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INDUSTRY RASTER Upgraded Support Ordered for WorldView-3 Satellite MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) has signed two contracts with DigitalGlobe. Under the first contract, MDA will upgrade the WorldView Production Segment headquarters’ systems previously delivered by MDA to provide full support for the WorldView-3 satellite. WorldView-3, scheduled for launch in 2014, is expected to be the first multi-sensor, super-spectral, high-resolution commercial satellite. Under the second contract, MDA will provide operational support and enhancements to the Production Segment headquarters systems. These systems process information from DigitalGlobe’s constellation of imaging satellites to generate a wide variety of image products. MDA’s systems are in operation 24/7 yearround, to help DigitalGlobe support its worldwide government and commercial customers. Wendy Keyzer;

New Landsat Images Released NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) have released the first images from the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) satellite, which was launched February 11. The natural-color images show the intersection of the Great Plains and the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and Colorado. In the images, green coniferous forests in the mountains stretch down

to the brown plains with Denver and other cities strung south to north. Since launch, LDCM has been going through on-orbit testing. The mission operations team has completed its review of all major spacecraft and instrument subsystems, and performed multiple spacecraft attitude maneuvers to verify the ability to accurately point the instruments.

Services Engine Extends Image Analysis Capabilities Exelis Visual Information Solutions, a subsidiary of ITT Exelis, has released new technology that makes it possible for organizations to easily extend image analysis capabilities to an entire user base through a cloud or enterprise framework. The new product, ENVI Services Engine, is based on the scientific algorithms in ENVI image analysis software. It was developed in response to the growing adoption of cloud computing in government agencies as shrinking budgets and massive amounts of geospatial data necessitate more efficient systems. ENVI Services Engine allows agencies to quickly and easily create, publish and deploy advanced image analytics as Web services. These services are then made available from a server on thin and mobile clients so that data from airborne and satellite imagery can be used for more informed and faster decision-making. The area of ISR data analytics is a strategic growth area for Exelis. ENVI image analysis products are already widely used in the military and intelligence sector, allowing the forward deployed to use imagery to detect targets, locate threats, coordinate safe troop movement, and identify important terrain conditions. The new cloud-based ENVI product delivers significant benefits, including cost savings through lower capital investment and ease of management, quality control and the flexibility to scale up or down to meet demand. Kristen Maglia;

Platform Combines Open-Source Intel, Geospatial Collaboration TerraGo has unveiled its new Location Intelligence Platform, an enterprise-level software solution that combines open-source intelligence gathering with geospatial collaboration, enabling organizations to discover location intelligence from any source, integrate geospatial intelligence and deliver situational awareness to anyone, anywhere, in online and bandwidth-restricted environments. In addition 14 | GIF 11.3

to showcasing the TerraGo Location Intelligence Platform, TerraGo unveiled new company branding, logo and imagery, which unifies and reflects the fusion of the company’s innovative discovery, integration and collaboration capabilities. The TerraGo Platform helps organizations automate the process of monitoring, discovering and geospatially visualizing relevant unstructured information from any source with TerraGo

GeoXray, which mines and processes content from news feeds, blog posts and social media. TerraGo’s geospatial collaboration software helps users produce, access, update and share that location intelligence using TerraGo’s family of innovative GeoPDF technologies, including TerraGo Publisher, TerraGo Composer, TerraGo Toolbar and TerraGo Mobile. Renee Wagner;