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HIDDEN HUNGRY Campaign to raise $50,000 to feed San Diego seniors

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Board of Directors Molly Cartmill-Board Chair Marcus DiFiore Martha K. Guy Gwenmarie Hilleary Dale Isaacs Karen Kolnes Carole Lindsey Betty McIntyre Jordan Meyers Jarvis Mueller P. Vien Nguyen Lowell Potiker Arlene Prater Paul Sanit Jerry Schneider Sam Sherman

Paul Downey, President & CEO

Serving Seniors 525 14th St Suite 200 San Diego CA 92101 (619) 235-6572

Mission Statement

Helping seniors in poverty live healthy and fulfilling lives

Serving Seniors was a finalist for the San Diego Regional Chamber Small Business Awards in the Outstanding Nonprofit Category.  


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Flu Prevention


Dental Center Opening

In collaboration with Congressman Scott Peters Office, Serving Seniors  welcomed Joe Garbanzos to advise seniors on California's Coordinated Care Initiative – Cal MediConnect and tips on how to enroll during Medicare Open Enrollment.  


On a Mission to Serve Seniors

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Legislative Spotlight

Supervisor Ron Roberts Supervisor Ron Roberts has represented the Fourth Supervisorial District since 1994. The Fourth District is considered the most ethnically diverse area in San Diego County. Supervisor Roberts focuses his efforts on a wide variety of issues including foster youth, public safety, supporting the regional economy, and improving the quality of life for vulnerable seniors. This year, Supervisor Roberts focused on helping our most vulnerable homeless individuals. Research has shown that people living on the streets often have mental health conditions with complex needs. To address this issue, the Board of Supervisors, at the urging of Supervisor Roberts and his colleague Supervisor Greg Cox, adopted “Project One for All” – a comprehensive strategy to ensure individuals with serious mental illness have access to intensive treatment paired with housing. This model is similar to the Homeless Prevention Program at Serving Seniors, which connects homeless seniors with case managers who provide them with access to meals, health services, and counseling. Our clients work with case managers to set up individualized case plans with the goal of achieving stable housing and successful independent living. With a 92 percent success rate, we know first-hand that this model works. The number of homeless individuals in San Diego County has been steadily rising. According to recent estimates conducted by the Regional Task Force on the Homeless, there are more than 8,500 homeless individuals in the county, with 14.4 percent of them suffering from a serious mental illness. They often over utilize emergency medical and law enforcement resources. It is both humane and cost-effective to provide permanent supportive housing rather than leaving our neighbors on the streets.

KICK THE By creating a T partnership between communities local government and nonprofit organizations Project I R E S One for All helps to alleviate the problem We applaud Supervisor Roberts for his efforts and are grateful for ,

his longtime support of Serving Seniors.







LEGISLATIVE CORNER Presidential Election With the presidential election behind us, it is time to start thinking about the potential impact for older adults. Neither major party campaign made aging issues a priority in their platform, however, here is what we might expect from the Trump Administration based on campaign statements. Elder Care Proposal: A deduction of up to $5,000 per year for elder care costs necessary to keep a family member working outside the home. Medicare & Prescription Drug Costs: Propose a change in the current law which doesn't allow Medicare to negotiate with drug companies. Social Security: Opposes raising the Social Security retirement age, would not change the way Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) are made, and pledged no cuts to Social Security. The Trump Administration transition team has launched a website to solicit legislative ideas from the public. We encourage you to be an advocate for making aging policy a priority by suggesting the Administration focus on the following issues: 1. Senior Hunger More than nine million older adults face the threat of hunger. Increase funding for congregate and home-delivered meal programs and improve access for vulnerable seniors to maintain health and independence. 2. Long-Term Care Millions of people will need some long-term care services in their lifetime but Medicare does not cover the costs, and private insurance is not affordable for many Americans. 3. Funding for Senior Programs The Older Americans Act is drastically underfunded and cannot meet the growing need of nutrition programs, fall prevention education, caregiver support, and elder abuse protection. Many senior centers have waiting lists for services. 4. Medicare Low-Income Protections Half of Medicare beneficiaries have incomes below $24,500. Yet, on average, they must pay more than $5,000 annually out-of-pocket for their health care needs. These seniors face impossible decisions each month on whether to spend their limited incomes on medicine, food, or rent. CLICK HERE to share these priorities with the Trump Administration.

MEDICARE OPEN ENROLLMENT The Medicare Open Enrollment Period is here, from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7, current Medicare users can adjust or change plans to ensure access to the services the best fit their needs. Original Medicare is two parts: Part A covers hospitalization, skilled nursing care facilities after a qualifying hospital stay, hospice, and medically necessary nursing home care and home health services, and Part B covers medical expenses and preventative services. Instead of Original Medicare, you can purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C). These alternative plans, offered by private insurance companies, often include prescription drug coverage and cover more services than Original Medicare such as vision and health and wellness programs. A prescription drug plan (Part D) is available to everyone with Medicare. Part D plans vary in cost and the types of prescriptions that are covered. People with limited incomes and resources may be eligible for help paying their Medicare premiums and deductibles. If your income is less than $17,820 if single and $24,030 if married, you may also qualify for Medicare Rx Extra Help to cover prescription drugs. The National Council on Aging (NCOA) Benefits CheckUp is a resource to find benefit programs that could help you pay for healthcare and medications. No one can tell you which Medicare plan is right for you. However, the federal government provides an online plan finder that helps narrow down plans available in your area, and includes information such as a list of approved prescription drugs. Visit to learn more about this service. HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program) also provides free and objective Medicare counseling and education. Please call 1-800-434-0222 for more information. If you need help locating a resource, please contact Serving Seniors’ Carlos Ochoa-Mendez at 619-487-0719. SERVING SENIORS I 5

Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness that can be severe and life­threatening, especially for older adults. Serving Seniors President and CEO Paul Downey speaks on how important it is for older adults to get vaccinated

Flu Prevention The single best way to help prevent the flu is to get an annual vaccination 

Flu vaccination is a Medicare benefit with no copay. A higher­dose option is widely available; talk to your health care provider about flu vaccine options 





5 ways to Protect, Learn, Understand, and Safeguard Yourself Against the Flu Flu Hits Older Adults the Hardest, Yet Many Underestimate the Seriousness of the Flu The 2014­2015 flu season recorded the highest hospitalization rates among people 65 years of age and older in recent history.  82% are not extremely confident in their knowledge of the age­related decline of the immune system as it relates to the flu. Only 13% of seniors are extremely confident in their knowledge of possible flu complications.

This Is Especially True for Adults with Chronic Conditions, Yet Many Seniors Are Unaware of the Link Between the Flu and Chronic Conditions Up to 80% of adults hospitalized from flu complications in past flu seasons had a chronic health condition. About one third of people 65 years of age and older are unaware that someone with chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes would be at risk for complications from the flu.

Many Older Adults Get Vaccinated Against the Flu Every Year and Follow Their Health Care Professionals’ Recommendations 71% of older adults reported getting an annual flu shot to help maintain their health. Health care professionals influence their patients’ decisions related to flu vaccination. 62% got a flu shot in the past because their physician recommended it. 57% are more likely to get a flu shot if their doctor recommended it because of their age. 41% got the type of flu shot they did because it was recommended by their physician.

However, Many Seniors Are Unaware of Their Flu Vaccine Options 65% think most flu shots are appropriate for all age groups. 50% are not confident in their knowledge of different types of flu shots.

Further Education and Resources Are Needed When It Comes to the Flu Only 8% of survey respondents are concerned about getting the flu despite seniors’ high hospitalization rates; This highlights the need for further education about the seriousness of the flu.  88% of older adults take a proactive approach to their health; however, about as many are not confident in their knowledge of the flu and where to get flu information. 82% are not extremely confident in their knowledge of resources for information about the flu.





Serving Seniors President & CEO Paul Downey, Dr. Karen Beccera, Congressman Scott Peters, Gary West, Shelley Lyford, Assembly Member Toni Atkins, Supervisor Ron Roberts

Dental Center Opening October 5, 2016

The Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center grand opening was October 5th. Gary West, Congressman Scott Peters, Speaker Emeritus of the Assembly Toni Atkins, Supervisor Ron Roberts, and Shelly Lyford were in attendance. They have all been long-time advocates for San Diego's senior community. Housed within Serving Seniors flagship facility, the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center, the new Gary & Mary West Senior Dental Center takes a comprehensive and coordinated approach to our wellness model that links affordable oral healthcare to a variety of nutrition, case management and wellness services offered through Serving Seniors. SERVING SENIORS



UNDERSTANDING THE COMPREHENSIVE GERIATRIC ASSESSMENT The Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) is a multipurpose instrument that provides a detailed picture of the well-being of the clients we serve. For clients interested in dental services and/or the social services available at Serving Seniors, the CGA is the primary triage element that identifies needs, recognizes barriers and puts into motion the actions, referrals, and resources needed to ensure that our clients can continue living healthy and independent lives. In addition to traditional metrics of basic demographics and physical and mental health status, the CGA covers ground in domains such as housing security, client’s quality of life, functional status, nutrition, fall risk, and health literacy. The results of the CGA are reviewed and scored on a tiered system that identifies areas where a client may be at risk. If it is a social service need, the client is directed to our supportive services staff, if it is a medical or mental health need, referral is provided to our nursing staff.


THERE IS A LINK BETWEEN ORAL HEALTH AND OVERALL HEALTH Poor oral health is one of the most significant health problems facing seniors today.

The CGA is also the primary support mechanism for the collaboration between Serving Seniors and the West Senior Dental Center (WSDC) in the development of a care coordination model. The population we serve present complexities that can weave through multiple domains. Overall health is not merely the absence of disease but the manner in which an older adult can manage biopsychosocial stressors. For some of our clients, their needs are chronic and require a detailed intervention plan

Chronic Health Issues More than 70 percent of adults 65 and older have periodontal disease which may be associated with chronic health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory disease.

For clients who may need that level of assistance, the care coordination program is available to be the critical piece to fill in the gaps. Whether it be a client with multiple chronic physical health conditions with numerous medical providers and an extensive prescription list, an individual struggling with mental health issues, a person struggling with securing satisfactory housing or a person having problems with entitlements and benefits, the care coordination team is ready to develop and implement interventions and solutions.

Dental Issues Increase Health Risks 28 percent increase in risk of heart attacks, 14 percent increase in risk of breast cancer, and 430 percent increase in risk of strokes.




On a Mission to Serve Seniors Story by Lisa Deaderick I Photo by Nelvin C. Cepeda

Paul Downey started as a volunteer with Serving Seniors, a local non­profit that works to help seniors in poverty through various programs to support their health and living conditions. Now, 30 years later, he serves as the organization’s president and CEO, a position he’s held for more than 20 of those years, while also serving as chair of the California Commission on Aging and has been appointed to the board of the American Society on Aging. “We are a one­stop shop of compassionate care for San Diego’s poorest seniors,” he says, noting programs like meal delivery, housing, education, or exercise. “There is a direct correlation between keeping seniors healthy and their independence. Independent seniors are happy, productive members of the community.” Downey, 57, lives in Mount Helix with his wife. A former journalist, and press secretary for the mayor’s office in San Diego, he began volunteering for Serving Seniors while he was working at San Diego City Hall. He took some time to talk about his work with the local non­profit, the state commission and national organization, and the specific challenges faced by low­income seniors.

Q: Why did you want to work for Serving Seniors? A: I grew up in a suburban middle class family and only knew about poverty from the news and college classes, but I had never seen the physical, mental and emotional toll of living in poverty until I started volunteering at Serving Seniors. The visceral impact of speaking with seniors who literally did not know where they would sleep that night or where their next meal might come from profoundly changed me. I was inspired by the stories of perseverance and hope despite the odds from people who had not caught many breaks in their lives.

Q: Which programs does Serving Seniors offer that seem to get the greatest response from the people you serve? A: Our most important program is providing 600,000 nutritious meals annually in San Diego County to seniors living in poverty. We serve the meals at 10 sites and deliver to about 500 home-bound seniors each day. Our flagship facility, the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center downtown, serves meals and provides services 365 days per year. … Studies have shown that a nutritious meal for a senior is as important as taking medications and exercising to maintain and improve overall health. A program with major impact is our Homeless Prevention Program. It is a “housing first” model that gets seniors off the street and into their own unit with intensive case management. We are very proud that 91 percent of seniors coming through this program have remained permanently housed. Continued on

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Wellness Center Happenings 1


HALLOWEEN PARTY Hosted by National Charity League of San Dieguito. Seniors enjoyed candy, a costume contest and danced the Monster Mash!


The walking group who meet twice a week to get out and explore San Diego just celebrated their first year of a operation with a special celebration for walking group members.



The knitting and crocheting class meets 2 - 3 times per week to teach new students and share projects . Many seniors also sell their unique projects at craft fairs .


The Feeling Fit Club meets twice per week and the teachings of balance, health and exercise have become so popular the class has expanded to two sessions per day




Monthly a birthday party is hosted for all seniors complete with cake , a birthday gift and celebrating with friends .

CLICK HERE for a complete calendar of Wellness Center activities and events SERVING SENIORS I 11









How to start your own Fundraising page

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Click Here to get started! Simply click on "Become a Fundraiser" and fill in your information to get started! Click "Save & Finish" Your page is now live! You can now customize it with photos, stories and why Serving Seniors matters so much to you. Take a moment to send your page out through email, Facebook or Twitter to let everyone know that you're working to feed San Diego's Hidden Hungry!

This year, we have set our goal for $50,000 to be able to feed even more seniors. Our dear friends Marge and Neal Schmale have also graciously agreed to match new and increased donations up to $50,000 to support the campaign.

We need your help to reach our goal of



The campaign runs this year from October 26 - December 31

Thank you so much for your support! SERVING SENIORS I 13


Do you want to be the highlight of someone's day? Even though one hour might not mean much to you, that hour means the world to seniors who depend on YOU to ease the isolation in which they live

Ways to Get Involved: Serve lunch Teach a class Host a social activity Celebrate holidays Share travel experiences Share your cultural traditions

We have a dedicated group of volunteers including individuals, corporate groups and community partners and would love to have you become a part of our Serving Seniors family

For more information on how you can help, visit the volunteer page on our website


FRED DAVIS Fred Davis was flying high after taking a leap of faith and fulfilling a lifelong dream of jumping out of a plane 13,000 feet in the air.  Fred was selected by Jump!, a nonprofit that helps seniors achieve what’s left on their bucket list.  Jump! highlights those special individuals who continue to live inspirational and extraordinary lives. According to Jump!, there are those who give back to community... and then there's Fred! Through civic engagement, ministry and Serving Seniors in San Diego, his drive to help others is unmeasurable.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Fred and his skydiving adventure.




Those who frequent the Gary & Mary West Senior Wellness Center cannot miss encountering Fred Davis. Nearly everyone will recognize him as the man who directs and coordinates the volunteer crews in the serving of lunch. Sometimes, he serves meals himself. However, Fred's energy and activities reach well beyond the dining room. He is a leading figure on the Serving Seniors Civic Engagement Committee and is actively involved in the greater San Diego senior community as a tireless advocate on behalf of causes that actively affect wellbeing of seniors, particularly those struggling to get by on limited financial resources. Fred Davis Experience of  Lifetime Honoree 2014

Fred inherited his father's enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and became a partner in his father's business. This venture took him to the San Jose area in 1979 where he continued to work as a painting contractor until the early 2000s at which point he decided to retire. Retirement, Fred soon decided, was not in his blood. His entrepreneurial spirit and boundless energy drove him to launch a second business career, this time in Mortgage and Real Estate. Early in his years in the Silicon Valley, Fred encountered two all too visible manifestations of human misfortune that tugged at his conscience: the plight of the homeless and the condition of the elderly poor. The experience led him to take on a new roll, that of an advocate on behalf of the homeless and needy seniors.

Fred Davis and Yolanda Maldonado , 2015 Senior Prom King & Queen 

When his mother took ill in 2005, Fred began making frequent trips to San Diego and eventually moved to the area in 2008. Fred's intention was to turn his advocacy role into a vocation, or, as Fred prefers to call it, his "ministry". Fred began his ministry in San Diego by volunteering with Serving Seniors. This quickly became his central base of operations while his ministry expanded to include involvement in the County of San Diego's Aging and Independence Services, where he sits on the Executive Board of the agency's Advisory Council. Fred was also elected to the California Senior Legislature, which helps preserve and enhance the quality of life for older Californians and their families. Adapted from article by Senior Scene Editor/Writer Ted Wills 




TIPS ON SELECTING A CHARITY FOR YOUR END-OF-YEAR GIVING 1. Only give to a charity you know. 2. Do your research! Research an organization before you donate. 3. Ask questions. Real charities are able to tell you how they use their donations and what portion of your contribution will go directly to the group they are trying to help. 4. Do not send to a P.O. Box. Make sure the organization has an actual street address, where you can go and see the charity in action at anytime. 5. Ask for a tour. Or even better just show up unannounced. A reputable charity would be delighted to give you a tour on the spot. 6. There should be no hard sell. Organizations don’t need money “today.” If they cannot give you an answer for what the donation is to be used for then walk away. 7. Leverage your contribution. Often times, reputable organizations will have donors who will match your contribution during their fundraising campaigns.

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving following Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Classy is a peer to peer fundraising tool used to help donors become fundraisers. Amazon Smile is a way to give back if you're already shopping on Amazon sign up to have a portion of the proceeds go to your favorite charity.


H liday Giving Guide White Elephant Sale December 8, 2016

Looking for clothing, household items, socks, small electronics, games, books, children's items and toiletries

Homeless Drive December 17, 2016

Serving Seniors Civic Engagement group is collecting jackets, blankets, toothbrushes & socks for the Homeless in San Diego

All donations can be dropped off at The Gary & Mary West Senior Wellness Center 1525 4th Avenue San Diego CA 92101 Contact Tim Ruis for more information SERVING SENIORS I 19

FALL DONORS August September October ,


Thank you for your continued support of Serving Seniors Cynthia J. Acerno Theresa B. Acerro Willard L. Acrey Dr. Robert W. Adams Eva Aiken Eliot & Sharon Alazraki Barbara L. Alderson Roswitha Alejandre James L. Alford Allstate Giving Campaign Irma J. Alvarez Amazon Smile Dr. Joaquin Anguera Arthur & Barbara Bloom Foundation Frances Astuto Darena Bailey Vicky L. Balmot Jelena Baras Faith M. Beckwith Jacklyn Bennett Lori Berg Stephen C. Beuerle James F. Beyster Rebecca Blackburn Diana L. Blanton Dale A. Bowers Stacey C. Bracco Walter D. Brant Lisa A. Brendel Diane Brengle Mr. & Mrs. Glen M. Broom Kathleen Browder Barbara J. Brown La Verne M. Browne Bradford Bruce Richard C. Burhenne Calvin Byrd Sally Cameron Capt. & Mrs. Farnham A. F. Carlucci Mr. & Mrs. Wilfredo Caro

Thomas Carson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cassidy Carlos Castillo Catholic Community Foundation Mrs. & Mrs. John J. Cellini Brian Chambers Dominique Chausse Patsy Chow Chula Vista Community Church Margie Coats Rick Cohen Anthony Colace Robert Cole Crystal Conner Patricia Contreras Patricia Crowder Steven Csakai Mark & Dianne Cusano Debra Daenzer Lou Anne Davis Valerie Day Patricia C. De Lozier-Dexter Jennifer Demarco Derek Quackenbush Family Fund Carole Diaz Benjamin Dillingham III Igor Dombrovsky Charles A. and Diane Downes Paul Downey Sean J. Dynes Pamela Eaton Ilene Edwards Marcia Edwords William M. Eiffert Steven & Sharon Elggren The Elsevier Foundation Kate Engler Evangeline Englert Irene Evans Ron & Jan Falldorf Carole L. Finch

Virginia D. Forrest Mr. & Mrs. William O. Forster Jr. Lenore Froman Ellen Fujikawa Susan P. Gembrowski & Mr. Rex Baker Fred M. Gerson Mary T. Gibson Jeff Glatstein Bernadette Gonzalez Rosemary Grant Roland M. and Sayoko Gray Catherine Gray Gloria E. Gudmundson Allison Gutteridge Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hagee Estelle Harding Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Harless Virginia Hatt Mary Haviland George M. Hecht Susan Heller Monica Heraty Sam & Marguerite Herrick Jr. Karla J. Hertzog Jennifer D. Hiett Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Hirsch Susan M. Hochschwender Ann and Erik Hogen Handy Horiye Robert H. Houston Marjorie A. Hubbell Susan E. Hunter Men Huynh The K Foundation Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Kaiser Permanente Comm. Benefits Laurene K. Kallstrom Christian & Autumn Kelly Karin Kenyon Phyllis Kessel Josephine A. Kiernan

Hisako Koike Kent Koopeman Barbara J. Kowalik Dr. Ines A. Kraft Sridhar Krishnamachari Mr. & Mrs. William E. Lanigan Shirley J. Larson Mr. & Mrs. Juergen Laser Vivian A. Lodes Linda A. Loomis Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Lopez Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Mansard Jr. Mariposa Ice Cream/Partnership Julie Martindale Kari Martone Dianne Mask Carl & Mary Anne Mathewson Stan & Mary Mazyck Michelle Mazzoni Lisa Mednick Robert W. Melton Michael Mendell Gerald W. Miller Bridget Misenhimer Charlotte Mitchell Pamela Moes Rechelle Mojica Jennifer and Allen Molenda Veronica Moreno Sandra J. Morgan Barbara A. Mullins Dennis Murayama Amy Myers Robert and Patricia Nascenzi National Charity League--San Diegito Lois M. Navolt & Alan M. Vigeant Dr. Robert A. Nelson Betty J. Nelson Joyce Nichols Bonnie Nickel Karen J. Oetken Jeanne Ordway

Roberta Orndorff Renee Parker Frances C. Peregoy Mr. & Mrs. Charles Perrot Rio H. Phair Phu Phan Betty Lee Phelps Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Pittrizzi Pittrizzi, LLC Karen A. Pohl Peter Poirier & Diane L. Huftill-Porier Susan K. Potluru Alfreda Reed Judith Ann Richardson Dr. Richard A. Riemann Rosemary P. Roberts Anne D. Roberts Helene Roberts-Kephart Rollo D. Rogers Jr. Sheila Rose Heather Rosing Esq. & Scott Carr Mary Russell & Francis Console Brian Salmon John and Debbie Schilbe Kenneth W. Scholz Mr. & Mrs. Stuart J. Scranton Martha Shively La June F. Singer Cary Smith Shari L. Smith Angie Salmeron Sosa Jeanette Spafford Mr. & Mrs. Klaus Specht Thomas & Bridget Standring David Stapleton Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Stone Peggy J. Stone Mr. & Mrs. C. Edward Storck III Marilyn J. Story Lois Stowell Judy & Stephen Sundquist

Sunset Lodge #328 Audrey M.R. Swartz Z. Marie Sweeney Eleanor Tamayo Dr. Frank Tangherlini Carl Tatina Henry & Louise Taylor The Kula Foundation Gail & Michael Thompson Diane Carol Thornewell Mr. & Mrs. Brian S. Tracy Myluong Tran Kenneth Tritle Truist Susan E. Tucker Anne K. Tuttle Claudine Van Gonka Martha V. Vasquez Brent Wakefield & Christopher Aker Carey Wall Michael Wallace Patricia Walsh Anne Walter Leslie M. Ward Catherine A. Watkins Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Weston Rosa Williams Barbara Glenski Wilmot Nancy L. Wilson Marilyn Wishnek Penny Wollum Brenna Wood Perry & Ann Wright Your Cause Dorothy L. Zenski Judith Zika Ruth Zipkin Elizabeth L. Zonker

525 14th Street Suite 200 San Diego CA 92101 619) 435-6572 (

CLICK HERE to make a donation to Serving Seniors. Your gift makes nutritious meals, health and wellness services, affordable housing and lifelong learning opportunities available to those who need it most, low-income seniors in San Diego.

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Serving Seniors Fall 2016  

Features include: Senior Wellness Center events, Flu Prevention, Advocacy, Holiday Giving, Volunteer opportunities and Oral health

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