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What is Multiple Domain Hosting (MDH)? By definition, multiple domain hosting is the ability to host multiple websites (domains) on a solitary account using only one provider. This way, a client can avoid the continual purchasing of extra hosting services and all domains can be accessed on the same server. The Reasoning Behind Multiple Domain Hosting If you presently own a website, chances are you have considered shared hosting. It is simply the most common, low cost path to demonstrating your web presence. This is due to the sheer structure of the layout. With shared hosting, web hosting companies can provide a much less expensive service because storage capacity, bandwidth and other resources are shared between a number of clients, thus lowering the cost of overhead. This is a wonderful thing! However, it becomes a different story later down the road when you want to expand your web presence. Then you will probably want to set up more websites. In order to accomplish this, you would normally have to purchase a separate account for each new website (domain) you wish to create. For example, if you have a need for three different websites, you would have to set up three different hosting accounts. Think of the expense you would accrue just in hosting fees every month. Thanks to multiple domain hosting, you need not have that headache. Managing a multitude of sites can be an expensive endeavor, but multiple domain hosting is one of the cheaper, more viable methods offered today. PERKS Exposure - Having multiple domain names is a very good way to expand your business. It increases your chances to make big profits! The more websites you have the greater your exposure. Cost Effective - As previously stated, having multiple domains on a single account is much more economical than buying several hosting packages. It is also a lot easier to pay one bill for all your sites than to pay one per site. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Having more than one domain can also optimize your search engine ranking because you can create a network of websites that link to one another using back links. In this way, you can bring in more visitors, therefore, more profit. Speed - MDH provides the necessary speed required for customers to enjoy a multitude of sites. Since those sites will be housed on the same server, a customer can access them much faster

than if they were separate. Space - With many domains comes the need for extra storage space for each site. This allows webmasters the unlimited disk space they need in which to update and expand each of their sites as their business grows. Software - There is little doubt that the single most important piece of software is indeed the control panel (cPanel). This tool is the brain of the outfit. It allows the webmaster the freedom to upgrade, make changes, upload, delete and so much more. This great management tool is offered by just about every web hosting provider! Support - With so many domains assigned to a server, a team of support professionals will be there to monitor 24/7/365. This benefits the client in a couple of ways. First, support can answer any questions the webmaster may have and secondly, take care of any questions the customer has that the webmaster may not be able to answer. This is pivotal in retaining customer satisfaction. Domain Names - Another perk of MDH is that the actual domain names themselves are very affordable and easy to acquire. Terms Add-on domains - An additional domain name aligned with your cPanel account. Each add-on domain is stored in its own directory which you can configure. This allows you to manage multiple domains from a solitary cPanel account. Add-on domains must be registered with a domain name registrar to work. Domain - The name you give your website, which will appear in your website's URL and email addresses. An example would be, where "example" is meant for your domain's name. Parked Domain - A second domain that points to your primary domain. When users attempt to access the parked domain, they will see your main website. For example, both "" and "" go to the same place, as is a parked domain for Sub-domain - A subsection of your website that exists as a sub-directory in your home folder. If your domain were, then the sub-domain URL would appear as URL Redirection - This is an extremely useful service aimed at helping users point their domains or sub-domains to certain URLs when necessary. This is usually needed in cases where a certain website is no longer available under its original domain name. All users linking to it will certainly be informed of this change. Thus, this cool functionality helps website owners protect the importance of the incoming links to their websites. Concerns

Despite the many benefits, there are a couple of shortcomings that bear mention! These include: Traffic Build-Up! One of the biggest issues with multiple domain hosting is the accumulation of traffic. If a website or group of websites becomes popular, and let's face it, we hope that they do, traffic increases will eat up bandwidth, server storage space and other resources the customer is paying for. Devastating Downtime! The other pitfall is the disastrous results of a server going down. Hey, if it can happen to Google, it can happen to anybody! Since all aspects of all sites are on a single server, if that server goes down, everything goes down with it. I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a trustworthy and reliable hosting provider. It is the most important decision you will make for your website(s). The good news is that most servers rarely go down. Furthermore, any respectable web hosting provider has backup servers in case of a natural disaster or a malicious attack. If a problem does occur, the system switches from the primary server to the backup with next to no time lost. When searching for a provider, it is critical to obtain information as to the amount of time it takes to switch servers. SOLUTION? To avoid this, you can opt for a VPS or a dedicated hosting solution to ensure that you have more than enough resources to oversee your websites.

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