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Abortion! Murder, to better put it. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy, to end the life before its actually born, however it can viewed two completely different ways. To those who are against abortion it is considered murder because your ending the life of another human being. On the other hand those who favor abortion say its the women's choice to do what she desires of herself. Either way which is right and which is wrong? What happens is that a women can decide, before she can give birth, wether or not she wants that being to actually being born. When a women has an abortion she decides to prevent the fetus or embryo from growing and destroys it. When people against abortion view it, all they see is a women killing a human being and this, in many parts of the world, is always punished. They believe that no one has the choice to take or give someone their life and this is true, only god has that decision. However, on the other side they think that the fetus isn't truly living because its still dependent on the mother and will continue so until birth. Thus, meaning destroying it isn't murder. People may call a fetus or an Embryo, but its still a human nothing else but a human. There are two different views on abortion. There are the Pro-choice view and Pro-life's view. Pro-choice believe the woman have a choice on what they do with their body. Then Pro-life believe everyones has the right to live and no one can take someones life away. Many Prochoice viewers Martinez 2

argue that the fetus isn't in fact considered living until after birth. There is not much difference between a potential baby and a newborn baby, in the bible they're both referred to as brephos. Doctors may refer to them as fetus, embryo or zygote. Scientifically they may not be living but the fact is that they're still little humans. People may refer to them however they want but they are what they are. Lincoln once said," people how many legs does a horse have?" Everyone answered,"four," he replied,"correct, now what if you called its tail a leg?" Everyone replied,"five." "Wrong," said Lincoln,"just because you call it a leg doesn't make it a leg, it is what it is and thats a tail." Same thing with a baby, people may refer to it as a fetus or any other scientific name,yet the child is still a human, it is what is not what its called. If we listen closely to what the bible has to say about murder and when we come to be considered living we see that we are sinners before actual birth. This means that to god we were living before we ever came to this world. For example, Psalm 139 4-6.("Before a word is on my tongue you,lord,know it completely. You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.) By understanding it clearly we see that the womb of our mother was the starting place of our life, that we were considered sinners before we were ever actually born. However, a fetus is just as much a human as a forty year old man. Simply because its developing or doesn't have a heart beat until seven weeks doesn't make it less a being because the bible clearly states a fetus is a being. Medical records show that after three weeks the baby's heart, brain and signal cord are developing and even if you abort beforehand no one can be 100% sure this isn't murder. Martinez 3 Those who argue in favor of abortion believe that its pro-choice, that the mother can do what

she pleases. Taking the life of a person cant be the mothers choice. However, many people simply do it because its the easy way out. They never come to think that they're taking someones life away. The average of the people who have abortions simply do it because its convenient, they only see whats good for them. For example teens, many abortions come from teens because they don't fully understand what they're doing and also its the way they live, ads, Television and other things that influence them. Teenagers know that they can simply abort if they accidentally get pregnant, thus making it for them not to ever think of preventing the pregnancy. The problem here is that people know they can simply abort the child and not worry. Now they can enjoy a sexual experience and not care about pregnancy because they have the option to have an abortion. Heres the problem, why can't people simply use protection; use something to prevent the fetus from ever starting to develop. If people simply used protection never would they have to worry about murder because they wouldn't be pregnant to begin with. If abortion where illegal people would do whatever possible to protect themselves because they know once they're pregnant theres not many ways out. Those in favor of abortion also argue that the baby cant feel pain until it is born. This however has been proven completely false. By six to eight weeks there are enough nerve pathways in order for messages to be sent from the body to the brain. This is what people don't understand, how would you like being pinched, cut or even poisoned. Most likely you would squirm or pull away to prevent from the pain, to try to escape it. This exactly how pre-born babies react, they struggle because they are being hurt, hurt until the point where they can no longer exist. Martinez 4 With advanced technology we are now able to see the reactions of children to things such as

sound,light or touch. After twenty weeks the baby can reacts to these things by movement indicating that they feel, hear and perhaps partially see. If you were to poke a baby at twenty weeks its fist would clump up because it can feel the pain or becomes scared. Whatever people say about pre-borns not feeling pain is false because it is proven that at twenty weeks its fully capable of feeling pain meaning that before twenty weeks it could feel partial. Knowing how much and when isn't quite know, but we do however know they too feel pain. Many also argue that abortion cant be stopped that it only gets more unsafe this is false we need to educate people about protection. Many people now, especially teenagers, have begun to think of abortion as a form of birth control. This is wrong because murdering isn't protection; protection is beforehand, before the child is ever come to be anything at all inside the mother. If abortion where made illegal then teenagers would have to think more about having sexual experiences and would use protection more often. Teenagers know, that since they can simply abort a child, they don't have to worry. Now if they knew they couldn't abort then they would worry and think. The questions of how they would care for it and how it effects them would come to mind. It may be that people would still have abortions illegally but the amount of pre-borns being murdered would be reduced. Eventually many people would die, thus being examples to others that illegal abortions can lead to death and that its better to use protection than to abort after the child has developed. The thought of having to abort illegally would be a painful one and will cause many to prevent pregnancy, fearing the pain and complications with aborting. Martinez 5 When have you ever actually seen abortion being clean and simple? never! This is false! There are various ways of abortion and all of them give you a bad feeling when you understand

how it occurs. Partial-Birth Abortion, this is a type of abortion that was outlawed in 2007, it involved delivering the baby feet first and then the head is punctured with a sharp object. Once this is complete they suction the brain out; this method is used at twenty weeks of development. Dilation and Evacuation, this method involves the use of sharp tools to turn and twist the baby inside the womb until is crushed into various pieces. Once this is completed they simply remove the pieces out of the womb. Finally, we have Saline Abortion. This process involves the use of saltwater; saltwater is poured into the mothers womb and the baby will be forced to swallow the fluid,thus poisoning it. This is a painful process for the child because it takes up to 24 hours and burns the child's body tissue, eventually the entire body. These forms of abortion are not clean at all nor are they simple. People have to understand that being there and actually ending the life a pre-born isn't clean at all, theres definitely blood and the body is still noticeable just as much as ours is when we die. To the mother it may seem clean because she wants to go on with the process, but the mother doesn't feel what the baby does. Yes, it is true women can do what they please with their body and they do it so there life doesn't become more complicated. However, the benefits from having an abortion are far less than the amount of risks involved. When women decide to have an abortion they do it because they don't want to have to deal with a problem or a child. This child will now be another thing that the mother has to care for and put time into. This will be a great amount of time and money that will Martinez 6 come from the mothers pocket. Yes, it might be that women chooses to abort in order to escape the stress and complications; however when you abort there are much more health risks and

complications. The nine most common complications include infection,excessive bleeding, embolism, possible ripping of the uterus, anesthesia complications,convulsion, hemorrhage, cervical injury and endotoxic shock. All of these complications are considered to be "Major" and are to be taken serious. Besides these complications, after abortion, there have been over one hundred that are associated with the induced abortion. Thus meaning, people who abort might be relieved because they no longer worry about the child, but now theres all these possible complications that could occur. Why would you take someones life just for your benefits when thousands of people would be willing to adopt a child? Many women who decide or think of having an abortion never think of instead putting the child up for adoption. They instead decide to simply abort when there is roughly around 1.5 million couples waiting to adopt a child. The surprising thing is that every year around 1.6 million children are killed by abortion and only 50,000 are actually available for adoption. Meaning, people decide to get rid of a child and take risks of having problems in the future rather than to just give birth and give it away to a couple who would be willing to take care of the child. People sometimes come to think that the child will simply be taken away and you wont hear of it again. No! Nowadays everything is arranged so that the adoptive parents are selected by the mother herself. She chooses the parents she wants for her child and can even interview them to see if they meet her requirements. Once everything is set up they can also arrange on a way for the Martinez 7 mother to see her child but this to be discussed by both the adoptive and actual parent.

Abortion isn't good for various reasons but personally it can cause much pain and problems in the future. Many women tend to have abortions to get away from the stress of having to raise a child but is instead are known to be more depressed than someone who hasn't had an abortion. Patients seem to also show signs of mental problems, some being nervous disorders and sleep disturbances. Researchers found that 44% of patients had nervous disorders and 36% had sleep disturbances. An astonishing 36% of the patients had regrets about their decisions and wished they could decide again. Guilt, many people who have abortions also have plenty of guilt; after the abortion they tend to believe that anything bad that happens to them is suppose to happen because they deserve it. After and induced abortion Premature birth chances are also increased. During an abortion the cervix is opened before its ready to deliver the baby and can sometimes tear the cervical muscle. The cervical muscle has to be stretched in order to enter the uterus in order to complete the abortion. However, sometimes the cervical muscle can be torn due to the extent of the tear and damage to the cervix. Depending on how damaged and weak the muscle is during the next pregnancy, it could be that the muscle will open prematurely and the baby wont be fully developed. Women defiantly have the right to do what they please with their body. However here theres two different hearts, two different brains and two different bodies. Many people argue that abortion is wrong because its murder. Abortion can also be considered wrong because the woman isn't really doing what she wants with her body,but with her premature child. This isn't correct, people would understand if what she did was to herself, but now you see that she's hurting another Martinez 8

human. Thats not her body; thats the baby being developed in her body. This shows that abortion cant be considered Pro-choice because the child isn't considered her body. Abortion can be and will continue to be viewed as both a good and a bad. Either way, people need to see the fact that abortion is a bad idea and results in more problems then it does actually help. A Human is a human it doesn't matter if they call it a fetus or embryo; it will always be a human. The Bible also comes to show us that we were sinners before we were even born; this tells us that to god we're living even when where in our mothers womb. This is proof that abortion is murder. If people could use protection to prevent pregnancy, abortion would never even come to mind. We need to understand to stop this issue you have to stop it from the start and that with protection. People can argue all day long that a pre-born doesn't feel pain,but its been proven. At twenty weeks the child can feel, hear and perhaps see some. This is not good, it indicates that abortion is torture to the baby and shouldn't be legal. Not only does it hurt the child, but the mother as well; abortions aren't clean nor simple. They are nasty and horrible to view, much blood and torn tissue is seen during an abortion and this isn't a pretty picture. There are about 20 times the number of children murdered through abortion than there are put for adoption. This isn't right, women have chosen to kill rather than to give birth and place for adoption. There are many people who are willing to adopt but not many who want to give birth. As you can see abortion isn't pretty nor is it correct. Those who are for abortion need to understand that this is murder; abortion includes the life of another being. The life of a child should never be the choice of the mother or anyone. Abortion is good and its has proven that it painful, not Martinez 9

correct and just a way for people to not feel stressed. Abortion should be prevented and stopped forever.

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