the future.

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Our values

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Quality Teamwork Honesty & Integrity Safety Enjoyment Innovation Commitment

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Specialising in the design, installation and maintenance of building services solutions for multi-million pound projects, SES has establishe...

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