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expertise for large organizations looking to bring order and clarity from massive amounts of disparate data in real time. SAIC provides its customers this offering for real-time big data ingest, processing, analysis and predictions of what comes next. “These highly tailorable tools include DigitalEdge, Scale2Insight, DigitalEcho and SAIC Expert Services,” Zitz added. Northrop Grumman is focused on the needs of mission partners for defining, orchestrating and executing capabilities. This includes “smart “collection systems and sensors, automating data processing, and analysis.” “Our core customers include various intelligence agencies, the Department of Defense and other federal agencies,” radars detect, classify and track human and vehicular traffic for real-time and forensic analysis in this AGI partner (Suritec) White stated. “We’re bringing some of Mobile application, Hyperstar. Hyperstar analyzes and guides pattern of life analysis in support of activity-based intelligence, and is used to the best-of-breed technology, capabil- determine the presence and movement of insurgents and marine poaching activity. [Photo courtesy of AGI] ity and expertise from different sources and cross-sharing that with our customers.” AGI software applied to the large data set represented by the Northrop Grumman’s goal is to give the power back to the space catalogue processes thousands of continuously moving operational mission user. objects (spacecraft), and through the fusion of multiple sensors on “To accomplish this goal, we are developing intelligence tools the same object, assesses whether unusual behavior or maneuvers and applications that can plug-and-play with many legacy syshave occurred while modeling trending and maneuver prediction. tems,” White said. “We excel at developing smarter collection Further, the details and implications of that maneuver are reported systems and sensors, and developing the systems to process and in near real time to the analyst. This process is automated and runs capabilities to analyze the data—full end-to-end mission ABI.” in real time. Logos Technologies offers highly experienced ABI practitio“Since AGI software operates in four domains, it is possible to ners who are deployed in theater, as well as ABI training, tool automate cross-cueing between intelligence and assets,” Aves said. and tradecraft development. “This means a target of interest observed or identified through “Our ABI experts have, for example, provided analytic and one data set (such as Twitter data) can be used to trigger an imagtechnical support to OCONUS missions and served as coordinaing opportunity from a known aviation or space asset, in another tors for live ABI training exercises held at an interagency venue,” domain, since all mobile assets are depicted and modeled in AGI’s Marion explained. “In addition, we provide imagery from our software suite.” Kestrel wide-area sensor to support ABI training.” The BAE Systems task order, which was awarded in December Logos also provides tailored development, customization and 2012, falls under the NGA’s Total Application Services for Enterprise consultation on government and commercial off-the-shelf ABI Requirements (TASER) program. tools. In addition, it offers intelligent data indexing and storage BAE Systems’ ABI solution employs advanced software analysis solutions, to build technically robust and agile cross-domain tools integrated with COTS computing infrastructure to automate data archives. “These capabilities maximize data compression, the ingestion, storage and processing of large volumes of intelliwhile preserving intelligence value and maximizing the speed of gence data across multiple sources. This solution enables intelliquery and retrieval in networked and stand-alone implementagence analysts to better identify adversarial activity patterns, and tions,” he said. helps them achieve a greater understanding of the relationships between individuals, their activities and their transactions. BAE Systems’ ABI streamlines processes to enhance analyst productivGraphics-Rich Interface ity, rapidly turning data into actionable intelligence. The TASER-ABI contract focuses on the delivery of an ABI proIn its efforts to help implement an ABI methodology, AGI duction system, including engineering, system integration, and develops software technology that provides a graphics-rich application sustainment. BAE Systems has teamed with a number of interface for the depiction, collation and analysis of very large partners to deliver its solution, including Esri, Harris, HumanGEO, temporal and geospatially located, multi-domain datasets. Intelligent Software Solutions, Lightspeed Technologies, Pixia, “This means that data from a sensor (radar, imagery, Radiant Blue Technologies and Signal Innovations Group. O HUMINT) from any domain (land, sea, air, space) can be depicted and collated, with its associated or computed error bounds, in the AGI software framework for exploitation and further analFor more information, contact GIF Editor Harrison Donnelly ysis,” explained Peter Aves, Ph.D., AGI business development at or search our online archives for related stories at director.

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